How Do You Take A Ratchet Wrench Apart

How Do You Take A Ratchet Wrench Apart – I have an 18″ craftsman litter they no longer make and no longer offer repair kits. This litter is enough I bought 2 of them but I use them almost every day so I wanted to fix this one .

I took it apart and found that the reason it wouldn’t hold was because the spring under the ball that holds the ratchet mechanism in place was broken. The ball also had a flat surface, which could also slide on it. I’m sorry I didn’t think to take pictures when I started this project, so I’ll use the same pictures of me putting it back together to show the procedure for taking it apart. Please note that it was much dirtier than when I started. I cleaned the rack and internals with an ultrasonic cleaner (carb cleaner worked almost as well though).

How Do You Take A Ratchet Wrench Apart

Use needle nose pliers to remove the retaining clips and slowly pull the ratchet apart. Be careful not to lose the ball. You will find a spring in the hole in the ratchet handle.

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What you see in the picture is a ball from a ball bearing, which happens to be the same size. As for the spring replacement, I got lucky and found one in my spring drawer. I hope yours isn’t gone or you get one of the same size.

You will also find a retaining clip on the front of the key, it holds the rest of the parts in there, just remove it and pull the gear. The key is now completely separated.

Clean all parts and coat them with oil for lubrication. I used liquid film because it prevents rust and doesn’t dry out like most other things. I can also say that the key has never felt smoother.

Place the front of the rack first so that it is easier to hold the retaining ball on the back.

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Note where the ball goes (the spring is under the ball, push it up to keep the ratchet in the same direction)

Most good rats are under warranty, but you might want to make your favorite rattan a little smoother. This is less than the gas to take it back for warranty. Or maybe you have the same problem as me and you can’t replace it anymore and you don’t need to fix it.

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