Don’t Buy Escape From Tarkov On Steam, It’s A Fake

Don’t Buy Escape From Tarkov On Steam, It’s A Fake – The compass can be very useful for communicating with your comrades in Escape from Tarkov. If you’re tired of explaining your location via landscape view, then read on to find out how to get a compass in the game.

In this guide, we will provide instructions for finding and using a compass in Escape from Tarkov. Plus, we’ll explain how to win the game, where to find red key cards and extraction points, and share tips on learning maps in the game.

Don’t Buy Escape From Tarkov On Steam, It’s A Fake

There are two ways to get a compass in Escape from Tarkov. First, you can buy it from Jaeger:

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However, if you don’t want to spend 200,000 rubles on a compass from Jaeger, you can get it for free after completing the Prapor mission:

Once you get the hang of it, reading a compass in Escape from Tarkov is pretty easy, especially if you know how to read one in real life. Read the guide below to learn how to use a compass:

Read this section for everything you need to know about buying and playing Escape from Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov cannot be purchased through Steam or retail game stores. You have to buy it through the official website. Click “Pre-order” and select the game edition you like.

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Basic plans start at $39.99. However, to run the game, you need to get the Battlestate Game Launcher, which is only available to install once you’ve purchased the game. Follow the instructions from the website to pay for pre-orders.

Log in to the game website with the details provided after purchase and click on your profile picture. Now, you can download the launcher. Install, log in and download games from there.

Red key cards can help you gain access to special weapons and items on the Lab map – no wonder so many players want to get them! However, the key card is located on the Shoreline map.

Keep in mind that red key cards are rare seeds, so you may have to wander around the map until you find them. Make sure you get the West Circle key 218, 221, 222, 110 or 112 before trying to get red card spawn points.

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They are primarily located around and within the resort complex – for example, in rooms 110, 112, 218, 221 and 222 (which is where you’ll need a key). Red key cards can also appear at gas stations, dry grass, over weather stations and other locations.

The answer is pretty obvious – you have to practice to learn maps. Fortunately, there is no need to remember the location of each object. You can purchase any location map from the Therapist vendor before starting the game. Optionally, you can search for maps on Google.

If playing with more experienced players bothers you, practice in offline mode for a while until you feel comfortable on the map. Once you know the location of some objects on the map, a compass can be of great help in navigation.

The main objective of the game is to escape from the map so you have to find the extraction point. Of course, their location is different on each map. You can purchase maps of each location from the Therapist shop before the raid starts. This map can be used both before and during the game – to view it, press the “O” button.

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To the right of the extraction point name, you will see a question mark or blank space. Free space means you don’t need to complete actions to use points. Instead, a question mark indicates that you must meet certain conditions – usually, you need to find some item on the map or have enough money.

At Customs, the extraction point is quite close. You can find them in warehouses, intersections, trailer parks, railroad tracks, old gas stations… There are a lot of them, so finding them is not difficult. The forest is bigger, so finding the extraction point can take longer.

In the Factory there are only two extraction points, both of which are located at the gate. Next to one of them, you can also find the Quit factory button. You can escape Shoreline maps from docks, tunnels, stone paths or CCP temperatures. Road to Customs can be used by PMC and SCAV.

To unlock the Jaeger and gain access to his shop, you must complete two mechanic missions. The first is the “Gunsmith Part 1” quest. Here, you need to get three Elite Tangs – they can be found in dead carcasses, gym bags, toolboxes, technical supply crates, earthen hatches, or buried barrel caches.

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Trade them in for the MP-133 rifle from the mechanic and customize the weapon to their specifications. After completing the mission, you will get 20,000 Rubles, 6,500 EXP, a Glock 17 rifle and unlock a Jaeger.

Yes, there are two ways to get the compass in the game, either for free by helping the Ensign or by buying it from Jaeger. To receive it from the Ensign, you must complete two quests – “Debut” and “Mission Quest”.

Make sure you have reached at least level 5 in the game before starting. Eliminate five scavs at Customs and take Ensign two MP-133 rifles. Then, help him find his missing convoy and the location of the USEC camp.

For your help, Ensign will give you a compass and money. If for some reason you missed the Ensign mission or don’t want to waste time, you can unlock the Jaeger shop by completing the “Gunsmith Part 1” Mechanic mission.

How To Buy Escape From Tarkov

The short answer is no. Escape from Tarkov is not available from services like Steam or the Epic Games Store. It can only be downloaded from the game’s official website. While downloading games can be a headache, in the end, it’s well worth it.

Hopefully, with the help of the compass, your communication with your teammates and your performance will improve significantly. Once you get used to navigating with the compass and map purchased from the Shaman, you can reach the extraction point in less time, beating your enemies to death. Remember that even if your friend isn’t around, you can still practice in offline mode – this way, you’ll remember the location better.

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include affiliate links. This does not affect our editors in any way. A scammer has created a fake escape page from Steam Tarkov, in an attempt to encourage players.

Only available through the developer’s own website. However, earlier today (January 24) fans spotted a Steam listing for a tactical first-person shooter.

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And it looks pretty convincing, with screenshots, gameplay and an official description all included in the listing, which sells the game for £37.99.

. According to the listing history on SteamDB, it appears that existing Steam listings have been heavily edited to make it look like players are about to buy.

While the shop description has been edited from “Start your escape from the prison of Tartarus where you are imprisoned!” To”

Is a story-based experience that challenges all immigrants to escape their cities and lives. Matches are session-based and populated not only by human players but also AI-driven Scav to populate the world – ensuring an atmosphere of constant danger.

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Image while the “cute” and “tall” tags have been replaced with the promising “3D platformer”.

Very different from the official one, while the listing also ignores the fact that the game is currently in Beta.

Neither Steam nor Battlestate Games commented on the bogus listing, although some reviewers called it a scam. The listing also confirms that “Steam learned about this game” means “is not currently eligible to appear in certain storefronts on your Steam profile”.

Last month, Battlestate released patch 0.13 for Escape From Tarkov, bringing several new weapons, a Road of Tarkov map, several new Steams and even a crafting and overhaul function that will allow players to apply upgrades to their equipment using a repair kit.

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In other news, lead developer World Of Warcraft Classic was reportedly fired by Blizzard Entertainment after protesting against its employee evaluation policy.

Inhaler: “We’re not here to be a middle class festival band – you have to keep working hard”

Taeyang talked about his first solo single in six years, ‘Vibe’ featuring Jimin, and further: “There will be an album in the future.” Where to get access to the Escape From Tarkov beta, differs between each issue and pre-orders. bonus

Escape From Tarkov is a hybrid FPS and online action RPG that provides a unique hardcore shooter, providing players with exciting risk/reward cycles and an ever-changing in-game loot economy to keep the stakes high and the attacks fresh. when it gets tough Still in early access, but built up quite a bit

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