How Good Are Bb Guns For Self Defense

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Air guns have a long history, almost as long as firearms. Depending on the source, the first air rifles date back to the 1400s, but more accurate evidence dates them to the 1580s.

How Good Are Bb Guns For Self Defense

The first air rifles were widely used by wealthy aristocrats for hunting and later in the 17th and 19th centuries as military weapons. These air rifles are designed as a hassle-free option for muskets that have complex reloading procedures and are sensitive to weather conditions. Of course, these early air rifles did not include the Daisy Red Ryder or your grandfather’s air rifle.

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The most famous is the Girardon air rifle from the late 1700s, made for the arsenal of the Austrian military. The air rifle fired a .464” caliber (11.75 mm) round ball at 900 fps, producing up to 117 foot-pounds.

Unlike single-action muskets, the Girardon air rifle is a repeater with a tubular magazine holding 20 cartridges and a riveted iron magazine designed as a stock.

Although these weapons were ideal for both guerrilla warfare and hunting, there was less interest in them in the 19th century. However, the real boom in air weapons occurred at the end of the 20th century, when advanced technologies and materials made it possible to produce air weapons with impressive specifications.

So, if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to go into details, here are the best self-defense air rifles you can buy right now:

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Although many people today consider air rifles to be toys, they are not really toys in terms of power and reliability. While it may not be the perfect defensive weapon, today’s airsoft gun is a viable option for defense and home defense.

That said, many air guns generate enough force (53 foot-pounds of energy – fpe) to penetrate a human skull or car doors and concrete blocks. Typical examples are the fully automatic .30 caliber Hatsan Blitz 53 fpe (72 Joule) rifle and the semi-automatic .25 caliber AEA Precision HP Assassin 55 fpe (74 Joule) rifle.

The most powerful PCP weapons pack truly lethal force that cuts through Level 3A armor or hits with the force of a .45 ACP round at close range.

Some large air rifles, such as the AEA Zeus, chambered in the .72 caliber, can develop an astonishing 1,600 fpe (2,169 J). This is higher than that of the AK-47, which produces 1,502 fpe (2,036 J). With enormous maximum power, you can hunt large game such as bear, bison, wildebeest or kudu.

Crosman Mk45 Bb Co2 Air Pistol

Speaking of air rifles in the form of pistols and revolvers, obviously BBs and Diabolos don’t have the potential of bullets fired from a real .357 Magnum or a traditional high-powered rifle.

However, even air guns with velocities above 400 fps can penetrate 3-4 inches of soft tissue. When firing multiple bullets at an attacker’s head, BB guns can be more effective than tactical knives, stun guns or pepper spray.

After all, rifle-style air rifles are better than their pistol counterparts because using air rifles for self-defense and home defense increases your chances due to the increased power.

Air rifles can be divided into three main categories based on their mounting action and mechanism of action.

Fully Automatic Ar 15 .177 Cal. Bb Gun Replica R1

Along with the more common spring piston air rifles, we have the very popular compressed gas (CO2) canister air rifle and the more advanced pre-charged air rifle (PCP).

While air rifles typically require breaking the barrel to trigger the gun, and CO2-powered air rifles use a CO2 cartridge as a power source, air rifles use high-pressure air in a compressed air chamber. 3,000 or 4,000 psi (200-270 bar). ) expelling the pellet from the barrel.

Recreational shooting or air rifle shooting is a very popular sport in most countries, followed by the use of air rifles for competitions. Rifle hunting is also present in some countries where .22 caliber and larger air rifles are preferred for pest and pest control.

When it comes to home defense and defense, you can count on air guns built with the big game in mind. Larger air rifles in .357, .40, .45, and .50 calibers can produce up to 500 foot-pounds of energy, allowing them to destroy a wide variety of game.

Umarex P2p Hdp50 Co2 .50 Caliber Pistol

Since these large caliber air rifles are effective at killing coyotes and large game up to hog or javelin at 50-75, there is no reason to use them for self-defense.

While air rifles are generally considered unsuitable for self-defense as large, heavy, and clunky weapons for apartment-sized battlefields, several compact models are designed specifically for close-quarters combat (CQB) scenarios.

One of them comes from a well-known name in the firearms industry: Sig Sauer. In addition to firearms, the arms trading giant expanded its portfolio in 2015 to include gun optics, suppressors, ammunition, air rifles and many other gun accessories.

With a long tradition in firearms manufacturing, Sig Sauer offers a series of air rifles that mimic the performance and handling of authentic SIG pistols for more economical training and practice.

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I recently purchased a Sig MCX.177 Cal air rifle, an ultra-realistic replica of the Sig MCX line of semi-automatic military firearms. Like its gunpowder cousin, the Sig Sauer MCX air rifle has semi-auto capability, but instead of firing 5.56 or .300 Blk cartridges, I loaded this replica air rifle with .177 caliber pellets.

My new Sig Sauer air rifle is CO2 powered using an 88 or 90 gram CO2 cartridge. The CO2 operating system provides a maximum muzzle velocity of up to 575 fps, which, with a 30-round pellet magazine and rapid follow-up shots, gave me a “dangerous toy.”

Unlike my real MCX which has an adjustable stock, the large CO2 tank is located on the fixed stock and allows for consistent shooting for about 180-200 shots.

My Sig MCX rifle features an 18-inch steel barrel and has an overall length of 34 inches, making it quite practical for the tight space of my apartment.

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I put it on the scale and found that it weighed about 8 kilos with the CO2 tank. The Sig Sauer MPX .177 cal is heavy for air rifles, but with the overall weight distribution and balance, it is perfect for realism and tactical training.

Like all my regular “black rifles”, the MCX is based on an aluminum upper and lower receiver. The synthetic handguard will receive AR platform furniture later.

My Sig air rifle comes with a picatinny rail with iron sights on top, but you can choose versions with a red dot sight or LPVO spade.

As a 1-to-1 carbon copy of my real steel Sig Sauer MCX rifle, the Sig air rifle comes with all the standard AR-15 controls. Includes a fully functional ambidextrous selector and charging handle, drop-down magazine, and flip-up front and rear sights. In front of the trigger guard is the magazine release, which unfortunately is right-handed only.

Now Bb Guns??

My air rifle comes with an 8lb 11oz, designed to mimic the rifle version.

The MCX magazine with its 30-round internal belt is the most intriguing and, according to some authors, the worst part of this air rifle system.

I was nervous at first because the 30Rds Roto Belt pellets in this versatile semi-automatic rifle require a solid table and careful handling and loading.

Compared to other CO2 rifles, the SIG MCX is an expensive, but very durable and reliable air rifle. As I found out in the manufacturer’s manual, the life expectancy of this SIG rifle is estimated at approx. 15,000 shots.

Crosman P1 Bb Full Auto Air Pistol

If you like carbine-length military rifles, you’ll love the way the CO2-powered MCX feels in your hand.

For me, the Sig Sauer MCX air rifle is an excellent firearms training tool, but like most air guns, it can also serve as a self-defense weapon in emergency situations.

While most BB air guns can provide hours of fun, the Glock 19 CO2 gun isn’t just for shooting in the backyard. Like its counterpart, which I have owned for several years, this air rifle is compact, but at 7.25 inches overall it is even more compact than the current G19 (7.36).

This Glock BB pistol is loaded with 16 .177 caliber steel BBs and fully loaded and weighs 25.6 ounces while the real one has a loaded weight of 30 ounces.

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The most important function is the operating system. Although many BB guns attempt to simulate a gunshot

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