How Can I Train A German Shepherd That Is Almost 3 Years Old And Is Very Hyperactive He Cannot Have Treats And A Trainer Is Out Of The Question

How Can I Train A German Shepherd That Is Almost 3 Years Old And Is Very Hyperactive He Cannot Have Treats And A Trainer Is Out Of The Question – Knowing how to train a 2 year old German Shepherd can make or break their life and yours.

At two years old, your new German Shepherd may still have some habits.

How Can I Train A German Shepherd That Is Almost 3 Years Old And Is Very Hyperactive He Cannot Have Treats And A Trainer Is Out Of The Question

They are fierce and energetic dogs that need a lot of training and teaching the right way to live in the human world.

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Picture your two-year-old GSD as an adult teenager. Your dog’s hormones are increasing because he is going through puberty.

A 2-year-old German Shepherd’s behavior may include sexual cues, such as mating, and males may begin to mark their territory (urine) or fight with male dogs.

Female German Shepherds enter their first estrous period at the age of two. They begin to escape from their territory or jump through doors to find a mate.

Although your dog appears to be 98% healthy, his behavior is still turbulent and he is in the process of transitioning from a rebellious teenager to a more stable and mature adult.

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During this time, your German Shepherd can be unpredictable, uncontrollable and difficult to manage on a daily basis.

Using any of the negative training methods above will not only make them disobey you, but also destroy their love bond ( source ).

But learn how to train a 2-year-old German Shepherd and use the following tips to help him become a happy and trained member of your family.

Always reward them for doing the right thing. And end the workout with an order they know, a treat or a multi-character cake.

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The basic commands for your dog are: sit, stay, down, come. Start with this small set of obedience training commands before adding more steps, like these intermediate German Shepherd obedience commands.

Then you can move on to simple methods like “shake” or “paw” to break down the training commands and do more fun things with your dog.

Another option is to use hand signals for commands like sit, sit, come, get down and all commands if you want.

Teaching verbal commands and hand signals is best if you are in a noisy environment or when silence is important.

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You can come up with your own symbols, but make sure each one is unique and different.

When they start living with you, they will test your patience at almost every moment. You must be consistent with your orders and your expectations of them.

Do not jump over a person, but scold him when he jumps over another person. Regularly correct their actions in the same way so that they understand what you want.

That means they don’t remember the training, so you have to go back to the basics.

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If you train them every day and break down the basics into small steps, you’ll help them remember the training and they’ll give you the personality you want.

Never, never take a new German Shepherd off the long leash (when you are exercising outside) and ask him to “come” or feel the slightest danger that he will not return when you miss him.

But work on long lines outside and make sure you can gently direct them to ask for a tasty treat, pet their leg or make an enticing noise.

Give them a pat, praise and treats to create beautiful memories. Repeat this many times in different situations at home and outside to make sure they understand the command.

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Teach them that your coming is a big deal. Forming a strong bond with your GSD will help create strong memories.

You need to bond with your dog to know you are loved and safe. If you’re having trouble remembering, use this handy and easy solution chart for German Shepherds that come when called.

GSDs want to please their owners, but to do that you need to build a bond, which will take time with a young, untrained dog.

This means that they are generally given commands, pats on the back, and cheerful praise for good behavior.

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If you don’t have much experience with this type of training, try this great online dog training program that offers step-by-step training 24-7. It’s fun because it teaches you tricks and games to improve your relationship with your GSD.

In reward-based training, your dog is taught harder and harder to obey based on small steps of success.

It’s intelligently designed to avoid stress and conflict, two things your pet doesn’t need in its life!

Training a young dog is first and foremost about proper communication. Everything should be learned and what your dog learns should be encouraged and reinforced.

Tips To Teach True Obedience Training To German Shepherd Dogs

Their dogs only focus on treats, not what you’ve asked them to do or taught them to do. In this case, use praise to get them to respond better and pay more attention.

When your dog responds well, praise him and pat him on the side or shoulder. Avoid yelling at your dog, no matter how angry you are.

GSDs love to please their owners, so training will be easy if you work with them and give lots of praise and treats.

Do not use a shock horn collar or harness as these are not necessary for your pet dog.

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You want your dog to respond to your commands, not for fear of being pinched by the collar.

Patience, love and understanding will eventually turn your untrained GSD into a well-behaved dog, but don’t be a jerk and let them walk you everywhere.

Instead of using harsh measures and punishments, read this helpful article on how to quickly bond with a German Shepherd so you don’t lose your dog’s trust and commitment.

That doesn’t mean you punish them. Negative punishment can cause your GSD to become anxious, depressed and unwilling to exercise with you.

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Accommodating means equalizing lots of information and praise when things go well. But it also means being consistent and persistent in your corrections and expectations.

Choose one of these healthy German Shepherd recipes.

German Shepherds are wonderful dogs and can be properly trained throughout their lives, even as young as 2 years old.

With a young and healthy GSD, walking time is only limited by your time and energy. A German Shepherd can walk all day because…

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Ideally, aim for 45 minutes to 1 hour of walking each day. If your schedule allows, walking twice a day is ideal.

Don’t walk half an hour a day or twenty miles at night. Build strength, muscle and energy gradually so as not to harm your body.

Don’t just walk your dog, as your breed is very athletic and needs to work different muscle groups.

Choosing safe and appropriate exercises can improve your dog’s behavior, bond with you, and help him stay healthy.

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Try to stop your GSD when it’s convenient. Dog parks are not suitable for new dogs as their behavior is unpredictable.

Always, always, always keep them at a long distance when in doubt to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. A long lead allows the German Shepherd to roam and explore while being controllable.

The best training games are those that increase your dog’s mental stimulation. Pick up some of these fun German Shepherd games and give yourself and your dog a break from training.

Remember that your dog will be playing in all types of weather, so avoid starting the fire in hot, humid conditions.

How To Raise And Train A German Shepherd Dog Book Vintage

Carry fresh water with you to keep your dog cool. Avoid the hottest times of the day.

Remember, you can avoid training frustration by using the games in this positive dog training online course. This program teaches listening games to increase listening.

Learning how to socialize your 2-year-old German Shepherd is very important for their mental health (and yours!).

You don’t want to overwhelm them, make them anxious or find that they don’t get along with other animals.

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A good way to learn how to communicate with your dog is through slow introductions. You can do it by walking.

If your GSD barks, growls or misbehaves when meeting other animals or people, do not yell at them or pull aggressively. This will make them more agitated and anxious.

This creates a negative atmosphere and they will remember meeting new dogs or people that made training your two-year-old GSD more difficult!

Don’t overdo it by introducing your new GSD too quickly. It’s too much at once

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