Cheapest Car Rental In Usa

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Cheapest Car Rental In Usa

Cheapest Car Rental In Usa

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Tips To Find Cheap Airport Car Rentals In Usa

Turo lets you book cars directly from their owners — here’s how it works and why I love using it

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Although travel has increased this summer thanks to vaccinations, domestic travel and travel still dominate. For those who don’t have their own bike, that means renting a car.

In fact, many of the major rental car companies are seeing such high demand that there have been nationwide shortages. Apart from the fact that it’s just hard to find renters now, prices have skyrocketed – in some cases up to $700 a day. Instead, some travelers look for cheaper car rentals or last-minute options through peer-to-peer rental services. That’s where Tower comes in.

Best Cheap Alternatives To Traditional Car Rentals (updated July 2021)

Whether you’re looking to get out of town in style, venture into the wild, or simply avoid the line at Hertz, Tower and its peers can be the solution to your problems. Plus, in addition to standard cars, Turo also offers fun options, from RV rentals to luxury cars that you won’t find at traditional rental companies.

Turo is a similar service modeled after Airbnb or Vrbo, but for vehicles. The website (also the app) allows you to connect with individual owners who set their own prices and to some extent their own terms.

I tested the Turo in two very different capacities. My first trip was a week-long getaway in a 1986 Volkswagen RV through the Pacific Northwest of the United States, camping along the coast. My second was simply a way to get from Miami International Airport to a rented beach house in the Florida Keys in an Audi A6 convertible.

Cheapest Car Rental In Usa

Both experiences were wonderful departures from absolutely every rental car I’ve had and proved why Turo is a great alternative to regular car rentals.

Budget Usa Rental Car Guides: All Available Vehicles

Logging in to Tower is easy. Connect your email address or sign in with your Facebook or Google account, enter some personal information and you will receive email confirmations to prove your identity and qualification as a driver (permit required).

Searching for a car is the same as searching for a vacation home on Airbnb. Enter the name of your destination, estimated dates and select the type of car you’re looking for, or browse over 850 unique makes and models in Turo’s database of hundreds of thousands of vehicles in over 5,500 cities. throughout the United States and Great Britain.

Of course, you’ll have better luck finding your dream car in more metropolitan areas, at least for now.

Car delivery varies from owner to owner, but if you’re lucky, the vehicle will be delivered directly to you. You can also filter for this option, which I highly recommend.

Autoslash: Cheap Car Rentals For Road Trips

As with all rentals, when you get your car, make sure you do everything you can to make sure it’s in good shape. After you simply show your license, the car is yours.

When you finish your trip, fill up the fuel to match where the needle was on the gauge when you took it before you return the car. If you don’t fill up your gas tank, you’ll pay a proportional fee per liter (usually higher than the price you see at the pump). You can also choose insurance and different levels of coverage like you can with a traditional agency.

Give the car another pass with the owner or representative present, hand over the keys and you’re good to go. The owner may offer to meet you at the airport before your flight or drop you off somewhere, but this is on a case-by-case basis and usually needs to be arranged in advance. Reviews are encouraged, as with everything in the sharing economy, (and the owner should do the same for you).

Cheapest Car Rental In Usa

Car prices in Tur vary greatly and depend entirely on the make, model and owner who sets the price. However, Turo is often a more affordable experience compared to many rental agencies.

Best Car Rental Companies In 2017

Looking at rentals in San Francisco, for example, Turo rental rates start at $25 per day for a 2010 Mazda 6 (without insurance, but more on insurance below), but, due to increased demand these days, entry – Rentals in Hertz in San Francisco will pay you $149 (and you’re not covered for the vehicle you choose at check-out) before going to insurance.

While it’s certainly a good idea to use Turo as a cheaper car rental option now, the real fun starts in the $150-$200 range. While that price would probably get you a Buick Regal “or similar” at a regular rental company not infrequently, you can get a Tesla Model 3 for a similar price in Tour. I’m not being snobbish, but given the choice and level of service (pick up at the door), the choice seems like a no-brainer.

Of course, those with some cash to burn could also pick up a Ferrari in California ($539 a day), but insuring such high-end cars with Toura will cost you $100 a day.

If you already have car insurance, check with your company first, as they may cover you (as well as traditional dealers) depending on your level of coverage. If you buy insurance through Turo, there are five different levels of coverage to consider, but you’ll be covered for your rental with basic liability through Liberty Mutual up to $750,000, and that starts at just $20 a day.

Car Rental Pricing Statistics: 2022

Having lived in an RV in a past life, I’m only too eager to jump at the chance to relive it whenever I can. So when the Turo team wrote and asked if I wanted to test drive an old VW camper, I didn’t hesitate to take it. I went to Seattle.

The owner arranged to take me out with the Greta (the amazingly intact replica car you see above) so I could show off my manual transmission skills. Honestly: I certainly wouldn’t trust any classic vehicle without checking their driving skills first.

Of course, this is a special event and unless you’ve rented a classic car with a manual transmission, you probably won’t be tempted. It should be remembered that no one should rent (or drive) a vehicle outside of their comfort zone.

Cheapest Car Rental In Usa

After passing my short road test, I was free to go where I pleased (within reason) behind Greta’s wheel for a week. However, I had a 1500 mile limit and would pay extra if I went over it (0.75 per mile). I ended up driving several hundred miles which cost about $150 more. After a week of driving the Lost Coast in Northern California

How To Save Money With A Costco Car Rental

The van also brought everything I needed from sleeping bags, pillows, blankets and sheets, to a coffee pot, oats, coffee and kitchen towels.

I dare you to try to find a hotel room on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean for less than $200 a night. You might get away with it, but add the cost of a rental car to that. (Note that the Honda Accord does not bring you directly here.)

When you give someone back the pride and joy of wheels (remember, old VW Vanagons are collectibles), they’re likely to go over things with a fine-toothed comb. The owner of this vehicle did just that, and while I was embarrassed by the modest mess, he in turn told me I was the cleanest renter ever. Landlords can potentially make a mess (just like Airbnb), but the best course of action is to be considerate, polite and clean up after yourself. It is expected that they will need some cleaning, but as with any rental or hospitality experience, there is no need to go with the Motley Crew on bad wheels. If you do, there’s a good chance you’ll pay for it.

After such a positive experience, I decided to try Turo again on a trip to the Florida Keys. This time I was looking for a regular set of wheels to take off

Luxury Car Rental & Exotic Car Rental

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