How Far Was Krypton From Earth

How Far Was Krypton From Earth – Krypton was a planet in a galaxy millions of light years away from Earth. It was the homeworld of the Kryptonians.

Krypton revolves around the red sun Rao, who was worshiped by Kryptonians as a protective deity. It also had many moons.

How Far Was Krypton From Earth

The universe was considered a peaceful and advanced planet by the universe until the outbreak of the Civil War, which led to its destruction by Zod and Zor-El in 1986 after they used Brainiac to ignite Krypton’s unstable core.

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Krypton had a white, desolate terrain with jagged, icy/crystalline plateaus that stretched wide under a heavy red sky, obscured by the red sun. Despite its arctic nature and freezing temperatures, it was close enough to the sun to support life.

Kryptonians were originally a fierce and ferocious race of brutal but honorable warriors; in the distant past they waged war against other civilizations, both on their home planet and on other planets. Over time, they evolved into more peaceful and intellectual people, who eventually turned to science.

They ended their dictatorial society, instead of having a government led and guided by the Ruling Council, which governed the planet in peace. The Kryptonians acquired much technology over the following generations and quickly became the most advanced civilization in the 28 known star systems; they were also considered gods by some other races.

When Rao’s prophecy was written, he predicted that if Krypton were destroyed, a chosen Kryptonian could appear on another planet and create a utopia. In connection with this prophecy, a male Kryptonian from the House of El hid all knowledge of Krypton in the form of a crystal that was broken into three pieces, creating the Stones of Power. This Kryptonian traveled to planet Earth, where he hid the stones in three different locations; he also met a tribe of Indians known as the Kawatche and began a new prophecy on Earth about the return of the stars to save their world or send another Kryptonian.

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Dax-Ur was one of the greatest scientists to ever live on Krypton. He designed the Brain InterActive Construct, a self-aware and sentient supercomputer that could run Krypton continuously every day without the need for manual labor. Dax-Ur then realized the destruction his creation could cause if it fell into the wrong hands and abandoned his plans without completing its construction. He fled Krypton and sought solace on Earth, where he planned to study the effects the planet’s yellow sun had on various Kryptonian minerals.

Jor-El, Zod and Faora were all born on Krypton in 1935. Jor-El’s brother, Zor-El, was born in 1940. Lara was born in 1942.

In 1961, Jor-El traveled to Earth as his father Seyg-El’s rite of passage, fell in love with Louise McCallum, and met Hiram and Jessica Kent. He left his memories, stored in a memory pendant, on Earth and returned to Krypton.

Jor-El and Lara met some time after their adventures on Earth, and the two married some time before he joined the King’s Council.

The Last Son Of Krypton

In 1966, a terrible war was fought against Black Zero, who managed to destroy the city of Kandor; Among the dead were the wife and son of Zod, who was a major in Krypton’s army at the time. During this time, the Council ordered Jor-El to build a sphere containing the DNA of Krypton’s strongest (including Zod and Jor-El himself) with the intention of sending it to Earth to be revived as Rao’s prophecy was still true. Kandor was rebuilt some time after its destruction by Black Zero.

Years after the deaths of his wife and son, Zod rose to the rank of general, married Faora, and began his plans to conquer Krypton.

Zod was a firm believer in the old barbaric ways of Kryptonian society and believed that his people had become weak and therefore needed to be dictated to. Over the years, as his power grew, he gathered loyal followers and forces that he would use to overthrow the Regular Council and conquer Krypton. When he believed he had sufficient forces, Zod launched an attack on Krypton, starting a war with the Council.

After the war had been going on for a while, Zod had caused damage to the Council, so they asked Jor-El to create Dax-Ur’s Brain InterActive Construct to help in the war against Zod, using his vast knowledge to to assist the Board of Directors. Loss. Zod. However, Zod discovered Brainiac’s creation and managed to corrupt him, becoming an ally to him and his disciples.

