Commercial Truck Insurance With Bad Driving Record

Commercial Truck Insurance With Bad Driving Record – The trucking industry is constantly changing, renewals and cancellations are on the rise, high-risk truck insurance is a growing problem…a poor safety score can lead to the demise of a trucking company. Most insurance companies are unwilling to help companies become safer. Most trucking companies are scratching their heads because it seems almost hopeless to find insurance and try to “secure” a good score, driving record, or anything else that will result in a judgment against them.

Leading truck insurance companies are rethinking who they are willing to insure. I call it one box per model. If a trucking company doesn’t fit into that box, it pretty much becomes “uninsurable…” How is it possible for a company to break out of that box? It seems that at this point a company should be close to perfect for insurance. How can a company with a high safety score or poor management history get insurance? Can a driver with a DUI or serious violation get insurance? In the evolving world of insurance, many of these questions are asked regularly.

Commercial Truck Insurance With Bad Driving Record

Commercial Truck Insurance With Bad Driving Record

Well, we here at Evolution Insurance Brokers have looked at the complexities that surround the trucking industry and have been able to help you find insurance that is almost impossible to find. Regardless of claim history, insurance history, safe score or any other reason given in the past, our specialty is trucking company insurance.

How To Benefit From Loss Run History For Trucking Insurance Rates

How do I know if I need high risk truck insurance and what type of coverage I need?

Commercial Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance – Coverage for when your truck is actually on the road. If you hit someone and injure or damage a third party’s property, these types of claims fall under commercial motor vehicle liability.

General Liability Insurance – Covers you when your truck is not on the road, such as being loaded or unloaded. This is also something that many freight forwarders now require.

Truck Cargo Insurance – This covers the cargo being transported in case of cargo damage or other problems.

Commercial Truck Insurance

Bobtail Insurance – Covers the truck in your care when it’s not carrying a load, like going to the grocery store or the like. This can be offered to owner operators in your company who may need it because they have a bad track record and no one else is covering them.

Hazmat Insurance – Covers companies that transport high-risk products such as gas or chemicals. This is a clause that must be affixed to the goods.

Pollution Liability Insurance – This insurance covers you if your truck spills something or anything onto the road and there is a pollution and cleanup.

Commercial Truck Insurance With Bad Driving Record

To answer the second question of how to determine if a company is a high risk trucking company… there are three questions to consider:

Box Truck Insurance For Commercial Truckers

If you answered yes to these questions, you are probably in a high-risk category. Sometimes a bad security score can be responsible for this. Some insurance companies will actually terminate a trucking company for too many out-of-service violations. Such actions may also affect any other company that offers you insurance. This makes it even more difficult for a small company, as there are only a few inspections per year, making it impossible to inflate the price when taking out insurance.

It’s good to have a company that understands safety scores and is willing to give you a chance, even if your safety score is a “few hairs”. Just because your security score is bad is no reason to despair.

The last point we want to touch on is that many insurance companies will refuse to allow drivers to drive for your company. Finding high risk truck driver insurance is quite difficult. There are many reasons why a particular driver may not drive for your company. Here is a list of some:

If you have a driver that has been blocked for any reason, we will take care of it. Our goal is to help freight companies operate successfully. Enabling growth helps you achieve the goals you set for your company.

The Ultimate Guide To Truck And Fleet Insurance.

If your company doesn’t fit into the “perfect box” that every insurer is looking for, don’t give up. Call me because I can get a quote for your insurance. I can make getting high risk truck insurance a quick and easy process. Let me know if I can help.

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Commercial Truck Insurance With Bad Driving Record

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Maximum Driving Hours Could Impact Your Truck Accident Case

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Drivers need truck insurance to drive on the road, but insurance companies run the same reports as employers, looking for red flags that could increase the cost of your payout. The best way for drivers to avoid overpaying is to know which violations can damage your record.

In a Nov. 16 interview, the TalkCDL Trucking Podcast sat down with a REV Insurance representative to discuss premiums and concrete steps truckers can take to keep their premiums low.

Essential Truck Driver Safety Tips To Minimize Risk

“Being safe is one of the most important things,” MP Gino said. “Especially when you’re crossing state lines, little things like tires not running well or windshield wipers not working and that goes as a negative on your record.”

Gino warned that a bad PSP score can cause a canceled or neglected truck driver to collect on their insurance renewal. PSP stands for Pre-Employment Screening Program and includes the last 5 years of accident data from the FMCSA and MCMIS databases and the last 3 years of roadside inspection data.

When choosing insurance, the first step is to understand what type of coverage you need. Although the insurance company you choose should be able to answer any questions you may have about your specific coverage, it is important that you provide your agent with adequate information on how they operate.

Commercial Truck Insurance With Bad Driving Record

As a reminder, the cheapest truck insurance does not always provide adequate protection. Pay close attention to the coverages listed above and learn what you need to get the right insurance on the road.

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Truck Insurance for Owner Operators

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