Has Any Human Been To Point Nemo

Has Any Human Been To Point Nemo – Those who come here are closer to the astronauts on the ISS than anyone else in the world. Exactly where he is.

Point Nemo can be translated as “whose point”. It is called the Pole of Inaccessibility – a point in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that is further away than any other point on our planet. According to Red Bull’s online portal, Auckland in New Zealand is 2,778 km, Itajai in Brazil is 3,978 km, and Maher Island in Antarctica is 2,688 km. You can reach Nemo Point only by ship, the journey there takes at least 15 days.

Has Any Human Been To Point Nemo

Geodesist Hrvoje Lukatela first “discovered” this point in 1992 with the help of special computer software, taking into account the spherical shape of the Earth. Now this is weird: Point Nemo, named after the eponymous captain from Jules Verne’s novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, is so far away from any human habitation that astronauts on the ISS are closer to a visitor than any person on Earth.

The Loneliest Place On Earth

According to the BBC, the International Space Station is about 416 kilometers high and the nearest habitable site is more than 2,700 km from Nemo Point. In the past, Russian, European and Japanese space agencies have repeatedly used this isolation to sink their space junk in the Point Nemo area. The “space cemetery” is considered the grave of many abandoned satellites, as well as parts of the Russian station “Mir”.

And of course, such remoteness also fuels speculation: When oceanographers recorded a mysterious sound in 1997 that seemed to come from the Point Nemo area, they suspected a sea monster as the culprit. Later, however, researchers discovered that the sound was caused by icebergs breaking apart, and the sound carried him underwater.

Point Nemo is located in ocean currents known as the South Pacific Gyre and other, more nutrient-rich gyre waters, and the mainland is too far away to bring any nutrients there to support wind development. Life to thrive. Oceanographer Steven D’Ondt, speaking to the BBC, described the seabed beneath Cape Nemo as “the most biologically inactive of all the world’s oceans”.

The only people who visit Point Nemo are those who take part in sailing regattas like the Volvo Ocean Race, which Red Bull organizes there from time to time. However, if you quit for 15 days, it will take a long time until you are strong again. If you still want to see it, here are Nemo’s geodata points: 45°52.6S, 123°23.6W. There are unexplored places, reminding us that there is more to discover. One such point is Nemo, which is considered the most distant point on Earth due to its location.

This Is The Space Graveyard Where The International Space Station Will Be Buried

Point Nemo is 4,800 kilometers off the coast of New Zealand and 3,200 kilometers north of Antarctica. It is very isolated, the nearest country house is more than 400 kilometers away. That means the closest people to this area of ​​the planet are the astronauts of the International Space Station.

Also known as the Pacific Pole of Inaccessibility, although due to its difficulty, it is commonly called Nemo’s Point after the fictional character of Jules Verne’s literature, Captain Nemo.

This point was identified only 30 years ago, when engineer Hrvoje Lukatele calculated its coordinates as accurately as possible. However, to know the exact coordinates, it is necessary to use a special computer program.

Point Nemo is completely uninhabited due to its geographic location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This important natural laboratory is located between 227 and 248 nautical miles from the surface of our planet.

What And Where Is The Pacific Ocean

There is a huge body of water in this area of ​​the Pacific Ocean. There is almost no aquatic life because it is so far from land and winds do not carry organic matter there. However, nothing can be done, because life has been found in other parts of the planet, which were previously considered inhospitable.

However, the belief that it was a biologically inactive site prompted NASA to turn it into a spacecraft graveyard. It was also recently announced that it will be the resting place of the International Space Station after it ends its duties in 2030.

This is not the first time that this remote location has visited space and become a disposal site. It has long been a graveyard for spaceships as many countries have sent space debris there. Russian and Japanese space agencies have sent their old satellites deep into this region of the Pacific Ocean. The remains of the Russian Mir station and at least hundreds of other decommissioned space objects are there.

In the summer of 1997, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) detected a strange ultra-low frequency sound through underwater microphones in the Pacific Ocean. This mysterious sound was then called Bloop. Despite the secrecy provided at the time, five years later the agency determined that the sounds were coming from Point Nemo and were being created by large icebergs hitting the sea floor.

Point Nemo / Spacecraft Cemetery

Our planet is huge compared to the small size of humans, and it still has big surprises for us. Home » Viral » Found the perfect place to escape – no one on this island

Did you know that there is one place on Earth where you can’t find people for miles around? We are talking about Point Nemo. Located in the middle of the vast South Pacific Ocean, Point Nemo is considered the most remote place on Earth. Its isolation and lack of human activity make it a very unique and attractive place for scientists and adventurers. Point Nemo is located at 48°52.6′ S. 123°23.6′ west and is the most distant point from any land on Earth’s surface. The nearest inhabited place to Point Nemo is Ducey Island, 2,688 kilometers (1,670 miles) to the north, but it’s also uninhabited, so if you want to see people you’ll have to go a little further. This happens if you are traveling north. The nearest island to the south is Maher Island in Antarctica and another inhabited island near Easter Island is Motu Nui Island, which can be reached by sailing northeast.

Because Point Nemo is equidistant from these three islands, the location of the landmark depends on the exact coordinates of these three locations, resulting in an unusual solution to the long navigational dilemma.

Croatian surveying engineer Hrvoje Lukatela first named the site in 1992, and since then he has updated the exact coordinates using information from Google Maps to compare with his previous discoveries. Nemo is not a sticky orange fish, but rather a Latin phrase meaning “not human.”

What Is Point Nemo: The Loneliest Place On Earth

Its remoteness and lack of human activity make it an ideal place to study the ocean and its ecosystems. Scientists can study ocean currents, climate patterns and marine life without human intervention. Almost no marine life is said to have developed at Cape Nemo. The reasons for this are also explained. According to reports, the ocean’s remote location and weak currents indicate that the water lacks enough nutrients for more evolved wildlife to survive.

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The most distant place on Earth is far from everything astronauts are often the closest people to in space

Far from other places in the Pacific Ocean, the International Space Station is the farthest place people often travel.

The Ocean Is My Home

Point Nemo is miles from almost anywhere in the middle of the world’s largest ocean, and the nearest land is about 2,688 kilometers or 1,670 miles away.

It’s the closest land in just one direction, Ducey Island, an atoll in the Pitcairn Islands, is technically the closest, but it’s also uninhabited, so you have to walk a bit further before you find people.

To the south you’ll find Antarctica’s Maher Island, or to the northeast you’ll find Motu Nui, another inhabited island near Easter Island.

The exact location of Nemo Point depends on the exact coordinates of these three points and creates an interesting solution to the “long sail” problem, since the sea point is equidistant from these three points.

Point Nemo: The Place In The Ocean That Is…

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