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How does governance affect business performance? How do management theories relate to practice?

Business Management Degree Online

This course will help you adapt to the ever-changing business world. We will look at a number of real business cases and use them to develop a number of skills that a good manager should use.

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At level 4, you will begin to build a foundation with key themes that you will expand on in later modules. Areas of study include:

In the final year of this business management degree, you will have the opportunity to use all your new knowledge in independent and in-depth research on your chosen topic, culminating in the creation of a business research project. You will also critique and provide feedback on the reports of others, developing the critical analysis and communication skills you will need in collaborative meetings throughout your career.

In our panel discussions and Q&A sessions, you will connect with experts from all over the world, learning not only from us, but also from each other. You will develop new ways to solve business problems and be able to apply the knowledge gained from day one.

The Bachelor’s (Hons) Business and Management program consists of the following sections and upon completion provides a total of 360 credits.

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Build your skills, boost your confidence and explore key business areas in this fun module. You will also develop important academic skills such as report writing, research, referencing, writing, and teaching to reflect this, which will benefit you in your future career.

The difference between the role of leader and manager and understanding how to build effective teams to increase motivation at work. This useful module will also improve your understanding of the effective communication channels used by managers, as well as communication style in general.

This helpful module explores the modern marketing environment and four key decision-making areas that businesses need to consider. You will then move on to interesting areas of psychology such as consumer behavior and consumer motivation while developing an understanding of the role of social marketing.

Explore the challenges of human resource management in this insightful module. You will gain a deep understanding of HR concepts and practices in a global context, as well as a deep understanding of ideas in the broader social, political and economic environment. You will also consider the impact of stakeholder strategy on business performance.

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What role does money play in society? Find out in this valuable module. You will cover topics such as budgeting, cost control and financial investment analysis, as well as improve your analytical and performance evaluation skills. Thus, you can make decisions based on financial information.

How does business operate in the international economy? In this learning module, you will learn about the internal and external environment of organizations and learn how it affects people, technology, and resources. This module will also give you the basics of organizational management techniques.

This in-depth module will introduce you to the key skills currently in demand in the global job market, as well as give you a better understanding of how best to prepare your skills for today’s rapidly changing job market. Assess your current core skills and plan to improve them in line with changing job market needs.

Get a solid foundation for business planning with this valuable module. From business strategy to risk management and financial fundamentals, you’ll cover a variety of topics to help you evaluate risks and their impact on your business. You will also be able to apply your understanding to key business functions including finance, marketing, and human resources.

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This comprehensive module introduces sales as part of the marketing process as well as strategy and planning. You will also explore a variety of topics including customer behavior, key account management strategies, sales management responsibilities and person-to-relationship marketing strategies and multi-channel.

What role does operations management play in the success of an organization? Find out in this exciting module. You will learn how to use limited resources to produce goods and services efficiently and economically, while developing the skills needed to propose changes and improvements in policy implementation and the supply chain.

This exciting module provides an insight into organizational culture and contemporary leadership models. You will explore leadership qualities and change management practices across people, processes, and cultures in order to effectively assess the role of leadership in change management.

Finances are key to keeping a business on track and how you choose to spend your budget is very important. Focusing on accounting issues in financial decision making, this important module gives you the opportunity to analyze the effectiveness of management and the conflicting effects of complex budget decisions.

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Learn the concepts and ideas used in effective project management and the application of modern project management software. In this helpful module, you will gain insight into case studies and delve into the knowledge areas of project management and operations teams using unique project management software.

Explore a wide range of practical and theoretical issues related to research in business, its application and how it can be used by different organizations. This interesting module also allows you to conduct your own research in the area of ​​interest, using the right methodology and professional research tools.

Dive into the fundamentals of the global business environment with this comprehensive module. You will explore the concepts of international business, the global financial market and get to know the institutions that support it. You will also learn to critically analyze international motives and barriers.

Explore the development of an international marketing strategy as a planned response to the global business environment. In this descriptive module, you will develop a solid understanding and understanding of the concepts involved in international marketing and critically examine the various steps taken by an organization in the internationalization process.

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Refresh your strategic management skills with this fun module. You will benefit from a fascinating introduction to the key theories, methods and concepts that shape business strategy. Not only that, you will learn to critically assess the weaknesses of new schools of thought and how to make them work better.

Immerse yourself in the research process by generating research ideas with a clear purpose. Understand the difference between basic data collection methods and estimation methods and why they are not mutually exclusive.

Improve your understanding of the role that strategic human resource management plays in an organization. This content module explores the processes involved in workforce planning; performance management; labor relations and wages; and learn how these processes contribute to the overall success of business operations.

In this exciting module, you will learn the basics of commercial law and appreciate the changing legal landscape and how it affects businesses in an operational context. Immerse yourself in the major challenges that all businesses, contracts, operations, disasters and business operations face.

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Learn the core concepts of e-commerce and e-commerce marketing in this fun module. You will learn how to engage customers through digital media channels. Get a clear understanding of search engine marketing, campaign performance and metrics; and learn how each of these paths interacts with the overall customer journey.

Develop an understanding of business finance and its application to decision making in organizations. In this essential module, you will work through the theoretical concepts and methods of financial management in an internal context, before analyzing in detail the possibilities for extension and expansion.

Learning gives you the freedom to learn when and where you want – at home, during your lunch break, or anywhere you have internet access.

Our courses are delivered in a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in a traditional campus setting. This means you will have 24/7 access to learning materials including:

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To make sure you get the support you need from your mentor, we limit our class to 20 students.

Instead of worrying about exams, you will only be graded on assignments. This could be participating in discussion forums during your modules, completing diary entries, or submitting longer written submissions.

Our BA (Hons) Business and Management has a study period of 4 years which is a guideline for how long it will take to complete your course. Actual time may be more or less depending on your pace of learning, chosen learning options, and availability of modules.

It is possible to complete the training faster than the duration of the course with double modules at a certain time; but at least

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