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During this time, Zor-El attempted to kill Jor-El, believing that his brother Lara had stolen from him. After his attempt to kill Jor-El, he fell out of favor as a scientist and became the operator of the Kandor mine. Zod used Zor-El’s hatred of Jor-El against Krypton, and Zor-El joined Zod’s efforts to conquer Krypton.

Unable to have children, Zod and Faora decided to genetically modify their ‘last’ child and so they collected the DNA of the most violent Kryptonian species, fusing them all together with their DNA. Zod and Faora plan to send their “son” to Earth, where he will destroy the population and leave the planet desolate, so that in the event that Zod is unable to rule Krypton, they can instead rule the Earth as a family would rule the earth.

Zod gave an important role in the war to his two closest followers, Aethyr and Nam-Ek, who he let decide where to attack their forces. Nam-Ek and Aethyr often spoke with Zor-El, who told them of the Council’s plans and where it would be best to attack and weaken the Council.

Krypton suffered severe tremors during the war and the Council asked Jor-El to investigate. Jor-El suspected that the tremors were caused by Zor-El exploiting the Kandor mine (the last one not left in Zod’s hands) at full capacity and digging too deep. When the Council questioned Zor-El, he stated that without the mine operating at full capacity, the Council would not have sufficient resources for the war, and that the tremors were temporary and caused by attacks during the war. The Council was confident that Zor-El would be allowed to continue operating the mine in the same capacity.

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However, Zor-El had a different agenda. He strongly believed in Rao’s prophecy and believed that he was the chosen Kryptonian who would rise on Earth and create a paradise. Therefore, when he realized that Zod began to fulfill the prophecy by destroying Krypton, Zor-El decided that he would fulfill the prophecy by setting the planet’s core on fire and destroying Krypton.

Jor-El convinced the Council to destroy all portals leading to Earth to prevent the rest of Zod’s followers from escaping through them.

The Council and Jor-El destroyed Zod’s physical body and placed his essence in the Phantom Zone, along with Faora, preventing him from escaping unless they inhabited a Kryptonian ship.

After Zod was captured, Jor-El learned of his association with Zor-El. He forced his brother to stop the dangerous mining activities and placed him under arrest by locking him in the control room of the motor mine.

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Zor-El was almost done igniting the planet’s core, so he ordered Brainiac to clear the blockage so he could complete the ignition and escape.

Zor-El made plans for him and Kara to escape Krypton before it was destroyed, but discovered their ties to Zod and attempted to expose them. Zor-El, with the help of his apprentice Augo, tried to stop Kara, but managed to warn Lara. When Zor-El tried to stop Kara, she pushed him into a cluster of holographic crystals, injuring him. Zor-El then erased Kara’s memory and sent her to Earth in a spaceship with a blue crystal containing her DNA, which could create a clone of her, as her injury prevented her from traveling to Earth with Kara.

He also put Lara’s DNA into the crystal for two reasons: because of his feelings towards her and to lure his cousin Kal-El into the crystal so that Kara would not be able to complete her task.

After Kara contacted Lara, she warned Jor-El about Zor-El’s plan to ignite Krypton’s core, so they sent her only son Kal-El on a spaceship to Earth, far from Krypton’s destruction.

Kal Il (earth 3)

Some time before Kal-El left Krypton, Zod and Faora attached the genetic matter that was their “child” to Kal-El’s ship.

Jor-El placed his assistant Raya in the Phantom Zone to escape while he and Lara tried to stop the destruction of Krypton.

In 2008, Brainiac time-traveled with Kara to Krypton shortly before its destruction in an attempt to kill Kal-El so he wouldn’t grow up to be Earth’s protector. He tracked down Kal-El and his ship, presumably killing Jor-El and Lara, before Kara tried to stop him. Brainiac easily defeated Kara (who was powerless due to Krypton’s red sun) when Clark Kent arrived from the future; Brainiac also overpowered him. This distracted him so much that Kara found a sharp crystal and stabbed it through Brainiac, weakening him while Clark placed baby Kal-El in his ship and sent him to Earth as planned.


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