Free Funded Forex Trader Programs

Free Funded Forex Trader Programs – Isn’t the best funded trader program the one that gives you a good profit spread, educates you in the process and gives you the space to use your trading tools to generate profits?

I know it takes a lot of effort and it can be overwhelming to find the best funded merchant program.

Free Funded Forex Trader Programs

But you should put your mind at ease because today I’m giving you a definitive rundown of the leaders in this market along with their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

Funded Account Prep

TheFundedTrader has three challenges to choose from, namely Standard Challenge ($315 refundable for $50,000 trading balance), Quick Challenge ($299 refundable for $50,000 trading balance) and Real Challenge ($289 refundable) for $50,000 trade balance). Standard and Fast plans have options to choose a Swing account or a regular account.

The trading platform includes instruments that enable the trading of currencies, commodities, indices and crypto. Profit sharing starts at 80% and can scale up to 90% with consistent wins.

When you select the swing trading account in the standard or fast challenges, you can hold trades during the weekend and there are no minimum trading days.

For the royal challenge, a trader to fund can use 1:200 leverage and a minimum of 5 trading days to reach their goals.

Forex Funded Trader Program

These three challenges are two industry standard phases that help show the accessory company that you are ready for a funded merchant account.

It is not possible to trade stocks in My Forex Funds, but you can be a part of the forex market and trade crypto as well as metals in the trading company nearby. There are three main plans to choose from from the business owner business and they are called Fast, Evaluation and Accelerated plans.

The Rapid plan is a good funded merchant program that makes funding available instantly and costs only $99 (refundable) for $10,000 in trading capital. The downside of this plan is that you only keep 12% of the profits you generate from the financial markets.

The evaluation plan ($49 refundable for $5,000 in trading capital) is essentially an evaluation process that requires you to reach the profit target without ignoring any of the withdrawal rules. This plan allows you to keep 85% of your profits once you complete the challenge.

Qte Funded Forex Program

The accelerated plan has options for a conventional or emphatic plan, with the differences in the profit targets (10% for conventional and 20% for emphatic) and the overall disposition according to the opening account balance (5% for conventional and 10% for emphatic).

The leverage available (1:50 for conventional and 1:100 for emphatic) and the fee payable ($99 for conventional and $198 for emphatic to obtain $2,000 in trading capital) to enroll in the plan are also different , but this plan has no consistency rules or daily withdrawal limits.

The Accelerated plan allows your fully funded trading accounts to retain 50% of the profits they generate.

The trading platform does not allow trading during the weekend by shutting down its servers during this time. They also only allow the use of MetaTrader 4 and 5, which may not be everyone’s preferred trading platforms.

Best Forex Funded Accounts Compared (2023)

Their scaling plan involves a 150% to 200% increase once the funded merchant generates a 20% profit. Business education leaves a lot to be desired and is contained in blog posts rather than structured course modules.

You have options to choose the normal challenge (€155) or the aggressive challenge (€250) for funded merchant accounts worth $10,000. The fee you pay will be refunded along with your first profit withdrawal when you pass both steps. challenge Its scaling plan allows funded merchant accounts to grow their capital by 25% every four months.

The accessory company allows you to trade commodities, indices, crypto, stocks, bonds and forex, so finding your chosen financial asset shouldn’t be too difficult. During step 1 of the evaluation phase in the normal challenge, you must achieve 10% profit with a maximum daily loss of 5% and a maximum loss of 10% in a 30-day matter with a minimum of 10 trading days .

Step 2 of this assessment requires you to achieve a 5% profit in 60 days with a daily maximum loss of 5%, a maximum loss of 10% and a minimum of 10 trading days. Once you get a funded account, you can retain 80% of the profits and this can increase to 90% with consistent earnings.

Demo Trading Competition

The aggressive plan increases these percentages of daily loss to 10%, the maximum loss to 20%, a minimum of 20% profit in phase 1 and 10% in phase 2. The best thing is that you still have the same number of days and minimums days of negotiation to achieve it.

For those still on the fence, a dem0 trading account is available to help you out. FTMO also has some of the best educational content, an account analysis dashboard and personalized performance coaches to help you with your risk management to become a master of the financial markets.

For trading stocks, forex, indices and commodities, Fidelcrest is a great choice and if you don’t believe me, the funded trader program was awarded the best micro forex trading company in Europe at Forex Expo 2021.

To get a merchant account with them, you have to complete a two-step challenge and you only get paid when you complete the second step. Micro trader accounts come in Normal and Aggressive variants and start at €99 ($10,000 balance for the Normal plan) and go up to €549 ($50,000 balance for the Aggressive plan).

How To Get Funded $100k+ For Trading Ft.the5ers Prop Firm (@the5erstrading)

Pro trader accounts start from €649 ($150,000 balance for the Normal plan) to €2,899 (for $1,000,000 on the Normal plan or $500,000 on the Aggressive plan). You have a maximum leverage of 1:100 to accelerate your journey to profit.

A trader can now choose between “Double Your Capital” which applies to a funded trader who wants to get a second account with the same balance and get a “Free Second Chance” which applies to traders who have not passed the first phase of the contract. challenge the first time you try.

The rules are different for bonuses (5% for normal and 15% for aggressive), max drops (10% for normal and 20% for aggressive), and profit splits (80% for normal and 90% for to aggressive) when it comes to normal and aggressive accounts, regardless of whether it is a Micro or Pro account.

BluFX believes that making traders pay a monthly fee allows the trading program to be more lenient in terms of time to profit or minimum trading days. The four funded merchant programs are swap-free (no fees for swaps) Lite (£139 for $25,000) and Pro (£329 for $50,000).

Of The Top Forex Prop Firms: The Funded Trader

Plans that charge exchange fees separately are Lite (£99 for $25,000) and Pro (£249 for $50,000). The monthly fee must be paid until you become a fund manager generating 10% profit three times in a row. Funded trading programs at BluFX allow you to trade 19 pairs in the forex and gold market.

After becoming a fund manager in the Pro package, there are no more subscription fees, no trading time restrictions and no minimum withdrawal targets. It is a good idea to stay away from the Lite package as it does not have a growth plan, all open trades must be closed on Friday (21:00 UTC) and trading is also restricted between 6am and 9 in the evening

Profit sharing is 50/50 as the funded account is provided instantly. The lack of an evaluation process makes it easy to become a funded merchant as soon as the fee is paid.

City Traders Imperium allows its funded traders to trade forex, gold and indices on the platform ($10,000 plan only allows gold and forex. Indices included starting at $20,000 plan) in addition to allowing their trading accounts hold higher positions on the weekend and overnight, use expert advice (EA) and trade during press releases.

Funded Trader Programs™

Depending on how confident you are in your trading strategies, at City Traders Imperium, you have options to choose from Standard Evaluation (refundable commission of £119 for $10,000 and £209 for $20,000), Classic Evaluation (refundable commission of £). 109 for $10,000 and £199 for $20,000), Instant Funding accounts (£999 refundable fee for $20,000 balance) or Day Trader Challenge (£109 refundable fee for $10,000).

The profit split starts low at 50%, but goes up to 100% if you continue to generate consistent profits with your funded merchant account. At City traders imperium, we classify you as a portfolio manager partner as soon as you pay the fees for direct funding or pass the assessment. Then the trading rules are relaxed for you (maximum disposition < 5% and maximum leverage of 1:10).

As you pass the assessment, your trading account grows by 400% and the scaling plan starts every time the 10% profit target is