How Does Wonder Of U Work

How Does Wonder Of U Work – “The Wonder of You” is the location of Toru. First at age 84, he became the face of 89-year-old doctor Akefu Satoru of TG University Hospital. This form can be viewed and interacted with by non-users as well as regular users.

Another sign of true WOU belief is the stand. It is like a machine, with a sun on its body, and an ‘eye’. It has no legs, but candlestick-like bases that connect the ceiling, walls and floor.

How Does Wonder Of U Work

The third and final body type is a hybrid between the first two. Satoru Akefu’s body and design replaced his head with an actual WoU face, as Touga has a normal human body, gloves, jacket, cane, bowler hat and all. WoU’s body can interact with the interior. This form, by people who are not standing and standing users can use the pocket of the jacket wearing the WOU.

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“Wonder of You” can act as a normal person (but different) in his original state, to blend in with society. It has been shown that WOU/Akefu can communicate with others, including non-static ones.

“You wonder” is what you hear that it is possible to attend a lesson and say a word. It is great because you can also get the prestigious post of Chief Medical Officer.

The Wonder of You appears to be an automatic stop that uses space against anyone who shows an intention or desire to pursue a turu or akefu (stop), thereby blocking the pursuer. In addition, it increases the risk of disaster, even things that are not normally dangerous like cigarettes and drops can cause injuries like bullet holes.

It doesn’t show how much power, but it seems that if the victim sees through the stalking plan it won’t end. Conflict can be considered aggressive, aggressive or inquisitive. This power ends when the enemy is defeated, defeated, or dies.

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“Disaster” can include any object or event that results in an object hitting a target, causing more than normal damage.

Damage also varies based on “karma”. Bad karma leads to far more fatal consequences than disasters striking the target. According to Article 100, the closer the target is to the WOU, the more the disease damage changes. If it seems that harm to the WOU is imminent, Arun will attack the target or whatever with lethal effect, regardless of the target’s karma.

If we think back to the “tragedy” mentioned by WOU in chapters 99 and 100, it also indirectly affects the people around the target:

The grief that Ray suffered, the insects that helped him, started from the place, the death of Ray’s father due to a big storm, the destruction of his pear farm, the debt trap that killed his family and Ray’s mother.

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Mitsuba sees Turu, then Doctor Olori, then WOU attack, Tsurugi’s(?) school is attacked, Jobin kills Ojiro and Makorin, Tsurugi’s illness is getting worse, WOU who attacked Mitsuba also. The New Lokakaka reveals the research of Norisuke IV. The murder is revealed, Jobin attacks Norisuke IV, Norisuke IV’s death, WOU’s terror in Mitsuba which ultimately leads to Jobin’s death.

According to Sant, the intention to chase can be stopped and replaced with the intention to call. After Holly’s advice, Josuke summons Akefu by sending the reporter “sweating”, so he can attack Akefu.

Disaster is not always successful, so sometimes, WOU need to stretch your goal to make disaster happen. The first example is what happened to the author in chapter 97.

First, Akefu sets out to generate hope. Later, he described what happened to the journalist as a “tragedy”. That is why I say that, before his meeting with Akefu, the author took the time to taste the Lokakaka fruit in the bottle. This is confirmed by the acne on the author’s cheek which gradually disappears. The tragedy that happened to him was that the most important part of his body was what Lokakaka had exchanged to fix his pimples.

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Another hundredth happened to Ray, Dododo de Dada, in his intent to destroy a rock insect, he only managed to reach WOU a few centimeters without suffering disaster. But after this, WOU tries to raise Rai’s hopes by using his Akefu form and tells Rai about his family’s downfall in the past, Rai angrily retaliates by saying that he (WOU) is the cause of it all.

Ray’s anger led him to attack the WOU, which he described as an act of cowardice. Rai is then tragically attacked by Josuke’s previously hidden minions who prepare to stop the WOU.

Although I think Turu could also be a villain who decides to draw Yasuho that way. Yasuho participated in the WOU and the first chapter:

The plot doesn’t match the plot as this is used as an example, but just re-reading “Wonder of O Ark” is enough. Which proves the true power of WOU.

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“Wonder of You” can appear in multiple places simultaneously, targeting multiple people at once. Anyone affected by WOU’s secondary powers can see the Dark Doctor’s head in the field of vision, his back turned to them. The Chief Medical Officer is seen “getting” or “passing” things on the way to the goal. Things that “are” can suddenly become a disaster.

According to location and distance, the relationship between the WOU and its user is shown by their temporarily open eyes:

The same text also shows that Tooru knows about Josuke’s condition in the hospital. Also, notice that Turu’s face didn’t look blank that time!

In the same sense, you also see the situation at the Higashikata house and Jobin taking care of the New Lokakaka, despite its position from the outside where it must be very difficult to see inside, to show that you can see inside. your salvation

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And like all humanoid-type stands, damage taken by the stand will be transferred to its user and vice versa:

“Miracle of Yu’s Power”: We think that Identity Probability Manipulation Calamity/Karma Generation Teleportation Multiple Illusions Infinity Range(?) “Miracle of Yu” gives us the final battle and its power is definitely unreachable by the main character (and tired of using ) straight, but as Jotaro said “I can’t hit you without getting close.” Unfortunately, coming closer to yourself is an act of pursuit that will bring doom to those who do so. But thanks to Rai and Paiya who helped Josuke recognize WOU’s true weakness, so Josuke could progress to ‘Go Beyond’ and defeat WOU.

Note: Special thanks to u/F0xxz from reddit and the 「Wonder of U」 wiki page who helped me summarize how to build the strongest stand in JJL (so far):

Appreciate the stand

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