Did Superman Have Children If So How Many Did He Have

Did Superman Have Children If So How Many Did He Have – (father), Lois Lane (mother), Supergirl (cousin, once removed), Sam Lane (parents), Jor-El (paternal grandfather), Laura Lor-Van (paternal grandmother), Martha and Jonathan Kent ( taken by adoptive parents paternal grandparents)

When Clark Kent and Lois Lane from the post-Crisis of Infinite Earths reality find themselves in the post-Flashpoint reality after the Convergence Event, it becomes necessary for them to adopt a different last name than their counterparts in that reality (each of whom eventually met their own death). They initially used “White” (originally: Lois & Clark), probably as a tribute to their boss at the Daily Planet, Perry White, and the name John used when he was growing up on the US West Coast. Later, when they move to Hamilton County (up from the metropolis), they start using the more common “Smith” (vol. 4).

Did Superman Have Children If So How Many Did He Have

John was named after his paternal grandfather, Jonathan Kent (deceased), and his middle name was derived from his paternal grandfather, Sam Lane.

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Jonathan was born during the Convergence event after his and his mother’s lives were threatened by Kal-El from the Flashpoint universe. He manages to protect his family with the help of Flashpoint’s Batman (Thomas Wayne), who helps him give birth to a son.

When the man responsible for the disaster says he’s changed his mind, Lois and John arrive at First Crisis with his father to prevent the collapse of the multiverse, a mission that succeeds. Later, John and his parents find themselves in another country from where they came; Forced to adapt, they adopted the surname White.

John grew up unaware of his parents’ past, losing sight of their true identities as they lived normal lives, but always suspicious of their sometimes unsavory behavior and always curious about his father’s secret exploits.

John later discovers that he has superpowers, including heat vision, when he accidentally kills his cat. He later goes to the moon to fight the extermination that his father was (again publicly) involved in. Lois enters one of Batman’s suits and helps John defeat the Eradicator, leaving him free.

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Later, Clark gives John a hat and glasses to hide his secret. He puts on his costume and goes to the Justice League watchtower with his father and introduces John to Batman and Wonder Woman as Superboy, becoming part of the Justice League.

After going with the family to the Hamilton State Fair, she takes John to an arctic fortress of solitude to help him complete his science project for school. John decided to make a flying saucer. But due to an unexpected device malfunction, John, his father and Crypto are transported to Dinosaur Island. There they meet Captain William Storm, the only survivor among the defeated. Storm agrees to help find the device that brought them to the island. But during a battle with the mutated inhabitants of the area, the device activated and Storm was left to stop the beasts from following his son to the outside world.

While looking for a tree for Christmas, John accidentally sets fire to some woods near a wetland in Hamilton. He is later rescued by Maya Ducard or Nobody and Goliath. John later wakes up in the Batcave to discover that Robin has been following him for a long time. At first they disagree and the situation becomes more complicated when Batman arrives and blames each other for the conflict.

Further confrontation is abruptly averted when John uses his ice breath to allow the two sides to separate and explain the situation to his father. While their fathers discuss the lab tests Damian ran on Jaun, the two boys go check on Damian’s pets. However, Damian’s insulting comments and teasing make Ion lose his temper and another fight ensues between them. This too is quickly squashed as Batman stares at them in angry silence.

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In order to properly discipline his sons and teach them the value of teamwork, Batman sets them a series of challenges. However, due to a lack of teamwork and hostility towards each other, they fail in every challenge. The boys finally put their differences aside and work together to save their father from a threat that appears in the cave, which later turns out to be a ruse. At this point, Alfred Pennyworth declared them super sons.

When he found out he was playing Deputy Clark Kent in Metropolis, Mr. Mxizptlk returned to the chase; This time his plan was for John. The Fifth Dimension Rogue is angry that they didn’t save him from Mr. Oz and plans to get revenge by erasing his son from their minds and history. Since Lois Lane has already forgotten about her child, they seriously offer to play a game with Mxyzptlk to get John back. He agreed and created an obstacle course called Infinite Planet. As Lois and Clark complete the course, John appears from the top of the course filled with red energy, becoming the Prime Earth version of John’s parents, who don’t remember or are married to. After Mxyzptlk abandons them, Jon convinces the resurrected Underworld and Lois Lane to join the post-Crisis humans by intertwining their histories. After this battle, Clark Kent introduces his cousin Kara to John. Young Superboy is peppering his second cousin with questions about Krypton and her life. Looking at a picture of Baby John, Kara notices that John looks just like Clark’s father when he was a baby. John’s personal history was also rewritten by Batman and Wonder Woman with the time and place of his birth in the Fortress of Solitude. He is also known by Daily Planet employees and Perry White as his godfather.

John and his parents, rewriting history for their family and their family, along with the rest of the history of the universe, are now known as the Hamiltons of Kent. While waiting out a big storm in the basement of their house, the Kents are visited by Batman and Robin. Batman tells them that his analysis of Superboy’s DNA came up with failed results and that his powers must have been on full display at this point. The Dark Knight theorized that something in the environment was inhibiting the growth of Jon’s powers and speculated that it might be the milk from the neighbor’s cow. While retrieving a sample of cow’s milk, Batman is attacked by a strange foreign substance in the sample.

When Batman doesn’t return the next morning, Robin and Superboy go looking for him. They encounter the same squid monster they encountered earlier, which begins attacking the citizens of Hamilton. Superboy is forced to kill the creature with his heat vision in self-defense, prompting him to talk to his son about the consequences of his actions. When his father leaves to continue his search for Batman, Robin, and Superboy, John’s classmate Cathy Cobb meets him, who uses psychic powers to incapacitate Robin and remove John’s heat vision.

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It’s been almost 3 months since the Krakow incident and Superboy is helping the teenagers to minimize the execution of several key figures in the United Nations building without killing them. Later at Titan Tower, Jonathan confronts Damian for breaking his promise to let him join the Titans on a mission once a month. The other members are shocked and angry that Damien made such a promise without informing them and without a team vote. The meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Timothy Drake from an alternate future.

Drake’s version of the dark future takes control of the tower’s systems and allows Raven to read his mind. His main goal is to eliminate his son before he unleashes a terrifying power that will kill millions in the future. He had already taken Batman out of the picture so they wouldn’t interfere. Jonathan is covered in a strange, black substance that eats him up, causing young Superboy to panic. At Damian’s call, Superboy bursts out of the tower and suddenly explodes with new, devastating energy, severely damaging the tower and injuring the Titans.

The Teen Titans survive the explosion, but all but Robin are knocked unconscious and Superboy is pulled from the water. He assumed that the energy John released was the Super Flare, but a more unstable version due to his half-Kryptonian genetic makeup. Realizing that the future Drake team is still hunting Jonathan, the two boys retreat to their position in the castle. Meanwhile, Team Drake makes a new suit using prototype Titan costumes and renames itself the Savior. While Starfire, Aqualad and Kid Flash disagree, Superboy manages to convince Beast Boy and Raven to stop Superboy from causing millions of deaths in the future. Meanwhile, about Tim Drake

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