Have Any Sisters Gotten Pregnant By Their Brother

Have Any Sisters Gotten Pregnant By Their Brother – Fox News Digital told Fox News Digital that four of Thiem’s ​​sisters were pregnant at the same time — a coincidence they never imagined. Jena, Jessica, Jordan, and Jaden are pregnant and due within a few months of each other.

Pregnancy is a special time in a family’s life – and many mothers rely on family members and friends for help.

Have Any Sisters Gotten Pregnant By Their Brother

But the journey of nine months of pregnancy is especially special for four sisters – all four of them are pregnant at the same time.

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The Thiem sisters, Jena, 33, Jessica, 30, Jordan, 27, and Jayden, 25, will be born at the same time.

The Thiem sisters said in interviews that having children at the same time was something they never imagined.

“We’ve all been married for the last five years, so it was a natural progression,” says older sister Jena.

Although the sisters learned of each other’s pregnancies at different times, the news that all four sisters in the family had given birth was earlier this year on Easter.

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The Thiem sisters say they don’t plan on taking place between August and November 2023. “We talk a lot … about what we want or what we want to eat,” said one of the sisters. (Jena Primsky)

“I told all the sisters at Easter that I was pregnant and then I found out Jaden was pregnant and Jenna was pregnant and I was so upset,” Jessica said.

Jena is mom to 2½-year-old Mason and is pregnant with her second child, while the other three are first-time moms.

“I think because we’re pregnant, we talk a lot … about what we want or what we want to eat,” Jaden said.

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Jena and her husband Mike are shown with their son Mason. According to Fox News Digital, they are looking forward to adding another son to their growing brood. (Wildfire Photo Co.)

Jenna is pregnant with another son, and her younger sister Jaden has a daughter — even sharing the same due date, October 1.

“We both said ‘October 1st’ at the same time, which surprised him even more,” said his younger sister Jayden.

The sisters are spread across three different states – Jena lives in Denver, Colorado, and Jessica and Jordan live next door to each other in Omaha.

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Jaden, 25, lives in Dallas, Texas and works as a second grade teacher. She said it was difficult being away from her sisters during this time.

The four have a group chat called “Bumpin”. They share their travel experiences, funny moments, etc. they share – something Jaden says has helped him manage the distance a little better.

Jaden and her husband, Jake, live in Dallas, Texas, and Jaden said they were surprised to find out her sisters were also pregnant. (Jaden Lortz)

“This mutual trust and support is great.

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“We both said ‘October 1’ at the same time, which made the situation worse.”

Jordan, who is now 35 weeks pregnant, recently had a baby shower and Jessica and Jaden will be joining them in August.

Jordan and her husband Dylan still don’t know the gender of their baby. The mother called for the first time at the request of her husband. (Jordan Sutton)

The second time, Jena’s mother said that she would sit on the tour – the first time, she asked her to buy things for her sisters.

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“My dad [Mike] says how happy he is,” Jena said. “He has four daughters and is the best dad ever.”

The Tim siblings, pictured with Mike (left) and mom Nancy (right), their parents couldn’t be more excited. (Jena Primsky)

Their mother, Nancy, had been keeping everyone’s secret for a while, and they couldn’t help but giggle.

“We are over the moon and can’t stop talking about what Christmas is going to be like,” Jena said. .

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Identical twin sisters Brittany and Briana Dean married identical twin brothers Josh and Jeremy Salers. Now, while one of the couples recently welcomed a baby, the other set is expecting their first child.

The couple living in Virginia, USA got married in August 2018. It is interesting that the sisters got pregnant at the same time last year.

Josh and Brittany shared the photo on the couple’s Instagram account with the hashtag “#AdoredByFourParents.”

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On Feb. 12, the couple shared a collage of two photos — one of Brittany Jett holding the baby and the other of a pregnant Briana. “Jett is a bit of a grumpy cherub with a quirky, analytical soul,” read the post.

The post also asked for suggestions for Briana’s baby name. “Briana and Baby TBD, can’t wait to meet! Briana is going! Discussing possible boy and girl names! She’s ‘Jett !’ should go well with the name,” read the post.

Josh Brittany introduced baby Jett in another post, writing, “You did an amazing job with the baby. I’m so proud of you and so blessed to be Jett’s dad!”

She concluded the post: “One thing is certain: our babies will be surrounded by the love of *four* parents!”

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Last August, they announced their pregnancy on Instagram with the caption: “Guess!?? Both twins are pregnant! We are so happy and grateful to be able to share this pregnancy news with you! “

The couple also talked about the unique bond they share with their children. “Our kids aren’t just cousins, they’re full genetic siblings! I can’t wait for you to meet them!” Read the Instagram post.

In 2018, Brittany told People magazine that they are happy living in the same house and raising their children together. “When we have kids, mine and Josh’s kids will be genetic siblings to Briana and Jeremy’s kids. Although they are in-laws, they are technically genetic siblings. raising our families together,” people told him.

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