Best No-balance-transfer-fee Credit Cards In September 2023

Best No-balance-transfer-fee Credit Cards In September 2023 – We recommend products based on unbiased research from our editorial team. We may receive compensation if you click on the links. Read more.

From planning your trip to improving your home. There are many sensible reasons to apply for a 0% no-fee balance transfer credit card. This way, your vacation or home improvement can be financed with an interest-free loan amount. And there are no annual fees and other expenses. A little more to worry about So you can pay off your remaining balance on time. You’re ready!

Best No-balance-transfer-fee Credit Cards In September 2023

Did you know that 0% no-fee balance transfer credit cards are a great way to pay off other types of high-interest debt as well?

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If you find yourself in excessive credit card debt with high fees and other high interest rates, one effective strategy is to get yourself out of that debt by transferring your balance to a 0 balance transfer credit card account. % with no fees

This way, you can pay off your debt without accruing additional interest during the introductory period. And those introductory periods can last up to 20 months after account opening. During this time, you may also receive lower monthly payments: hard to beat!

In this guide, I’ll tell you what you need to know about the best 0% no-fee balance transfer credit cards, along with tips and tricks for using your new credit card as a debt management tool. effective

There are a few good reasons to shop for the best 0% no fee balance transfer credit card: Financing a large project. Or the vacation of your dreams? But most importantly, it pays off debt incurred on other, more expensive credit cards.

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To find the right card for you I therefore divided my findings into the following three categories:

Let’s take a closer look at each card in the rankings. Before getting into any matter Let’s first set out 0% balance transfers, with some important tips not only on how to apply for your new card like Chase, but also on how to get the most out of your account once it’s open.

It’s really quite simple. How do 0% balance transfer credit cards work? Many credit cards allow you to transfer balances. And most charge a fee for the service. It’s common for credit cards to offer interest-free introductory periods. This means that any debt that occur on the account can be settled within that time frame. without having to pay additional interest or no interest on any new expenses

And finally, it’s not uncommon for credit card companies to cut deals with consumers. There is no annual fee for account maintenance. As long as certain minimum requirements are met, for this reason the best 0% no fee balance offers the best combination of the following benefits. and therefore It can be said that these are the most preferred types of credit cards:

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Here are some types of additional debt that can be transferred to your new credit card:

Additionally, the best cards ranked have great cashback and rewards programs that help you earn while you spend. And with some introductory periods lasting up to 20 months, you won’t earn additional interest during this time.

Balance transfer fees typically range between 3% and 5% of the amount owed. Depending on debt levels, it can be a lot.

For example, when the balance is approximately $10,000. Balance transfers cost between $300 and $500. no small amount But trust me when I say that the interest savings are worth it.

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Do the math and it’s clear that 0% balance transfers are worth it, especially for those with debt levels that are unmanageable with high interest rate credit cards. or no introductory period APR 0%

The average credit card APR is around 15%, although some can be much higher. Some APRs, or annual percentage rates, are fixed. While some items are subject to change. That means your loan interest rate may change while paying off the balance. That’s a lot to follow.

With most 0% APR introductory periods ranging from 12 to 20 months (e.g. US Bank Visa At the top of this list is an introductory period of 20 months, for example.) A consumer may pay at least an additional $1,500 in interest on a $10,000 balance over the course of a year, sometimes more.

Keep in mind that you will be charged a balance transfer fee. This is between $300 and $500 for most cards. But again, take that amount to a balance of $10,000 and pay it off within the 0% APR introductory period, and you’ll definitely save money in the long run.

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Especially when you consider that There is no annual fee on any of the cards I reviewed. On top of that, With a cashback and rewards program You may also earn while saving.

You’re here to find the best 0% no-fee balance transfer credit card. In the next section, I’ll tell you everything I like. And a few things I think you should know about each card I review.

What makes the Visa Platinum card top-notch? On the strength of the long 0% APR introductory period, 20 months is actually one of the longest introductory periods available. This means with Visa Platinum, you’ll have plenty of time to pay off your debt with no additional interest in the meantime. Plus, that’s 0% APR on balance transfers.

That’s not all I like about Visa Platinum. There’s no annual fee. and have the flexibility to schedule payments at a time that is most convenient for you and your budget. Moreover, Using your cell phone to pay bills also means taking advantage of a cell phone protection plan. This covers damage and theft up to $600. The deductible is only $25 (terms, conditions and exceptions apply).

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Otherwise, the card is only available to people with good to excellent credit. And after the introductory period there’s an APR that varies between 14.49% and 24.49%, but that’s pretty common in the credit card industry. And choosing U.S. Bank Visa Platinum means you’re supporting one of the most ethical companies in the world. According to the 2021 rankings from the Ethisphere Institute.

There are a few things consumers should know about the Visa Platinum card. I’ll cover those now. The most important thing is There is no rewards or cash back program offered through the card. So earning while you spend isn’t an option for Visa Platinum (read on to see if cashback and rewards are important to you).

But with balance transfer fees at the low end of the average of just 3%, and with an introductory APR period of 0%, it’s hard to beat the card for paying off debt without the added interest.

Plus, the cell phone protection plan sets this card apart from the best 0% no-fee balance transfer credit cards on the market.

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If you don’t just want to pay off debt from another high interest credit card. But you might also get rewards while you’re there – maybe a vacation? — The next card in the ranking is suitable for you.

With the Wells Fargo Active Cash Card, you’ll enjoy 0% APR for 15 months after account opening. Including transfers within the first 120 days, there is a 3% balance transfer fee, and after the first three months there is a 5% balance transfer fee with a $5 minimum and an ongoing 0% APR.

What I really like about this card — suitable for anyone with good to excellent credit — is the $200 cash rewards bonus after spending big in the first three months after account opening. There’s also a 2% cash reward on all purchases with no annual fee.

The best thing is that these benefits have no category limitations to worry about. And these benefits never expire as long as the account is open. If there’s a vacation in your future, listen up. That’s because the Active Cash Card offers a host of benefits at some of the world’s best hotels through Visa Signature Concierge.

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There is a foreign transaction fee. So if traveling abroad is in your future? You may need to reconsider.

Other things to know before choosing Well Fargo include a variable APR of 14.99% to 24.99% after the introductory period, but Wells Fargo will cover your cell phone up to $600 with a $25 deductible if you pay your bill. with your phone

All things considered Low introductory APR balance transfer fees The $200 Cash Rewards Bonus and 2% Rewards, along with a host of benefits specifically targeted to domestic travel, make the Active Cash Card the best no-fee credit card. 0% Balance Transfer to Pay Pay off debt while saving for a vacation.

Rewards are a great feature to have on a credit card. Cashback rewards are even better. This is especially true if you’re financing something like a home improvement project. That’s where the next no-fee card on the list is the best.

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