How Do I Find A White Girlfriend

How Do I Find A White Girlfriend – I don’t like pumpkin spice lattes, I don’t wear North Face jackets, I’ve only worn one pair of Uggs, but I have a white iPhone, but I’m not a “basic white girl” and neither are you.

If you like all of the above, good for you! You know what you want and go for it, but since the PSL season is back, the concept of the “white girl” is on the rise. I have been arguing against this statement since it appeared. How do you take any girl who likes one (or more) popular things and put them together in a way that’s fun, but doesn’t feel awkward?

How Do I Find A White Girlfriend

How harmful is that, you might ask. Well, I’ll tell you. Being a “basic white girl” is a misnomer. When I hear this word, I immediately think of a woman who cannot think for herself and just follows the trend. The main white girl is considered a dumb teenager who fits the mold just because she likes something. Most women really don’t like these things. Sorry, but it is true. But when this type of persona is created, it can make women think that this is what they have to like or that they are happy to fit a certain mold. It’s not body shaming or anything like that; This creates a situation, unfortunately, that some girls find ridiculous.

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Like most girls my age, I follow trends; I try to stay up to date with what’s trendy and what’s not. If 20 other girls have something as basic as a Free People sweater or white converse, maybe I can too. This happens when you go to college and a certain style is popular at your institution. That doesn’t make us basic; Makes us normal just like the rest of the world follows popular trends in their field.

This idea of ​​the “basic white girl” needs to end. It’s outdated, boring and just plain annoying. Maybe it’s time to start a habit of celebrating the little things that make us different.

I don’t like pumpkin spice lattes; I like my coffee black. I don’t wear the North Face unless I want to drag my parka down the pub in the winter and wear a big parka. I don’t wear Uggs; I put on my boots. I did have a white iPhone though because the store had that at the time. I’m not the “basic white girl”. This is me.

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The United Nations Organization (UN) has been in existence since June 1945. Since then, the world has come together to work and solve some of the most pressing problems facing humanity. Whether it’s children on social issues like human trafficking, environmental issues like deforestation, or extreme poverty issues, the United Nations has worked together to make this a better place for all of us. It is the only organization in the history of the world that unites people voluntarily, peacefully; What even the United Nations could do in the post-World War I period. Why is one organization failing while another is still thriving, 72 years later?

Arguably, the involvement of the United States has sustained it for so long. The League was founded at the Paris Peace Conference after World War I at the urging of President Woodrow Wilson as the first intergovernmental organization whose sole purpose was to maintain world peace. However, when the bill was introduced to the US Senate for approval, it was shot down due to extreme partisanship. Because of this, the LON never gained the political leverage it needed to become an effective world power, ultimately leading to World War II.

During the horrors of World War II, it became clear that the world needed to unite more than ever. At the end of the war effort, 51 countries signed the UN Constitution, however, it did not enter into force until the P5 (Russia, China, France, Great Britain, and the United States) ratified the law, as did the majority. from the remaining countries.

Since then, the United Nations has done amazing things to make the world a better place. They created the Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, which guaranteed the basic rights of all people in the world, the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, which entered into force in 1970, which prohibited the development of nuclear weapons technology, many peacekeeping operations (we can discuss the effectiveness of peacekeeping over time), UNICEF and many other things.

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So that brings me to the reason I’m writing this. In recent weeks, President-elect Donald Trump has become unpopular with the intergovernmental organization. Call it a club where people can go and “have fun” and call it a “waste of time and money”. If the president-elect continues this dangerous rhetoric, the risks could be astronomical. The danger in this conversation is that the US. outside the UN, which could have a domino effect. It would effectively remove us from all UN agreements we are a party to, such as the NPT, which would put us in the same league as North Korea as the only two countries to withdraw from it. Our support to peacekeeping operations, various UN programs and threatens the stability of the entire country.

Now I am not biased in writing this. I have been participating in Model UN for the past 2 years, this year will be my third conference and I love what UN stands for. It brings people from all over the world together to fight common problems. Yes, it may not be as efficient, or very well organized, or as well run as smaller organizations, but that’s how our government is. Why can’t we support what has kept the world from total war for the last 70 years?

Smart and crazy, Rory Gilmore has a history of memorable, apt quotes that have become part of fan chants. Since it is finals season, many of Rory’s words can easily be translated to reflect life in the final weeks of the semester. Here are some of Rory’s wisest words to describe your life in the final season.

Gone are the days of trying to look decent when going out in public. Today you walk to the library in gym shorts and an old t-shirt, hair in a messy bun. School first, fashion second.

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Yes, all your textbooks will be very sad… if you don’t open them. Get those books out and read them! Now you don’t want to tear up the books, do you?

And maybe you were using it for your final seminar or your ability to focus on studying for more than five minutes at a time.

The “D” in Stars Hollow High is the same as the “F” in Chilton. It’s scary. Like ‘G’ … or ‘W’.”

Recognize that there are one or two classes where you will receive a grade that follows the letter “F”. you tried

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Your answer when your friends start dreaming out loud about the coming summer. Or your friends’ response to you when you postpone the question by bragging about who knows.

It looks like you won’t be able to finish it, but trust me. You can do it. And you will do it. All the hard work is finally over. And even if you’re really struggling to sleep, you’ve got the whole summer ahead of you to make up for it.

Although finals season is tough, and because these Rory quotes may apply to your life at this time, it’s important to stay motivated and focused to finish the semester. Remember that summer is almost here. Also, if you ever feel like you need some motivation heading into finals season, just ask yourself: WWRGD. (What would Rory Gilmore do?) I think you know the answer.

However, the autumn season is ahead of us. It’s time for pumpkin spice coffee, apple cider, and lots of sweets.

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It’s also time for certain holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. For me and the rest of the Jewish community, it is time for the holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Last week was Rosh Hashanah.

Rosh Hashanah marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year. Apart from the season of apples, honey and straw bread, this is the time when we reflect on everything that happened in the past year. This is where we think about the changes we want to see in the new one.

This is my second year

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