Escape From Tarkov Steam Listing Appears, But It’s Fake

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The challenging online shooter Escape From Tarkov is seeing some resurgence in early 2020 as many people have discovered this game which was launched a few years back. If this includes you and you are a big fan of games like PUBG, then Escape from Tarkov is worth a closer look.

Escape From Tarkov Steam Listing Appears, But It’s Fake

As mentioned above, Escape From Tarkov is likely to appeal to fans of games like PUBG, as both games are challenging first-person shooters. However, Escape From Tarkov is not a Battle Royale game and does not use the force field reduction mechanics that you will find in games like PUBG, Fortnite or Apex Legends. Instead, Escape From Tarkov emphasizes realism and survival mechanics, requiring you to pay attention to your hunger and thirst gauges, treat gunshot wounds with the right items, and rewarding careful play.

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Another big difference is continuous loading. As you play, you will collect gear and items that you can take to your inventory, available during raids. Currently, you can befriend up to four other players online.

Games like PUBG originate from ARMA military simulation-based mods. Escape From Tarkov attempts to emulate the basics of ARMA’s controls, including little things like choosing between multiple levels of crouch and different walking speeds. The game has no onscreen information such as bullet count or player health outside of the inventory screen. Looting in Escape From Tarkov is a very slow and deliberate process, where searching a locker in a defeated player’s house or a backpack triggers a loading bar while your character discovers the items found.

You’ll also need to manage your thirst and hunger metrics during an attack, and if you’re wounded, you’ll need to pay attention to a host of other character parameters such as blood pressure and fatigue. To stay prepared, you’ll need to share your main inventory space with restorative items like food and medical supplies.

Everything must be earned in Escape From Tarkov, including basic things like the map. On your first foray, unless you use help from a source like the official wiki, you won’t even know the general layout of your surroundings until you find a map.

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Escape from Tarkov is still in early access and can only be played through the developer’s launcher on PC. Before leaving Early Access, Battlestate Games, developer of Escape from Tarkov, mentioned a release on Steam first for PC and eventually for Mac. As for the console version, Battlestate Games stated in 2015 that they “were thinking about it, but it’s too early to talk about it”, but there has been no update on the matter since.

There are two ways to play Escape from Tarkov during the early access period: you can pre-order the game on the official website, which gives you immediate access to the beta, or you can simply create an account on the site and sign up for their newsletter to access it while the game is still in beta.

Pre-ordering will give you access to the full game after the early access period ends, with plans to integrate your account into the full Steam version. Pre-sale prices start at $44.99, and deluxe versions that offer additional equipment go for $139.99.

The developers of Escape From Tarkov have repeatedly stated that there will be no in-game purchases. Only money will be spent on the initial purchase.

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When you start, you choose a PMC or Scav character to start the attack. Private military companies are your main characters that you can equip with equipment that you find during the gameplay or get by pre-ordering the game. If that character dies and another player takes your items off the map, those items are lost forever. Scavs have pre-set loadouts with minimal space to collect new gear, which means you won’t risk anything from your inventory, but you’re limited to playing as a scav once every 30 minutes.

After selecting your character, you’ll choose one of the seven currently available locations, each with a different attack timer that represents the longest time you can stay spread out on the map before it gets drawn. The timers range from 30 minutes to an hour, and the current maximum number of players ranges from 6 to 14. Locations vary in size from a large warehouse to a vast Russian village, but so far the locations haven’t been as big as anything you’d like. Find in PUBG. The player’s starting position on each map is marked between several points, which means your first moments are likely to be the most dangerous.

If you’ve survived, your next steps will be to watch out for other players and AI-controlled Scaves as they try to ransack your surroundings.

The final move in your first successful attack will be a draw. Return points are located in different locations on each map, are not always in the same location, and may require special conditions for activation.

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Once you get your feet wet, survive a castle or two, and maybe come home with some new gear, you can start turning to the Escape From Tarkov’s Quests and Flea Market system.

Quests are shared by NPCs and earn you experience that can increase your character’s stats and gain reputation with that NPC to unlock better items to sell. Mission objectives can be as simple as handing over a few discovered items or as difficult as destroying 10 player PMCs like Scav. Quests for each of the seven NPCs in the game are linearly unlocked to reveal more difficult missions with better rewards.

The Flea Market is an AI and player based marketplace where you can trade various in-game valuables back and forth for in-game currency or equipment.

You’ll also encounter very difficult boss NPCs on each map, which you can of course pick out for excellent loot if you manage to kill them, avoid detection by other players, and reach your break-even point.

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A full story mode, an open world mode, and at least six new locations are set to be added to the game in the sequel. Mod support is possible for limited cosmetic purposes, but “game-changing mods will not be allowed,” according to the developer.

Andrew Melcon is a freelance writer specializing in gaming and console coverage. He’s dabbled in everything from PC game controllers to Pokémon and PUBG, and his work has appeared on sites like Tom’s Guide, Tom’s Hardware, Laptop Mag, and more. Escape From Tarkov, a realistic and challenging first-person shooter developed by Battlestate Games, has been released on Steam. However, this type of fraud can happen even when we are talking about a premium digital retailer like Steam, which makes the product look unauthentic and good for the money.

As much as we love seeing Escape From Tarkov on Steam, this appears to be a fake version of Escape From Tarkov, so don’t buy it. After it gained some popularity, we contacted Battlestate Games about the Steam listing,

Meanwhile, some top content creators have highlighted the issue and warned against buying this product and being scammed. Again, strange to see such a culprit exist on Steam, where larger development studios could be emulating others.

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It turns out that the copycat killer previously created an EFT game title, whose APP ID now leads to Escape From Tarkov. The producer presents all original videos and images of the game. However, there is one problem, the Steam version only offers one version of the game. Either way, this product is fake and doesn’t come close to the unique experience of Escape From Tarkov.

I just used the terminal on a steam app id for a new EFT (odsun is almost installed on the steam version tbh) and on December 27 of last year their site looked like this. — Jav (@PopofPiss) January 24, 2023

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