Has Harley Quinn Ever Been Pregnant In The Batman Universe

Has Harley Quinn Ever Been Pregnant In The Batman Universe – Joker gives birth to a child and then they fall in love in present-day DC Comics

DC Comics seems to be adapting to the new times because one of the latest issues of the Joker comic features a pregnant character who breaks the old cannon.

Has Harley Quinn Ever Been Pregnant In The Batman Universe

The latest comic from DC Comics, the series written by Matthew Rosenberg and artist Carmine Di Giandomenico creates a scenario where the Joker wants to have an heir who has all his DNA, make-up and all.

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To do this, the most famous clown in comics convinces the witch Zatanna, who still wants nothing to do with the Joker and casts a spell that backfires and she becomes pregnant.

Seeing the Cape crusader’s nemesis with a baby bump enraged Republicans because the punchline was that when she gave birth to a mutated version of the Joker, they fell in love.

Of course, many people on Twitter are saying that DC Comics is trying to push its “LGBTQ+ agenda” to the public while the new version of Superman features his son coming out as bisexual.

The word “trans” is never mentioned, but audiences don’t accept it with open arms because some are very confused by the vast plot, but the Joker remains one of the most popular characters out there, which is why there are so many. that some of them claim that he is even more popular than Batman himself.

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With the new Joker movie out featuring the return of Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck and Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn, the Batman antagonist is gaining more fans. Not an entirely new concept, it turns out that Harley Quinn was pregnant with Joker in the 2011 video game Arkham City with a positive pregnancy test result. But in the comics the story is different. Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two provides a different story, as we ourselves hear about her pregnancy and, more interestingly, her daughter Lucy.

Harley Quinn hides out in the Arrow Cave, the secret Green Arrow hid before being killed by Superman. He hid there because Green Arrow thought that if Superman found him, he would kill him. Black Canary (Green Arrow’s wife) decides to visit the hideout and is surprised to see Harley Quinn inside, practicing archery. They start fighting until Black Canary stops the fight because she has to vomit. That’s when Harley Quinn realizes that she has morning sickness and must be pregnant.

This is how Harley Quinn says she won’t fight Black Canary because she remembers what it’s like to be pregnant and how hard it is. Upon questioning, we learn that Harley is pregnant by The Joker. He said he had a daughter named Lucy who lived with his sister. When she was gone for a year while she was pregnant, he came back to The Joker and acted like he didn’t even realize she was gone. Harley also says that Lucy is keeping secrets from Joker, because she thinks telling him is a bad idea. This happened in Injustice Year Two issue #7 which was released in 2014.

However, this won’t be the last time we see Harley Quinn pregnant with The Joker. In another story from 2019 entitled Batman: Curse of the White Knight we see a similar situation. Batman was shocked to see Harley with a baby bump, but that was different. At that time, the Joker (Jack Napier) was taking pills that suppressed his psychopathic tendencies. It makes people completely different. Surprisingly, he turned out to be a good person. It was in issue #2.

Harley Quinn In

What do you think about Harley Quinn’s pregnancy? Is not it? Strange? I think it would be awesome if they did this with comic book characters. I like to think of them as arbitrary narrative objects that are not completely grounded in the real world. If I wanted to, I would read more realistic books and not books that are based on superpowers and monsters and things like that, you know what I mean? Let me know in the comments what you think. Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for science fiction and fantasy fans. It only takes a minute to register.

Does Harley Quinn have children, with the Joker or someone else? We saw it in a dream sequence in 2016

While we don’t know anything about her biological children, we do meet Harley’s two granddaughters, Delia and Deidre (pronounced “Dee Dee”).

Year Two #13, Harley admits to Black Canary that she has a daughter named Lucy, Joker’s father.

Times Harley Quinn Was The Good Guy

It’s a separate universe, not necessarily reflecting the state of affairs in the main continuity (whatever is happening at the moment). However, I think there is crossover between some of the main continuity and

While I don’t have much knowledge of the comics, there are easter eggs in the Arkham City games involving him.

When the player first visits the steel factory where Joker (along with Harley) is hiding as a hideout, a crib can be seen in the office that they use to make plans:

Once you beat the game and the Joker is dead, you can revisit the steel factory under Harley’s control. When you return to the office, you might find the following scattered around: This seems to mean, at least in the world of the Arkham games, he doesn’t (does he?)

Harleen Quinzel (arkhamverse)

I’d like to add here, along with Harley’s vision of Enchantress’ children (specifically a boy and a girl), there are several children in this scene with Joker in the upper corner. One was pink, one was blue and one looked black. Maybe a child died? His speech to Diablo about the children now makes more sense.

Own that shit. Have it! What do you think will happen? Huh?…What, you thought you could have a happy family, coach in the minor leagues, and pay off your car? Normal is the dryer setting. People like us can’t be normal!

It’s also worth mentioning that they went away from Harley’s usual red/black colors and went to pink/blue (baby colors) for her hair.

He left Joker for a year after the boy was told because he was afraid that finding out he was a father would worsen Joker’s mental condition.

The Joker Is Now Pregnant In The Current ‘woke’ Dc Comics Series

She is mentioned in one of the comics, where Harley refuses to finish her fight with Black Canary because Black Canary is pregnant with Green Arrow’s child.

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