Did Kurt Cobain Really Write The Suicide Note Or Was It Courtney Love Who Wrote It And Murdered Him

Did Kurt Cobain Really Write The Suicide Note Or Was It Courtney Love Who Wrote It And Murdered Him – Kurt Cobain Interview: Montage of Heck Director Brett Morgan “The idea wasn’t to knock him down or put him on a pedestal,” says director Brett Morgan. Instead, executive producer Francis Bean Cobain advised Morgan to “be honest”.

Since his death on April 5, 1994, Kurt Cobain’s life story has become a myth: a carefree child traumatized by his parents’ divorce; A troubled teenage genius transformed into a brilliant, troubled musician; A drug addict committed suicide. It’s a narrative that’s sustained in part because of the power of the songs Cobain wrote for Nirvana.

Did Kurt Cobain Really Write The Suicide Note Or Was It Courtney Love Who Wrote It And Murdered Him

, goes beyond this familiar story. He finds movement in Cobain’s artwork and photographs and spends time with his media-averse family. And this movie is hard to watch at times.

Reflecting On Kurt Cobain’s ‘crystalline Understanding’ 25 Years Later

It makes sense when you know that executive producer Frances Bean Cobain, Kurt’s daughter, instructed director Brett Morgan, “Be honest and be honest.”

“The idea wasn’t to knock it down or put it on a pedestal,” says Morgan Rachel Martin.

In the audio link above and the detailed conversation below, Morgan talks about listening to a recording of Kurt Cobain talking about trying to commit suicide as a teenager, the musician’s difficult relationship with Courtney Love, and Cobain’s drug use. The family’s reaction to the recording.

So it’s a wonderful project because you get access to all these family archives. You have family movies from Kurt’s early life, his personal audio diaries and videos that capture these really intimate moments between Kurt, Courtney Love and his daughter. First of all, how did all this come to you? Why did you get access to these items?

Before Watching Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck, You Need To Understand The Artist’s Three Sides

About the famous Hollywood producer Robert Evans, and the film was narrated by Bob, using his photos, which we brought to life with the help of visual effects.

Courtney Love was watching the movie and I was a big fan of how I was able to animate the photos, so she came up to me and said, “The world knows Kurt from Nirvana, but we have a lot more in our vault.” It’s art and I think you can. Do something interesting with it.” And that was in 2007, and I spent the next five years trying to get all the rights I needed to make a movie, and after doing that for five years, everything changed.

Courtney’s daughter Frances had come of age and now had equal control of the estate. An appointment was made for me to present my film idea to Francis and I went to Francis’ house. She opened the door, greeted me, we shook hands, and she said, “You know, I just met you, but I know you better than my father.” And that meant that Kurt died when she was 20 months old and she had no active memories of her father, and that was really touching, and that’s going to be covered in this story in a moment.

We sat down and before I could say anything, he told me his idea for the film. And he said, “Look, whatever you do, be fair and honest. That’s the best tribute we can give Kurt.” She said: “Everywhere I go in the world people say, ‘Oh my God, your dad is so nice and he’s like Santa’, and I think Kurt was talking about honesty and let’s be honest.” Let’s make a movie.”

Kurt Cobain Still Belongs To Seattle — 25 Years Later

This was an order. Then I started this journey, and eventually the whole family came together around Frances, meaning Kurt’s mom, dad, and sister. It was the first time that his mother, father and sister participated in such a project. In fact, this is the first time in his life that he has been interviewed on camera, and that is unusual.

When Francis was on board, they all assembled. And you know, one of the amazing things when you think about it is you mentioned childhood home movies, so Wendy Cobain [Kurt’s mother] took these pictures of Kurt growing up from 6 months to 8 years old. Stores old Super 8 movies. .

– You watch Kurt Cobain grow up before your eyes, and what’s unusual about that is that Kurt’s childhood is so deeply intertwined with his mythology, and that’s why we’ve had so many biographers in the last 20 years that Kurt’s story. I’m trying to add that to a book, article, or movie. But none of them had access to this material, neither did their mother, father and sister.

What is the popular myth for those who don’t know that this guy was a very troubled guy for a very long time? And you show that, in fact, for many years when he was very young, he was such a happy child?

My Time With Kurt Cobain

Well, not at all. Kurt said he had a happy childhood until his parents divorced, and that was the central myth that helped spread and was written about. But within 20 minutes of watching the video, I realized that, to say the least, what I was seeing wasn’t entirely accurate—I was seeing a kid that many people loved and adored when he was a kid.

He was part of a large extended family and was the first born. So all the attention was on Kurt, and when I say he was beautiful, I don’t think I’ve ever seen another child (besides my own, of course) that was so angelic. People aspired to that, and that’s when I started to notice – and maybe I was reading too much into it – but what became a little clearer to me was that as he grew up, he had a sister and a couple of cousins. brothers and sisters , and slowly, slowly, he starts to fade out of the frame, and you can see him waving his arms, trying to get there, and the camera will cut away. He jumped into frame and the camera shook.

And I thought that was somewhat revealing. Also, I interviewed her parents and her sister, and Wendy described her hyperactivity problems starting at about 2 1/2, 3. And that was the age when I think all boys are hyperactive, you know? I mean, I have two boys and a girl, they are very different.

And the family didn’t know how – he had very young parents, I think they were 18 or 20 when they had Kurt, and as Wendy says in the movie, you did it then. If you hadn’t gone to college, you would have had children. But for all practical purposes, they were still children, so Kurt started having problems with hyperactivity, which happened around the time his sister was born. So they took him to the doctor, and the doctor first prescribed Ritalin, and when that didn’t work, they tried sedatives, and when that didn’t work, they tried to get him out of diabetes. It is, and it depends on who you are. What I’m saying is that there are many different attempts, if you will, to regulate Kurt’s energy.

The New Kurt Cobain Documentary, Montage Of Heck, Gets Personal

Additionally, Wendy states in the film that Dawn had a particularly hard time dealing with Kurt and his hyperactivity, and that he would sometimes hit her on the head or bite her to make fun of her. . a little, and –

Yes And that idea of ​​a happy childhood really came into question until my parents divorced.

“Kurt has been drawing since he could hold a brush in his hand. And from the moment he could hold a guitar, he played.”

However, it reveals even more about Kurt’s art. Kurt started drawing from the moment he could hold a brush in his hand. And from the moment he could hold a guitar, he started playing. And throughout his life, he was able to express his life experiences through his art, and you can see that in the first drawings he did when he was 4 or 5, which was Mickey Mouse, Goofy, everyone. It looks real. They are happy and very happy.

Nirvana Frontman Kurt Cobain Commits Suicide On April 5, 1994.

And then they slowly get darker, and the first thing I see are pictures that start to darken… a lot of them were 8 or 9 years old, a lot of pictures of dolls, letters on strings, this is the theme. Which he’ll come back to later in life, I think, when he’s struggling with his addictions. And then, around 11 or 12 o’clock, what used to be a Norman Rockwell style house – you know, a single-family house.

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