How Important Is The Pain Arc In Naruto

How Important Is The Pain Arc In Naruto – Known as Two Saviors (二人の救世主, Futari no Kyūseishu) in the anime, Pain Kyōshū is the second episode arc of the series. This arc sees Pain invade Konohagakure to find the Uzumaki. Continued from Volumes 45 to 48,

Specifically, it covers chapters 413 to 453 and 152 to 169 of the manga, as well as chapters 172 to 175 of the Shippden anime, with two standalone episodes in between. In the manga, this arc is preceded by a fateful battle between the brothers, followed by the summit of the Five Kai. In the anime, Six-Tails was released first, followed by Nightmare: Land of Konoha. In the anime, Taka vs. The Eight-Tails takes place at the end of the fateful battle between the brothers.

How Important Is The Pain Arc In Naruto

Assassin B easily destroys Suigetsu Hozuki and defeats Jigo with Suigetsu’s sword. Sasuke faced him alone, and despite using the Mangekyo Sharingan, Assassin B managed to seriously injure Sasuke twice: first, when he was stabbed several times by Assassin B’s sword, he was saved by absorbing Kari’s chakra. Three-Tails Assassin B’s Lightning Release: Jago pours his body into Sasuke’s body, exposing his chest, and Lariat.

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Enraged, Killer B turned full eight tails. Suigetsu attempted to hit Assassin B with a giant wave, but the Tailed Beast’s bomb was easily deflected. In desperation, seeing Taka resemble his old teammate, Sasuke used Amaterasu to stop the giant bull. Sasuke cuts off one of the monster’s arms and almost overwhelms Kari, but Amaterasu catches fire and knocks the other arm away. After Sasuke sets himself on fire with Assassin B and collects the wounded and prisoners, Sasuke and Jugo return to Akatsuki’s base.

When Sasuke takes Assassin B to Toba, it is revealed that his true intention was not to destroy the elders of Konoha, but to destroy anyone who stood in his way to destroy the Uchiha, and to destroy the entire village himself. After he finished, Sasuke went to the hideout, unaware that J had followed Kumo. Once found, Taka attacked him before retreating.

When the Eight Tails are sealed, Assassin B’s body transforms into a hand, which takes a long time due to the loss of most of the Akatsuki members. On the battlefield, Assassin B emerges from a tent at the bottom of Lake B and says that the Akatsuki “kidnapped” him and allowed him to leave the village. The Eight-Tails warns that Akatsuki is still after him, and B asks why he’s going all out, to which B replies that it’s because Sasuke is one of the strongest opponents he’s ever faced.

When they arrived in Konoha, Pain discussed the plan of attack. The Asura Path, Preta Path, and New Beast Path will be detours, while Deva Path, Naraka Path, Human Path, and Konan Village will ask the Nine-Tails Demon Fox Uzumaki’s location. reading or reading. After the preparations were complete, the Path of Asura summoned the other six Paths of Pain in the Path of the Beast and the attack began.

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As Konoha was waiting for one attack, multiple attack points made it difficult for Konoha to react. The Fifth Hokage returned to the village and was called to help with the defense, but the messenger Kosuke Danzō was killed before he could leave, preventing the Akatsuki from capturing the Nine Tails and losing Tsunade’s position to the attack. Tsunade stayed at the Nats Academy to summon and use Katsuyu to heal the attacked villagers.

Kakashi Hatake trained in the Deva Path, which was quickly supported by the Asura Path. Chōza and a group of shinobi arrive to help Kakashi and his son Chōji Akimichi, discovering that the Deva Path’s unique gravity manipulation has a five-second window. Despite uncovering the secret and defeating the Asura Path, Choza and his team are badly injured and Kakashi is incapacitated, leaving only Chōji to inform Tsunade. Konohamaru Sarutobi meditates on Naraka’s Path and defeats him, while Tsume and Kiba Inuzuka meditate on Preta’s Path.

As the attack continued, Conan questioned several Konoha Shinobi about their location. However, at this point, he wanted to kill every shinobi in Konoha out of respect and didn’t want to give away any shinobi’s location. One such shinobi ordered Conan to “go to hell” with a desperate smile on his face. When Shizune, Inochi, and Ino confront Deva Path Tsunade and interrogate her, they reveal the secrets of the Six Paths of Pain. . The dark receptors implanted in Jiraiya’s body were sent back, revealing that each body was a living corpse powered only by chakra, and that Pai’s true body was elsewhere. After gathering her investigation, Shizune thought she had found the human trail on Mount Myoboku. Enraged by Tsunade’s lack of pain, Deva Path led Kona and the other five paths out of the village and detonated the powerful Shinra Tensei, destroying most of the village.

Hearing the pain attack, the shovels on Mount Myoboku prepared to attack. Shima Shinra, who was in Konoha at the time, was supposed to prepare a reverse summon to bring Finasaku, Gamabunta, Gamaken, Gamahiro, and Gamakichi to Konoha shortly after the Tensei village was leveled. After using the Naraka Path to repair the destroyed Asura Path, they reactivated the Beast Path and summoned the remaining Paths to the village to fight the jinchuriki.

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Using his newly learned senjutsu technique and the perfect Wind Calm: Rasenshuriken, he saves Tsunade and defeats the Asura, Human, Beast, and Naraka paths before the Deva Path gains enough strength to fight again. When the energy-absorbing Preta Path was finally captured and captured, he used his Senjutsu chakra to disrupt the flow of Preta Path’s chakra, transforming him into a frog statue, eventually transforming into his final and most used form, the Deva Path. He quickly threw the giant pearls and defeated him, killing Fukasaku. To incapacitate and immobilize the heavy, he dives into the ground using another method of gravity manipulation, and his chakra cuts through the blade to pick him up. Before leaving, Pain asks why he did everything, Pain could never get the peace Jiraiya fought for, because the world was filled with hatred, and the only way to bring peace to the world was by force. It was planned to use the animal’s tail to create a powerful weapon to destroy the diseased nation, fearing that this weapon would prevent another war.

Shikamaru Nara survives the destruction of Konoha and encounters a group of amanaka carrying Shizune’s body. When Shikamaru informs him of the information, he deduces that Pai’s true body is near the village and is capable of sending his chakra far enough to control the six paths. As he describes his quest for world peace, Nagato’s real body, emaciated with several chakra blades from his back, is shown in a carved tree on a high mountain near the village and in Kona’s hideout.

Hinata comes to his aid after confessing her love for him, but is quickly shot and seriously wounded. Believing that the pain was killing him, he could not control his anger and turned into a six-tailed beast. The First Hokage’s necklace reacted to this by trying to suppress the Nine-Tails’ chakra, but it was removed and destroyed. Fighting through the pain, the Nine-Tails retreated to Chibaku Village and approached Nagato, prompting him to use Tensei. As the sick Nine-Tails watched from the village, Sakura ordered Haruno to take care of the wounded and a similar group of people to help the critically injured Hinata. Returning from the party, the group passes by an injured Gamabunta who informs him that Konoha is in danger. Elsewhere, Sai and Anko Mitarashi join Kabuto Yakushi to hunt down the Nine-Tails, and Atoyama returns with the Six Nine-Tails to stop him.

As the Nine-Tails chase after him, Nagato becomes ill from the strain, causing Chibaku to use his Tensei to create a giant mini-moon.

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