7 Examples Of Low Capital Online Businesses That Are Worth Trying

Now there are several examples of running a business with minimal capital that many people are involved in. They say that this is a daily necessity, and every year it will increase. As the necessities of life increase, we need more income to meet them.

However, did you know that even in the current “new normal” situation, you can only earn income from home? Yes, the current situation with the pandemic encourages us to do many things at home, including business. For those looking to increase their income, now is the time to see examples of online business opportunities.

With minimal capital, you can choose from a variety of online business examples, some of which can even be started without capital. Do you want to know an example of an online business, what does that mean? Check out this article for online business examples and job tips!

7 Examples of Low Capital Online Businesses That Are Worth Trying

Here are a few examples of online businesses that you can run from home without spending a lot of capital or at all.

Examples Of Low Capital Online Businesses
Examples Of Low Capital Online Businesses

1. dropshipper

A dropshipper is an example of a business that does not require capital. In this type of business, all you have to do is find a supplier that you can work with for drop shipping. And there is no need to think about buying a product and delivering it to the consumer, because the supplier does it.

2. Reseller

The second example of an online business that you can try is becoming a reseller. What is the difference between a reseller and a dropshipper? The difference lies in capital and stocks of goods. To become a reseller, you must first be willing to spend capital and have a large number of products from your suppliers.

3. Open an online store

An example of a third-party online business is opening an online store. There are many examples of online stores that you can try, such as selling a variety of fashion items such as tops, pants, scarves, accessories, shoes, bags, and more. Or, for example, if you open a store that sells beauty products such as cosmetics, face masks, skin care, etc., you can sell not only local products, but also foreign beauty products such as Korean.

With guaranteed product quality and low prices, this sample business certainly promises big profits. Don’t forget to promote your store on social media. Do you know?

4. Open Graphic Design Service

Do you have experience in graphic design? Well, maybe you can try this online business example. We can provide design services for a variety of needs, including poster design, flyer design, banner design, book cover design, invitation design, and more.

5. Open Translation Services

Do you speak foreign languages? There is no problem to test this business case, i.e. translation service. The example of this company is very promising. It is easy to find a variety of information on the Internet these days, but most of the information is in English or other languages.

Well, here you need the role of translator to translate foreign language into Indonesian or vice versa from Indonesian to foreign language as you like.

6. Start writing a service

For a consumer to be interested in reading an article or to convince a consumer to buy a product, you need the skill or ability to write. If you want to write, you can try this business case. You can open content creation services such as writing articles, or services such as creating technical terms when selling products.

You can try this business case by promoting a portfolio website with your text or by attracting clients on a freelance platform.

7. Become a content creator

This business case appeals to many people from different walks of life. Yes, in this “new normal” situation, many people are putting their creativity into content creation and even making a career out of it.

As a content creator, you can post your own content on social media and earn money through participation. In addition, you can set up your own origin client and content service on your standalone website.

Causes of Failure in Online Business
Causes of Failure in Online Business

#6. Causes of Failure in Online Business

After you get to know some examples of online businesses, you should also know a few tips to help keep your business running smoothly and safely before and after you start an online business.

1. First decide on the target consumer

In order to have a good reputation in running your online business, it is very important to define your target audience carefully and precisely so that you do not get the wrong coverage. We must also be honest when offering our products.

Also, use a branding method that suits your online business, such as a color that matches your product, an attractive social media or website look, and a style of language that suits your target audience. This will help your business become more recognizable and grow.

2. Create quality content

Create high-quality compelling content to engage consumers and keep them loyal to the brand or product of the company they lead. For example, you can upload products regularly or respond to changing trends to make product content more in line with existing trends.

3. Always present in option “mobile”

Today, people access the Internet more often through smartphones than through computers or laptops. That is why you should present your business on the “mobile” version.

This means that consumers must find an easy way to access the products you offer through their smartphones. That is why many consumers prefer to buy and chat with sellers.

4. Maximize Existing Channels

Do you want to increase sales and expand your customer base? If so, feel free to use social media to maximize the variety of existing channels to promote your company and products. The more famous your company’s brand, the more opportunities you have to attract more consumers and expand your market.

5. Make a good impression

Always make a good impression on consumers. Road? We offer quality products, excellent service, low price and responsive response. This is of course very important to you. This is especially true for those who are just starting an online business.

A good relationship with your customers can increase your loyalty to the brand or product you offer and won’t divert your attention to another business that is a competitor.

6. Be consistent and keep innovating to help your business.

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice. Yes, sequence is one of the keys. Running a business or running a business is a long term business so you need to keep innovating and not give up easily so that your business can continue to grow. By continuing to be consistent and innovate, you can ensure future success.

Here are some examples of online businesses with minimal capital and operating tips you can try. Yates, here’s another trick you can try to help your online business. Now you can use BukaSend to facilitate the delivery of products offered by your business. Product delivery must be delivered to the hands of consumers safe and sound, and your online business will be better sold on time!

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