Can The Human Spirit Be Indomitable

Can The Human Spirit Be Indomitable – Without a doubt, I am an optimist. From the argument for the Bursley-Baits bus to the argument for a clear expansion of our vocabulary, I did my best to see the light in every situation. But the silver lining is often elusive, and sometimes requires extensive research. This research is an art in itself. Unlike most arts, however, hope has a special faculty and spirit for the improvement of everything it touches. Although it is not always easy to be optimistic, there is a correlation between what we believe in the world and what we believe in ourselves.

Faith is embodied and intertwined with hope. I am not an optimist because I choose to be, but because the world demands it. Hope is what fuels the fire of change, and the means to overcome the struggle.

Can The Human Spirit Be Indomitable

On many occasions, “seeing the glass half full” has been proven to have numerous psychological and physiological benefits. Several studies have found a correlation between optimism and reduction in various health problems, such as heart failure and stroke, and it is also reported that optimism improves faster after intensive surgery. People who do not integrate hope into their lifestyle often have higher levels of cortisol, a stress-related hormone.

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It was also found that there is a high correlation between optimism and general life satisfaction. In a 1990 study, college freshmen who tended toward optimism were found to be less stressed, lonely, and depressed than other students. These benefits, although numerous and obvious, do not reflect the true effect of hope. The perceived physiological and psychological benefits of hope are themselves the effects of hope’s unique ability to change the way we see the world and help us overcome and overcome our struggles.

Struggle is one of the few universal human experiences, which somehow leaves its mark on everyone’s life at some point in their lives. While not all struggles are created equal, overcoming them requires at least a certain amount of persistence, patience and work. Whether you’re studying for a University of Michigan math exam or trying to reduce systemic bias, optimism is key.

The art of hope is a power that can help you overcome any kind of struggle, whether the struggle is constant or temporary, big or small. It is a way of thinking that cares about the future and refuses to leave it in the hands of defeat.

For anyone who faces any kind of suffering, the phrase “everything happens for a reason” can ring a cynical bell. It can be like complacency in the face of injustice, a complacency that tries to prescribe meaning to a meaningless circumstance. However, there is the power of the phrase. To define meaning in suffering, we accept its impact on us. Hope allows us to take a hard time and really do something, which makes us experience our currency. The power to take control of our future lies in our own perception of our current circumstances.

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When we give meaning to the struggles we face, we give ourselves meaning and purpose to carry on. The meaning we can find in different struggles can be different. A failed exam can be a motivation to study more, a lesson on how to accept failure or a push towards a change of supervisor. These experiences can strengthen us when we face a similar battle in the future, or they can teach us valuable lessons so that we can grow as people.

Without a doubt, hope requires a lot of courage. Getting past the facade of despair and defeat to see the bigger picture is no easy task. You feel that the world is working to bring you down to reality, to just accept that the struggle is an inevitable part of life and that there is nothing. The only time we can have courage, however, is when we are facing the valley of despair. The only time we can overcome it is when we are in danger of winning. Hope is as brave an endeavor as any.

It is also important to note that hope may not be “good”. Often an optimist finds that the results he found are different from reality. But the differences between what we seek and what we have do not invalidate the use of hope.

Even if we are wrong to believe the best, we can at least believe that we can be right. At the end of the day, the result is more important than the process. When we feel that the world is worth believing in, we find our soul united with positivity and spirit that transcends our perspective. When we find something redeemable around us, we can believe that there is something redeemable in ourselves, because we are part of the larger system.

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We have many problems as a society. Climate change, political polarization and injustice add a dark brush to the canvas of humanity. To change the world, we have to believe that it can be changed. To overcome such insurmountable challenges, we must change our perspective and see that pandemonium only defines our identity in a very clear way. To make tangible progress in the communities of which we are part, we must be optimistic and use it to take us through the valleys of stagnation. Hope and hope kindle the flames that struggle can put out. It is this hope – the indomitable human spirit – that gives us the strength to carry on.

I lean on the strength of my hope to keep going even when things seem bleak. This unique tool is the first step to real and tangible change at any level. I am an optimist not because I choose to be, but because I want to be.

Hailing from the big city of Northville, Michigan, Zhane Yamin is a senior opinion editor who writes primarily about campus culture and student sentiment for the Daily. It can be reached via pigeon carrier or, more easily, at [email protected] One of my five reasons for hope is “the indomitable human spirit.” This is not a model but Stephen Hawking. He was diagnosed with a slowly progressive form of motor neuron disease, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, when he was 21, and was told he only had two years to live. At first he was very depressed and wanted to quit his studies. “What’s the point?” he said. But his doctors encouraged him to continue, and, as everyone knows, he became an academic genius, a theoretical physicist and a brilliant cosmologist. He’s treated like a celebrity, that’s fine. He continued to teach and lecture around the world even as his illness slowly crippled his body more and more.

Hawking lived a fuller life than most physicists, despite the disease that gradually took over his body. When he could no longer speak, he used voice simulators, which he first operated with one hand and eventually, when he still could not use a finger, he learned to operate with a muscle cheek. And it was in this way that he communicated with the audience all over the world, flying to different places in a specially designed private jet.

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He had the benefit of a loving family and an excellent medical staff that, until his death, kept his body working enough for his mind to continue to function. When asked how he kept his mental energy, what kept him going, he said he focused on what he could do and what he had to do and not what he couldn’t do. And he also had a sense of humor.

In the end, he was unique – and unique, thinking about the origins of the universe, enjoying conversations with other scientists, and helping the general public understand (well, more or less!) things like the Big Bang and the black. holes . A mind that gave him the will to live. I met him once, in 1989 and I am very happy that I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with one of the most remarkable people on our planet. He studied the stars – and was a superstar himself.

And as I said at the beginning, he was a great example of that indomitable spirit that allows people to face the seemingly impossible and not give up. Stefano, we will miss your physical presence among us and your imaginative voice that has become so familiar. But your wisdom will remain with us forever, captured in your books and movies and in our memories.

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