How Long Do Irish Wolfhounds Live To In A Healthy Environment

How Long Do Irish Wolfhounds Live To In A Healthy Environment – I welcome you to the Ballyhara Irish Wolfhound as a heritage breed, my website is a memorial to the world’s oldest hunting dog from ancient times, this breed evolved as a Scythe hound, Also called a Geshound, and was designed for this. Hunting and tracking great game. As such, he is indeed a unique species but be warned; Although the Irish Wolfhound enjoys a very close relationship with humans, he is not suitable for every home.

Please, make sure you go to the content in the navigation bar and review all the information available Please take your time and thoroughly review this site as it provides honest and legitimate information about Irish Wolfhounds. Primarily, this is an educational platform rather than a marketing site, please take a look at my facts and information page which contains information, tips and advice on breeds, most importantly, however, of acres and fences. In addition to the important and prominent breed requirements, consider the common and unexpected costs and expenses that come with owning this large dog. Many owners, unfortunately, are not really prepared for such financial events; This is a breed that requires more exercise, nutrition, fire, time, care, patience and possible medical bills than any other breed, large or small.

How Long Do Irish Wolfhounds Live To In A Healthy Environment

I have been interested in Wolfhounds since 1984 when I owned my first one. My relationship with animals has been my entire adult life, and my pets have taught me many valuable lessons over the years, including my son, who we grew up with and learned to hold these majestic creatures. These bones are characterized by grace, patience, and tolerance, along with stoicism, which are all rare and precious qualities. I have never lived without several wolves in my house, for they are dearer companions than dogs. Our lives and destiny are intertwined

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We welcome and receive many inquiries about the Irish Wolfhound breed and I have some very simple advice. You need to find a dog breed that fits your lifestyle because it is best for you and your dog’s well-being. Naturally, many people fall in love with the Irish Wolfhound at first sight and make the right decision right there and then that they want one! I sympathize with this strong sentiment because I, too, fell in love with the race in 1978. But it was found for the first time in 1984. Having said that, I have the responsibility and commitment to provide all potential owners with the required components at all times. Please consider this item before purchasing

As a freelance journalist, I have written for over six years for The Canine Chronicle, the nation’s largest color, all-breed magazine. All articles except “Women’s Leadership Roles in AKC” are published in the print edition of Canine Chronicle magazine. A digital version is also available online at and I have written several short articles for the Canine Chronicle website on a variety of topics, some educational and some op-ed. They are also listed for review

Some of my favorite photos are some of the hundreds of photos I have. Our Irish Wolfhounds are our way of life. They come with us from villages and mirror lakes to snowshoe, swim or visit families and friends from far away. These are our beloved comrades and I hope you enjoy these pictures from time to time

Email is the best media vehicle to contact me if you are looking for feeding information, general information about this breed or are considering getting a wolf and if this is the right breed for you please contact me .

Irish Wolfhound: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

I am happy to provide expert guidance and answer questions about conditioning and conditioning, health, temperament, personality, nutrition, vaccinations and health emergencies.

If you would like a puppy from me, please fill out the Irish Wolfhound inquiry form! Have you ever dreamed of making eye contact with your dog? With the Irish Wolfhound, you’ll be as close as you can get to the largest dog breed, up to 30 inches tall and you’ll get an even more adorable look with their beautiful eyes. (Gone are the days of cleaning your coffee table—the Irish Wolfhound is good enough to dust with its tail.) With their high status comes an extra helping of love, loyalty, and independence. So go ahead and upgrade that two-piece sectional sofa you’ve been eyeing — you and your Irish Wolfhound need some space to stretch out and recharge after a day of running around. Then, play with your steed.

Due to their large size, Irish Wolfhounds require homes with plenty of space – otherwise, they are prone to breaking into anything. They are perfect for families with older children and pet parents who understand the challenges of a large dog.

Here are the traits you can expect when raising a 1 pow (low) to 5 pow (large) scale Irish Wolfhound. These traits are classified by many pet experts, including dog trainers, veterinarians, and ornithologists. Remember that dogs are individuals and not all dogs, even of the same breed, will be mold resistant.

Things To Know About Irish Wolfhounds

Strong, powerful, and elegant (a distinctive sight, a predator in sight and speed), the Irish Wolfhound is the longest of all dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Their height alone makes them a little intimidating, but one look at their open and relaxed expression and you’ll quickly realize that these gentle people are loving at heart.

If you’ve ever dreamed of befriending Chewbacca, you’re in luck: BFFs with an Irish Wolfhound, the gentle giants of the canine world, are ahead. These kids were kinder, loving and more loyal to you than even Chibi was to Han Solo. But despite all that devotion, their intuitive instincts sometimes convince them that your agenda is more important than yours when it comes to talking, sleeping, counter-surfing or watching squirrels.

With proper training, Irish Wolfhounds can live well in their home with other pets. Because of their tendency to hunt dogs, some rely less on cats – it really depends on the individual dog and their training. Irish Wolfhounds are generally good with children and love to play with them, but because of their size they are ideal for families with older children. Your dog may accidentally trip over a small child while playing (watch these dogs, they have a strong dog force like adults.)

This breed is generally non-aggressive and has a calm demeanor, loves to run and is athletic. But even though their traits and characteristics are well suited to their original function (efficient and skilled hunting), today’s dogs are capable and skilled trainers, and will do more if you let them.

The Longest Living Dog Breeds Are Tiny, But Why?

Irish Wolfhounds are literally the whole dog, and their size affects everything from diet to training. Irish Wolfhound puppies are larger than other breeds and pet parents need to start training when they are organized. But don’t worry: their beauty needs aren’t as strange as their bodies, and they’re also light-hearted.

The Irish Wolfhound dog breed is a double-coated breed, which means they have a woolly overcoat with a soft undercoat. Unlike many double-coated breeds, Irish Wolfhounds do not shed their coat (i.e. shed) in any particular season. Instead, they shed lightly throughout the year, but their wiry coat tends to shed at least once a week if not brushed. (Can be brushed daily if needed.)

An essential tool for grooming your Irish Wolfhound: a rake brush. After brushing with a rake brush, follow with a pin brush to keep their coat healthy

Plan to bathe your Irish Wolfhound every four to six weeks, and you can usually trim their nails on the same schedule. Brushing your Iris Wolfhound’s teeth is very important to prevent dental problems – starting when they are puppies. Brush two to three times a week, working up to daily if possible (Learn how to brush your dog’s teeth here.) You can also have your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned by your veterinarian annually. would like to visit

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A good rule of thumb when training Irish Wolfhounds: Early Irish Wolfhounds aren’t always easy to train, but that’s not because they’re inexperienced (they’re not) – it’s because of their size. Obviously they can be difficult to physically control, and it is easier to teach a 60 pound dog to lick behavior than a 140 pound dog. However, an Irish Wolfhound of this size should not be trained

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