How Can I Make My Own Flesh Light

How Can I Make My Own Flesh Light – Plus, we’ve gone into the lab and created 5 NEW special pocket dudes and Flashlights that you can make at home for just a few bucks!

Best of all, most of our homemade Flashlights and Pocket Pussy are smart and can be used over and over again!

How Can I Make My Own Flesh Light

It’s easy to make a homemade pocket pussy or DIY Fleshlight using things you have around the house.

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Use your imagination and be creative! I took a little trip to the Dollar Tree and found some inexpensive supplies that I used to make our DIY bunting!

So take a look at the following list and see what’s hidden in the house or garage.

You can order leftovers online at your favorite grocery store or take a trip to your local dollar store.

Now that I’ve shared some of the things I used to create these homemade purses, let’s get down to all the fun DIY projects!

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Below is a video where I give a quick overview of what you need and what your new home flash will look like:

For example, I put a sponge on top, split it in half, as if I were putting a sweet, toned pie instead

Wipe off the chip mold with a paper towel. Place 4 sponges on top of each other – end to end – on the sides of the can.

Take the 5th sponge and carefully cut a slit in the middle of it. Place it over the opening of the can and secure it with a rubber band or duct tape.

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Stretch the glove compartment over the can and sponge, then secure with a rubber band.

Apply and enjoy! After use, simply remove the glove and throw it in the trash. That way, you can use this pocket pussy over and over again!

For single use, dampen sponges with warm water. Skip the gloves for the exam, apply the lube and enjoy the warm, soft moisture. When you’re done, just throw the whole bin in the trash. For the price of chips and sponges, your disposable pocket pee will cost about $3.50

You can also use different sized sponges in the can, for example large car wash sponges. Or, double the number of small sponges to make the masturbator even stronger.

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Super Deluxe Crispy Tin: Before adding the sponge top, thread a few rows of plastic beads onto the tin. Continue to the last step and you have a DIY pocket pussy with a fun texture!

You’ve probably seen the Pocket Party Balloon DIY Pocket Pussy all over the internet. Personally, I don’t know how good this can sound! And if one of those balloons pops, it might not be pleasant for your hard penis.

So I thought about it and came up with a new and improved homemade balloon for a pack and chick party. The best part is that when the balloon pops, it sounds like a squirt instead of a painful pop!

Fill party balloons about 1/8-1/4 full with hot water. Place them in a plastic container, alternating sides.

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Carefully stretch the glove area over the edge. This prevents the balloons from falling and prevents you from hitting the balloons after each use.

Pour some of your favorite lube into the glove, rub it on you and enjoy. When you’re done, just remove the glove and throw it in the trash, put the lid on the container, and leave it for another day!

Fill the balloons with vegetable oil instead of water. It takes more finesse to do it, but it will give you a completely different experience.

Before using the homemade pocket pussy, soak the water-filled balloons in hot water for about 15 minutes to warm them up. Or, if you like to play with temperature, put some of your balloons in hot water and some in the freezer!

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The dishtowel pocket pin is one of the quickest, easiest, and smartest home pins! I just added my own creative twist to this DIY project so your new brain can have a different intensity.

Once your towel is completely pleated, add rubber bands or ponytail holders of various sizes and thicknesses, along the length of the towel.

Next, put an elastic testing glove inside the towel, stretch the opening of the glove over the end of the towel, and secure with another rubber band.

Put the lube on the inside of the glove and on your penis and rub until it gets inside your penis. When you’re done, remove the glove and throw it in the trash. Leave the pussy in your soft pocket as is or separate it and no one will be the wiser!

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Wrap plastic bead necklaces, bungee cords, or anything you can find around the house in fabric before wrapping to add a fun texture.

Use your pandemic savings to make a toilet paper pocket pussy! It’s so easy to make and you can still use tissue – that is if you’re not too rough!

Place your finger between the cardboard tube and the toilet paper. Twist the tube until the toilet paper is no longer attached.

Take rubber bands or pony tail holders and stretch them around both ends of the toilet paper.

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Place a light test glove in the center of the roll and wrap over the opening at the end.

Pour your favorite lube into the glove and enjoy your quick and easy pocket DIY! When you’re done, remove the glove and throw it away. Keep toilet paper under the sink next time or use it for facial tissues; don’t want it, don’t want it, especially if there’s a shortage of toilet paper again!

Instead of toilet paper, use a roll of regular paper towels. Not only will this result in a longer stick, but paper towels tend to be more textured.

Don’t use this homemade pocket brain without gloves! Otherwise, the hair will split and stick all over the body.

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The DIY Fleshlight Sport is an inexpensive way to build a homemade Fleshlight for under $10. Also, if you use a condom or stretchy medical gloves, you can use this toy over and over again!

Remove the cap from the sports bottle or glass. Take cellulose sponges and line the inside of the cup, going over the sponges to create texture and shape.

Take the top layer of sponges and fold it over the rim of the glass. Then, secure the sponges with a rubber band. You can also use duct tape if you are not removing the sponges or using a storage lid.

Place an elastic test glove over the opening and wrap it over the edge of the cup and sponges.

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Put on your glove and enjoy your DIY Fleshlight Sport! When you are satisfied with yourself, simply remove the glove and throw it in the trash.

Next, press the sponges in the cup down, put the lid back on the cup, and store it in your closet, dresser, or under your bed.

Cellulose sponges are moist in nature. So put the mug in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds to heat it up. Just make sure your cup is microwave safe.

For another hot and humid experience, put hot water in a cup before putting the glove on. Pour excess water, stretch the glove over the opening and enjoy! Then, squeeze the water out of the sponges and let them dry before storing your Fleshlight game, alone.

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Sure, sticking your dick in a fancy toy might seem weird to some. However, this is a very smart way to masturbate without knowing that you have a sex toy! Just make sure you choose a plush toy to put on your shelf or closet that matches your style and personality.

Find the bottom part of the toy and use scissors or a knife to make a hole in the fabric.

Put your fingers inside the toy and wiggle the bristles, creating a channel for your penis.

Rub the inside of the glove and enjoy your homemade cunt pack; aka, the love plushie. When you’re done, just remove the glove, throw it away, and put your plushie on a shelf or drawer. You can also use your toy by wearing a condom.

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Look for a more masculine toy like a snake, dinosaur, or one of your region’s sports toys; something you don’t find strange to have.

If you are using masturbation, keep your thumbs on the sides of the glove if your toy is not tight enough to stretch the glove.

Place your soft love under a heating pad or blanket before using it for a warm and gentle session on your own.

This DIY Pocket Pussy is super easy to make with things most people have around the house! Therefore, you may not have any labor costs.

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