Do Vampires Sleep If So How Do They Sleep And Why

Do Vampires Sleep If So How Do They Sleep And Why – In addition to paralysis, some people also see ghosts, demons, aliens, and even prehistoric images, such as John Henry Fuseli’s Nightmare above. Photo: UniversalImagesGroup/Getty Images

The story of things that go bump in the night has been around for a long time, but it may involve a mysterious and neurological phenomenon.

Do Vampires Sleep If So How Do They Sleep And Why

It is called “Ghost Hollow” in China, “Kanashibari” or metal connection in Japan, and “Karabasan” or “Dark Suppressor” in Turkey. The last word sounds similar in 1980, but these three words mean the same thing – sleep paralysis is believed to have taken different paths over the decades. The spirit of the night extended to the guests.

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In the past few months, sleep paralysis has hit the big screen for the first time in the form of a new documentary, Nightmare. With many unique features, director Rodney Ascher brings to life dream experiences for people around the world. It’s more common than you think. Studies have shown that 8% of the general population, 28% of students, and 32% of people with mental illness have experienced sleep disorders at least once.

“It happened to me a few times,” said Santi, a 25-year-old engineer. “You’re awake, but you know you’re asleep. Some things are so strange that you can’t move. Others say that someone is pressing you. Once I saw someone big black dog. You’re getting off my bed, you’re paralyzed, that’s why you’re always sad.”

Santi described his experience with sleep paralysis as both bad and good, but relatively mild compared to other stories.

“I was a patient in bed and woke up to find a little vampire girl bleeding from the mouth,” said Brian Sharpless, a psychologist at Washington State University and author of Sleep Paralysis: A History. and – said. Psychological and medical perspectives. “It was very obvious, very emotional. He could feel that a vampire was holding his hand, pulling him, dragging him to hell and telling him he was going to do these horrible things to him. him.”

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Sleep is a natural part of our lives, but in reality it is a complex and complex neural system that has many areas for error during sleep and wakefulness. Things get lost for many reasons, including poor sleep, stress, trauma, alcohol, or other substances that disrupt REM or deep sleep. Ending REM means that this period of sleep, which occurs at the beginning of the night when your brain is trying to make up for the lost REM time, recedes toward the end. But this leads to a different sequence of events.

REM is the time when our dreams are most vivid, and during this time, the brain dries out from your body. We believe that this is a very good practice every night, a method to prevent the realization of disturbing dreams. But because of poor sleep, you may wake up during REM sleep, when your body is still paralyzed.

Many people suffer from these rare conditions, which can cause paralysis. But both are awake and in REM sleep, so when some open their eyes, it’s clear, they have nightmares in their bedrooms.

Baland Jalal, a neuroscientist at the University of California, Berkeley, says: “Imagine this situation where you wake up from the bed. “You get scared and try to move, so the motor in your brain starts firing and sends all these signals to your legs. Your body is like that, it doesn’t do anything, it makes you think about yourself again. an experience that does not come from your body, or that comes in different forms that distort your image.”

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Caught in a state of wakefulness, the room is filled with shadowy figures and anxiety levels are said to be at an all-time high. “It looks like there’s something in the room,” Sharples said. “You look like a thief. It’s like just walking into Soho late at night: you feel like you’re being watched.”

It’s a scary situation, but as your confused brain tries to interpret the amount of signals it’s receiving, it can associate beliefs and cultural memories with the situation. “Adding original stories, characters, or stories to make sense is something people have to do,” says Jalal. “That’s why people are attacked by ghosts, demons, aliens, and even prehistoric creatures.”

It is common to turn memories or reenactments of past events into dreams, especially when the emotional connection is strong, what Sigmund Freud called “the rest of the day” of the dream But when it comes to sleep paralysis, the results can be very disturbing.

A Harvard University study looked at Cambodian refugees who fled the Khmer Rouge and developed sleep paralysis years later. Many people find that they are reproducing their experiences through their pain. Sharples is currently treating college students with their first cases of sleep apnea after the death of a parent. “Because people are looking closely, they have a kind of mental disorder about their deceased relative,” he said.

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In many societies, over the centuries, human curiosity has led to the interpretation of deeply held beliefs about magic and the occult. Stories like this are firsthand stories about ghosts.

“There will be a positive response,” Jalal explained. “Well, your grandmother told you that after dark ghosts and demons will live in your town. You wake up when you sleep, you see images, fear, and create body image, your mind interprets this tradition, and it comes to you. The devil is coming, you go to sleep the next night and are very afraid that it will happen again, but maybe you will start if you believe you have.”

This suggests that sleepwalking is the place in the world where most of these cultural explanations for the supernatural exist.

When movement returns to the body, vision is lost immediately. The entire session can last from a few seconds to 20 minutes. Scientists believe that sleep paralysis is the cause of many myths about vampires and ghosts that threaten homes at night and disappear into the ether.

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These stories go back almost to the beginning of recorded history, but the first attempt to properly explain the experience of sleep paralysis was made by the Greek physician Paulus Aegineta in the 10th century AD.

, believed to be created by the god Pan, a natural or animal creature, would jump into the victim’s heart. In Anglo-Saxon England, there was more emphasis on the idea of ​​witches descending on the restless sleepers in their beds, which entered our language through the word “haggar”, which means “falls from the head”.

“It seems like it’s a big part of the culture that goes back to that time,” Sharpless said. “But it can be seen. How do you explain it in a pre-scientific world? You sleep and wake up, and you see a shadow covering you, working with you.”

But tuberculosis affects many people around the world, because most of them are the same. For this reason, there is not a single clinical trial of pharmacological or psychotherapeutic treatment for sleep paralysis.

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For those who find this a frequent problem, psychologists offer some simple tips to help. Some of these include establishing a regular sleep schedule and avoiding sleeping on your back or stomach. “People who sleep on your side are less likely to get this disease,” Sharpless said. “When we’re lying down, we think it’s something to do with the weight and it’s easier.”

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