Doja Cat Wears 30,000 Swarovski Crystals To 2023 Paris Fashion Week Show

Doja Cat Wears 30,000 Swarovski Crystals To 2023 Paris Fashion Week Show – Doja Cat wore a sheer mint dress and Olivia Rodrigo wore a black dress as the music stars showed off their fashions at the Grammy Awards in Las Vegas. (April 3)

Doja Cat definitely delivers two things: an award-winning pop hit and an eclectic makeup and fashion moment.

Doja Cat Wears 30,000 Swarovski Crystals To 2023 Paris Fashion Week Show

The Grammy-winning singer performed her music during fashion events, but the global hero’s makeover left the runway and took a front-row seat at the “last stages of fashion.”

Doja Cat’s 30k Swarovski Crystal Look Puzzles Fans—’chicken Pox Gone Wild’

Standard makeup steps often include foundation, blush, bronzer, mascara and lip, but photographers caught the 27-year-old ‘Planet Her’ artist bathing in gold paint encrusted with 30,000 Swarovski crystals at Schiaparelli. joint. his face and body were bruised and artificially cut, with a “sticking face”.

“All my makeup has a story and exactly 0 rules,” Doja Cat said on Twitter, criticizing her Golden Fashion Week look.

“I think our culture is moving away from the strict boundaries of standard beauty,” says Laurel Charleston, who has done several fashion week makeup for Doja Cat, including the navy blue face she wore at the Paris Monot show.

The Doja Cat influence is often at the forefront of beauty, with other stars Lady Gaga, Rico Nasty and Grace Jones occupying a similar space.

Doja Cat’s See Through Dress At The Billboard Music Awards Deserves Its Own Award—see Pics

In August, she surprised her fans by showing off her new haircut and shaving her eyebrows on Instagram Live. The decision, which was initially met with concern by her followers on social media, was another way for the singer to stand out creatively, as she replaced the missing bows with colorful, intricate and sometimes heart-shaped designs. .

The star’s lack of eyebrows is a powerful counterpoint to the recent decade’s emphasis on facial function in makeup.

YouTube’s topics, products, and tutorials direct interested people to the “perfect front.” Zendaya and Cara Delevingne are considered some of the archetypes of perfect eyebrows. Brow procedures such as lamination, tinting and microblading have entered the cosmetic conversation.

“It seems that there are no eyebrows anymore,” he says. “I think plucking eyebrows is a really unique opportunity to expand the canvas. Most people think that the only place to play on your face is the eyes and lips. … Now people are slowly expanding to shave their clothes. Eyebrows.”

Brett Alan Nelson Is The Stylist Behind Doja Cat’s Spectacular Coachella Looks

Sofia Sinnott, 24, made a bold statement wearing Doja Cat at the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2023 show.Paris Fashion Week Sinnott collaborated with the “Say It” singer for the first time after the star’s surprise follow on Instagram. One “wrong-in-the-world” moment preceded another, as Sinnott described it, when she created a Doja cat look complete with Balenciaga’s black faux-eyes and chiseled lips and brows.

“We didn’t even know the models in the Balenciaga show had the same burning eye aesthetic,” says Sinnott, adding that the Doja Cat team called her to talk about the coincidence while watching the show on Instagram Live. “We didn’t even think about it. It was very strange.’

According to Charleston, makeup takes second place in the world of fashion; they want to shift the focus to “naturally beautiful models” that scene makers simply “slather Vaseline on their skin and push them down the runway.”

On Instagram, Charleston often uses a color palette all over her page to create immersive looks based on the creations of designers, including Jean Paul Gaultier. They hope to see more creative freedom in fashion.

“I want to show the world that makeup can be a continuation of fashion, not just an accent,” they say.

Ever since Doja Cat’s fashion month makeup show, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube users have imitated some of the fanciful looks. Some users even endorsed the singer on Twitter.

Doja Cat is a 23-year-old self-taught makeup artist who recreated one of Doja Cat’s looks from New York’s Charleston Fashion Week in Vogue World, @beatsbydeb, Doja Cat wrote with a link on TikTok: “Check out Deb’s video.”

“Every song I see, I click and comment and download (it) because it’s so good,” they say. “I want to encourage everyone to continue experimenting with makeup and pushing their boundaries.”

“A lot of people today (instead of) being perfect and perfect all the time, appreciate looking a little weird or weird, wild or rough,” she says. “I love it, I love it. I’ve always loved the freedom of makeup.” Celebrity beauty is rarely very interesting. Makeup on the red carpet is usually pretty but eight – and while there can sometimes be an experimental editorial look, off-duty style usually follows the same cool line. Of course, there are some exceptions. For example, Billie Eilish, a brand that once had neon green roots, had a style that was truly fresh when it debuted in 2019. But generally, as the look became more mainstream, they lost their originality. .

Enter Doja Cat. A few weeks ago, the musician shaved his head and shaved his eyelashes. The new look has many people on the internet freaking out – many seem to believe that the only reason a woman shaves her head is to scream for help during a mental attack. However, Doja herself was delighted by the change, giving her a completely blank slate to experiment with increasingly expressive and artistic make-up.

Eyebrows were the most noticeable. I wanted to pencil them in thinly, often with a playful touch right in the middle of the bow. There were little flowers, smileys, apples and hearts. After pretending to be sperm, the eyebrows were wrapped and dyed. Eye looks that go with brows are usually more creative. The space-themed outfit featured intergalactic shapes in blues, pinks and yellows, while sperm eyebrows paired with an experimental electric look.

And then there are the fashion week looks that took her beauty to the next level. Teaming up with make-up artist Laurel Charleston, Doja watched Marnie’s show on Teletubbies, her bald head painted orange. For the Vogue World runway show, Charleston painted a swirling white pattern on her face and head—a truly exciting front-row beauty look that shows just how vast the possibilities of beauty are.

So our message to the Doja: Keep going! We loved every second of it and will definitely continue. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Doja beauty looks below.