Could I Be Dead And Not Know It

Could I Be Dead And Not Know It – For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to convince the world’s most powerful search engine to remove my photo from someone else’s background files. A search for “Rachel Abrams” shows that Google linked my photo from the New York Times website to a better Wikipedia entry for the writer of the same name, who died in 2013.

My dad pointed this out in the quiz log, but this bug seems to be an extremely frustrating problem that’s best ignored indefinitely. The one who knows me is obviously not me. I’m not married, my mother’s name isn’t Midge, and I wasn’t born in 1951.

Could I Be Dead And Not Know It

But when an acquaintance said he had been told he had read that I had died, it seemed like a mistake worth correcting.

Song Of Myself (1892 Version) By Walt Whitman

Many people on the Internet try to remove negative or inaccurate information about themselves. There are many companies that will do this for you. However, non-Google sites often display incorrect information, which Google rarely sees as a problem.

But my photo only shows up incorrectly in Google search results, so it’s reasonable to assume that a company with thousands of employees, whose parent company Alphabet has a market capitalization of $740 billion.

But like many tech companies, Google doesn’t put much effort into helping people because they already know about Gmail’s problems. There is no customer service hotline and it is not clear which of the many “offers” options are appropriate.

“I think they probably have the numbers somewhere, but they’re pushing everyone a lot through sites and websites,” said Rich Mata, CEO of ReputationDefender. false or fraudulent information. online. “It’s part of their practice that everything can be done as well or better online.”

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Solving this problem may be out of my hands, but in this age of retaliation and fake news, companies like ReputationDefender work with people who face negative consequences, such as damaged jobs or reputations, because of misinformation.

As information flows through us, it can be difficult to distinguish fact from reality. “The results of today’s survey are your first impression,” said Mr. Matta said:

And when things go wrong online, we’re often at the mercy of tech companies that don’t like interacting with us online.

But even before this problem, thoughts about simple things like whether a living person should be treated well. Right?

The Two Mysteries

“In my experience, it is very difficult to submit correction requests to Google in cases where there is no clear violation or law,” said Mr. Matta said: “Most people are overwhelmed by the complexity of the problem and don’t even know where to start.”

Since Google had access to photos from my timeline, I first contacted someone on the Google Communications team stating that I was a member of the media.

First, the expert writes an answer with a link to the public service page of the Knowledge Forum, the so-called information box, which sometimes appears on the right side of the Google search bar.

The board is usually displayed for specific search terms such as Macy’s or Brad Pitt. These cards also show local businesses and other lesser-known people, often taken from Wikipedia.

Pity The Dead By E. Florence Swanson

This allows Googlers to get basic information, such as a phone number or address, without having to visit another site. The manuals also provide answers for smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

If the speakers trust the cards, it is obvious that they will repeat their mistakes, so my cousin and I decided to ask Alexa a few questions.

“Who is Rachel Abrams?” He asked. Alexa replied that Rachel Abrams is a sprinter from the Northern Mariana Islands (which, among other things, is true). She asks if Rachel Abrams is dead, and Alexa says yes, based on the data in the Knowledge Table.

The documentary was written by Rachel Abrams, wife of the late Elliott Abrams, who held key positions in the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Madam. Abrams, who comes from a conservative family, publishes online on her Bad Rachel blog, and her writing has appeared in national publications.

Every Day I Wake Up And Wonder If Today Is The Day. Why Am I Not Dead Yet?

Another friend tried Google Home. It does not lead to the Northern Mariana Islands. It also appears unknown to Rachel Abrams of the New York Times.

After submitting a comment from one of Google’s help pages, I went to the help page provided by Google experts using the “suggestions” button at the bottom of the Knowledge Map card. Professional.

Before I can suggest changes to the knowledge base, Google must recognize me as a “topic contributor,” according to the site. It seems difficult, but it is possible, because I am responsible for who I am, what I look like and how I am alive.

I tried to get one of the options to work, but it didn’t work. Below, the author of this help page, an “expert research” cartoonist named Cathy, asks if her advice is helpful.

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I decided to call the number on the Googleplex, which is headquartered in Mountain View, California. I can tell you at the front desk that there is no help at the Googleplex, but there is plenty of help online.

“We’re working harder than ever today,” the information said when I spoke on the phone, the need now seems like a deliberate attempt to shock me. – It may take at least half an hour to release an agent.

On the bright side, the post says that if I’m not interested in the music, I can press any key and google options.

At that time, more than one friend told me that in 1985 The Brazil movie I googled when I had 20 minutes. Apparently, Brazil is about a bureaucrat’s worst nightmare in a “customer-driven dystopian world dependent on evil machines” (according to Wikipedia).

In The Dead If Night

Finally, a Googler came over and directed me to the Google Online Services forum, which I downloaded. Reading to me from the same screen I was looking at, he told me that the investigation report could take anywhere from three weeks to three months.

The site says I should keep sending feedback from different IP addresses. If possible, I should sign up to help others. I hope this helps get my question to the top of the Google search engine. Or he won’t do anything. One thing is for sure, there is no way to know.

Complaints about appearing in Google search results are nothing new. But as the company has grown into one of the largest technology companies in the world, the strategy of solving the illegal problem cannot be followed by thousands of users who are not satisfied with what they get every day.

“We have to believe that some of these requests are frivolous, impractical or wrong,” says Mr. Matta from ReputationDefender. “Usually all you can do is write more content and get that content to the top of Google’s search rankings.

The Tennessee State Capitol. [n. D.].

One option, Mr. Matta explains that I should start a new website about myself and hope that eventually I will become more famous than the next Rachel Abrams so that my card knowledge chart can one day replace her.

These ideas seem unfair to both of us. Thursday afternoon I decided to send an email. letter to company CEO Sundar Picha. What advice would Pichai give to people with similar problems?

I also let the Google expert know that I’m writing an article about the effort almost every week and asking for feedback, a fair media request, but a move that might also encourage Google to fix the problem sooner, the better for the majority of users. I do not have

“We realize that the process of demanding changes in the investigative commission can be difficult,” he answered. Early next year, he said, Google will introduce a “complete recovery process,” including additional support if automated systems fail.

When I Am Dead

“It is important to balance the need for rapid change with ensuring that the changes are real,” he wrote.

Rachel Abrams joined The Times as a business reporter in 2013. He was part of an award-winning team that investigated General Motors’ problems with the power grid and government deficits. First, the pressure on safety issues. He previously worked at Variety magazine.

A version of this article appeared in print in the BU section of the New York edition, page 1, under the title: “Google wants me dead.” Order reprints |: Daily |: Subscribe Two fake skeletons playing music on a beautiful screen during Day of the Dead, a popular Mexican holiday.

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