Can You Join The Thalmor In Skyrim

Can You Join The Thalmor In Skyrim – The Thalmor Embassy serves as the third Aldmeri Dominion’s base of operations in Skyrim. Not before or after “diplomatic immunity”, it is impossible for an enemy to legally enter the main building unless they have the appropriate keys.

Delphine sends the Dragonborn to the Thalmor embassy in hopes of obtaining secret information regarding the Dragon Crisis. The Dragonborn appears as a guest at Elenwen’s party, distracts Elenwen and the Altmeri Thalmor guards, and discovers several files and letters regarding the Skyrim Civil War, but nothing about the Dragon Crisis. However, the Dragonborn learns that Esvern, the Dragon Loremaster of the Blades, is in Skyrim and is being pursued by the Thalmor. While attempting to escape, the Dragonborn spots Etienne Lynis, a member of the Thieves’ Guild. Etienne Lynis was being interrogated by the Thalmor about Esbern’s presence in Riften. The Dragonborn can choose to release it, and Ranith returns to the Ragged Flagon, where it is later retrieved and prepared to return to the Thieves Guild’s armor.

Can You Join The Thalmor In Skyrim

As of patch 1.4, rare gems have been moved from Elenwen’s Sun to the Leaking Cave next to the Sorcerer’s Corpse.

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The Thalmor Embassy Barracks can be reached after achieving diplomatic security and is an excellent source of Altmer blood needed to activate the Dwemer Way at Septimus Cygnus Outpost.

Although it is impossible to enter the Thalmor embassy through normal means until you apply for “diplomatic immunity,” there are still ways to gain access prior to a search.

There are several ways to enter an embassy (including closed areas) after your “diplomatic immunity” ends. Note that these strategies (except the first) require a lot of effort to be successful. Tested on PS3 and working.

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Can You Join The Thalmor Skyrim?

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