Are The Mad Max Max Rockatansky Characters In The Franchise All Supposedly The Same Guy Or Is It A Different Guy Who Has The Same Name And Who Lives In The Same Universe

Are The Mad Max Max Rockatansky Characters In The Franchise All Supposedly The Same Guy Or Is It A Different Guy Who Has The Same Name And Who Lives In The Same Universe – In the 1970s, young director George Miller, along with his producing partner Byron Kennedy, made a low-budget dystopian science fiction film in his native Australia. Starring a young and handsome stranger named Mel Gibson,

Is a gritty and violent film about a vengeful cop in a future where the rules are increasingly meaningless. No one could have guessed that this little indie film would become a worldwide hit with three sequels and 36 years to go.

Are The Mad Max Max Rockatansky Characters In The Franchise All Supposedly The Same Guy Or Is It A Different Guy Who Has The Same Name And Who Lives In The Same Universe

, which starred pop star Tina Turner. For thirty years, it seemed like the end of the series, until it was

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It came out in 2015. With George Miller still in the director’s chair and Tom Hardy in the lead, Max is still going strong after all this time.

So how do the worlds of these films fit together? The future seems to be getting better (or, more accurately, getting better) from film to film, so what’s the time for that? We examine the sequence of Mad Max and the steps that lead his world from a world like ours to something worse and emptier.

You will be surprised to see this first image before the apocalypse. It’s on the horizon. The World of ’79

One of the places where the Australian landscape is still beautiful, where things are still green and where society as we know it still exists. However, this society is surrounded.

I’m An

The global oil crisis, worse than that of 1973, has led to an increase in crime, especially on the roads. Violent gangs chase people down to steal their gas and money, and soon they’re chasing and killing people for fun, with no one to stop them. In Australia, this led to the Main Force Patrol, a new type of highway patrol with high-speed vehicles and little surveillance. Plainclothes MFP officers do their best to quell the violence on the streets, but they are definitely a target.

Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) is an officer of the Main Force Patrol who specializes in the pursuit of criminals. Already fed up with the chaos of his job, he reaches a breaking point when police officer Goose (Steve Beesley) is burned alive by a violent gang led by Toekather (Hugh Key-Byrne). Max is about to quit MFP, but his boss convinces him to take a leave first. Unfortunately, he and his family run into Toekutter’s gang along the way, killing Max’s wife (Joanne Samuel) and child.

Max was worried because it was his job to kill his own people, but the last person died with his family and there was nothing left but the desire for revenge. Max drives the MFP’s newest and fastest car, a black V8 called the Pursuit Special, and goes after Toekutter’s gang, killing them one by one. After his brutal mission, Max quietly left. He is no longer a policeman or a member of society. However, this might give him a chance because society doesn’t have much time for this world.

Shortly after the events of Mad Max, the constant crime and lack of resources such as gasoline lead to total government collapse as governments fail to control the population and collapse before the global economic crisis. No government means the rule of law, violence and order even in the most critical situations.

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With no laws and little food or firewood, they will soon become uninhabitable. The common people have no choice but to support themselves and their families or gather into independent societies, pool their resources to fend off the roving bands of bandits and find a way of life. One such group is building a camp around a still-operating oil refinery in the Australian outback. The abundance of oil puts them in a better position than most, but it also makes them a target for the violent gangs that rule the streets.

Five years after the events of Mad Max, Max Rockatansky is on the road in his V8 Interceptor, although he and the car are worse for wear. Searching for food and firewood with his dog, he clashes with a biker gang led by dangerous punk Wez (Vernon Wells), then meets a better-looking stranger (Bruce Spence) flying a gyrocopter.

The gyro captain leads Max to an oil refinery surrounded by the Marauders, the largest group of Wez led by a Humungus in disguise (Kjell Nilsson). Max soon enters the compound, but the leader Papagallo (Mike Preston) wants nothing to do with him. However, Max befriends an unusual wild boy (Emil Minty) and soon wins over the residents. When the Humungus offer to let the politicians go if they all give him fuel, Max does them one better: he’ll get a truck to carry his tank or when they load his car and let him go in their car. way

With the help of Captain Giro, Max returns with a semi-truck. When the tank gets stuck, Max drives away with Humungus and the Marauders in pursuit. If they are not guarded, other residents are free to flee north without persecution. After the wreckage kills both Veza and Humungus, the tank appears to be filled with sand. All the settlers took gas from their bus!

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In the end, the narrator is revealed to be the old wild boy who has never seen Max again and believes him to be a legend.

Meanwhile, the world continues to fall apart. As the remaining governments tried unsuccessfully to retain power, nuclear war broke out. Countless people have died and most of the world has become a wasteland. In the Australian bush, where there were once green trees and blue lakes and rivers, there is nothing left but sand, mud and rocks. There are stories of thriving green spaces, but few will see them.

With most of the world on the brink of extinction, resources are becoming even more scarce. Most of the remaining water is radioactive, and what little oil remains is collected by suppressors. Finding food is not easy, and many of those who were able to survive the war die of starvation afterwards, with no one coming to save them. All that remains is coercive power, and those who use it seek to restore the particular organization, even if it is in their own image.

, Max Rockatansky continues to roam the Australian countryside, which has been completely destroyed. After their supplies are stolen by a pilot named Jephthah (Bruce Spence, a similar but unrelated character he played).

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), Max arrives in Bartertown, the closest thing to an existing kingdom. Although initially rejected because he has nothing to sell, Max is soon handed over to the founder and owner of Bartertown, Aunty Entity (Tina Turner), who has a job for him.

The organization wants to use Max to destroy a threat to their power known as the Master Blaster. The Master (Angelo Rossitto) is a small man with a big brain, while the Blaster (Paul Larson) is a large man who does not speak but obeys the Master.transportation and muscle. Max meets Blaster in Thundertown, where Bartertown’s conflicts are resolved in a fight to the death, but refuses to kill Blaster after learning that the old man has a developmental disability. Blaster is killed, the Master is imprisoned, and Max is kidnapped from Bartertown.

Back in the desert, Max befriends a group of children and teenagers who live in an oasis. With her help, he captures Bartertown, though Max and Aunt Antie eventually part ways peacefully. At the beginning of the film, the pilot takes the children to the ruins of Sydney, where they begin to rebuild the kingdom.

In the years that followed, nuclear fallout and environmental destruction continued to affect the world, turning every landscape into a desolate wasteland. Most of the world’s population is dead, and many of those who are alive are chronically ill and starving. Water is almost unheard of and other resources are even rarer. At this point, planet Earth is already dead, and the rest of the human population is just scraping the last bits of its dry shell.

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Some of the little greens stay for a while, but only for a while, until the environment decays and things stop growing. Of course, some of the population must become consumers, making the world a more dangerous place to be helpless. In this world and time, as Max Rockatansky said, “hope is a mistake.”

In this devastated world, those who can find the few remaining resources can strengthen their power and become their own.

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