Do You Think Most Americans Are Brainwashed

Do You Think Most Americans Are Brainwashed – Mind control, brainwashing, coaching, and suppression all seem to be used interchangeably in plain English. These methods have been documented in history books and are often associated with cults, secret societies, dictators and the treatment of prisoners of war. [1] The use of these methods in non-religious and non-political circles often leads to descriptions such as “snake oil salesman,” “Ponzi scheme,” or “pseudoscience.” [2] Looking back, it is difficult to understand how easily people were swayed. Also, it is hard to believe that this method can still exist among people today because we have so much. But something is happening to our modern brains and the consequences are dire. So what would a modern brain look like, you ask? I am talking about Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). It has been widely marketed as a “golden cure” for autistics for years, without any evidence to support such claims. Instead of focusing their studies on dogs and other animal species, they have moved to more effective ways of studying people. It has entered our society through our schools, hospitals, health centers, private hospitals and home health clinics. We all need to know how he deceived many people. But more than that, we should be concerned about their victims (their studies) and evidence-based projects that this wolf in sheep’s clothing is eating.

There are seven points that define the brain’s success. I say successful because you have to use and succeed in all these methods to become confident and improve your studies.

Do You Think Most Americans Are Brainwashed

1. Brainwashers prey on vulnerable people. [5] Many media, doctors, other therapists, and other so-called “help organizations” represent autism as a life-threatening disease. The type of “disease” that we must “find a cure” for before all our children are “captured” by this “disease” that has turned into an “epidemic”.[13] Before anyone can recognize him, the community is flooded. and lies that autism is “dangerous” and “destructive”. Even in German and Scandinavian literature they refer to autistic children as “stolen in the night.” [14] Therefore, it is not surprising that when people are diagnosed with autism, parents are often eager to find “medicine” for their child. They go through stages of grief, as if their son has received a death sentence. In this formal process, we meet the negotiation stage. Parents are desperate to “cure” their children and will try anything. I know parents who have spent a lot of money to have their children swim with “dolphin magic” that can “cure” autism. Some say autism is caused by the herpes virus and requires 2g of Valtrex a day. Or that dangerous chelation will “cure” their “suffering” loved one. Parents (and sometimes the autistic person themselves) are in a position where they want “normal” because they do not understand that autism is not a death sentence, it is a natural human difference. Many buy unscientific “cures”. I understand that the unknown is scary and that professionals need to learn the best ways to support families and discuss autism openly from an accepting and respectful perspective. However, these parents are desperate after being immersed in the whole idea of ​​”Autism stole your child”. This state of mind makes these parents perfect victims of pseudoscience; ABA.

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2. Isolation. [5] Enemies need their animals to be isolated from outside influences. This means that they have as much information as possible under the authority’s control and make it easier for decision makers. The suggestion of forty hours of “most ABA therapy per week” for two-year-olds is a good example. Research on child development and speech and language disorders does not support the need for more treatment time. But most parents have to work full-time, so 40 hours is a nice round number that makes the 40-hour concept “easy” for parents to accept, so that their lives are not disrupted by support. Many ABA clinics in my area advise children to leave their public schools for the “standard gold standard”. There is no need for an educational program because ABA “therapists” can teach your child EVERYTHING! You might be thinking, “Why would any parent take their child out of social studies to try this?” They are looking for answers and are being fed lies about ABA by believers, even doctors and therapists. What about training and job support? This is an evidence-based treatment that helps people with different communication, nutritional, and emotional needs (among other areas). Looking at the code of conduct that ABA professionals are guided by, one may notice that the word “collaboration” has not been left out. In fact, their code of ethics, unlike any other medical or medical code, states that they will work with other therapists only if the other professionals follow the guidelines of the ABA. [7] Therefore, ABA clinics “allow” speech and occupational therapy to be provided IF AND ONLY IF the SLP and/or OT attends the ABA facility and follows and agrees with the ABA procedures. [7] ABA sites are required to monitor the services provided by the sponsor/visitors. If a family rejects an “in-house” or “favorite” ABA clinic that they feel fits their practice, families are often told that the ABA therapist can “talk” and therefore does not need to be certified and licensed. The price of SLP shares.

3. Test the interviewee’s self-confidence. [5] This is difficult when working with children because the abuser has to challenge the trust of the parent/caregiver with what is being said. The easiest way to achieve this is through intimidation. Using interpretation skills and not explaining (for example, attacking the confidence of parents and even doctors related to “not understanding” or being unable to “help” their loved one or a patient with Autism. The main victim, the neurodivergent child, interference, “education” and deprivation of power are often used more. Physical autonomy is taken away and they are forced to follow their own criminal interests. The actual exploitation of the subject, holding the subject without consent (such as controlling their actions. Everyone has the Right to Consent. If they consent. and physical autonomy is taken away this leads the subject/subjects to future abuse, especially sexual. Psychological research has taught us that insisting on “controlling” children not only provides little opportunity for growth and learning about life, but also seriously damages a person’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and mental health. [15] This type of abuse is called verbal abuse and emotional. Violence is used by narcissists to control their victims. See, using strategies to isolate, humiliate, manipulate, and manipulate victims, such as ABA therapists. Emotional abuse is also used, including touching and insulting and/or invading the interviewee’s place of residence.

4. Encourage people to imitate. [5] It is excessive maturity, strict rules, controlled environment, repetition of messages and similar sentences/demands without variation, and not allowing the personality of the victim to encourage the child under “neurotypical forms.” These ideas are similar to Gay Conversion Therapy [3] which also focused on ABA by O. Ivar Lovaas. [4] Amy Sequenzia, mute autistic, lawyer and writer suggests that we start calling ABA what it is: Autistic Conversion Therapy. [6] Now that the emotional manipulation of the abused child is over, we need to make sure that “therapists” and parents are focusing on ABA. This is easily done with an “us” versus “them” mentality. [5]

5. Brainwashers offer tangible rewards when the victim “turns around.” [5] This concept is the basis of animal studies and human ABA therapy. Internal rewards are extracted and generated. On the other hand, subjects are also punished if they do not comply with the wishes of the abuser. They are often forced to conform, emotional needs are suppressed, and favorite toys/things are taken away. ABA “therapists” try to say that motivation is different from rewards, but the evidence is evident in the use of Picture Exchange Communication (PECs), reward charts, behaviors, and more. [8]

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6. “Seeing new ways of thinking in the victim’s brain. Most retraining is done through some of the same reward and punishment methods that were used to break the victim in the first place. Good experiences (eg

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