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It’s easy to make purple fire with common household materials. Purple is unusual because it is not a color of the spectrum. Violet and magenta are the result of a mixture of blue light and red light. The color of the fire for this project comes from the safe chemical release spectrum. Basically, this is the practical application of fire tests. You may also wonder if there is a real purple fire and how hot it is. Here’s what you need to know.

Are Purple Flames The Hottest

By combining the blue color of the alcohol flame with the red color of the strontium flame, you can get a purple flame.

How To Make Purple Fire

There are several metallic salts that emit blue, red, or violet light when heated. Mix this salt with fuel to get the purple color you want. However, only a few of these chemicals are readily available, inexpensive, and non-toxic:

Fuel is important. If you throw these chemicals into a normal fire, you won’t get a purple flame because the yellow will overpower the purple due to the sodium content in the wood. Because the human eye is insensitive to violet light, a fuel that burns with an invisible flame or a blue flame must be used. Suitable fuels are:

Strictly speaking, you don’t need strontium from road flares to make a purple fire. However, the red color of strontium makes the flame more mauve or magenta than violet, making it easier to see.

An emergency flare is a long cardboard tube with a damper at one end. Remove the cardboard from the end of the flare (the end opposite the bumper) to reveal the powder material inside the flare. Collect it and store it in a bowl or bag. You only need a very small amount, so you can save most of it for other projects.

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Once the ingredients are gathered, making purple fire is easy. Simply sprinkle some salt substitute and flame powder over the fuel and ignite it with a long-handled lighter.

Violet radiation is theoretically possible. Blackbody radiation generally follows a general color scheme (from coldest to warmest): red, orange, yellow, white, and blue. But, purple can be warm, it will be warmer than blue. We think of violet heat as white and hot, but spectroscopic analysis can reveal the true color from violet to ultraviolet.

When you add chemicals to a fuel to create a purple flame, the temperature of the flame is one of the characteristics of the fuel. Here are some maximum flame temperatures for different fuels:

To account for the unusually high temperatures of violet heat, our sun burns about 8500 and glows yellow and white! The hottest stars we see are blue-white.

Fanning The Flames

The fire sure is hot! This project requires adult supervision. You should also have a fire extinguisher or water available in case of fire.

Do not add liquid fuel to a burning fire. Wait for the flames to die down completely before recharging the fire. This Women’s History Month, with our world in such turmoil, we need all the positive female energy we can get. So instead of the usual socio-political coverage of the Purple Queen, she gives us lessons for growing up from the rainbow.

Flames come in all colors, but purple is the hottest. This color also has the highest vibrational energy at the highest level of light frequencies. For spiritual seekers, the devotion known as the Violet Flame of Saint Germain is a powerful tool for transformation, regardless of religious denomination or spiritual beliefs.

Saint Germain was a mid-18th century French scientist/courtier/philosopher/etc whose teachings are credited with starting the New Age movement. He is considered the “Ascended Master” along with Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Vishnu and other enlightened beings who have become beings who help humanity find truth and peace.

Scientists Warn July 3, 2023 Was Hottest Day Ever Recorded On Earth

The violet flame opens our eighth chakra, also known as the soul or star chakra, as it is the gateway to divine love and spiritual wisdom. In doing so, it cleanses the entire body, removes blockages, releases the past and transforms negative energy, emotions, thoughts and karma into positive energy. Through the energy of violet vibrations, what is broken can be made whole again.

Dampa spoke to me when I was very young. I always tell people it was talking to me, and it’s everywhere, from the tiniest spot in the sky to looking at it on the street. I was 12 when I got my first job. I buy purple things whenever I can.

It resonated with me throughout my life and changed as I got older. At this stage it balances me and motivates me to connect with others.

Does this include your community efforts? How does your work help people resonate with your hopes for Philadelphia as a whole?

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I know it’s a cliché to say, but I hope we can find love in Philly. Because love is what Dr. Martin Luther King preached and love is what God preaches. Because love balances life. If we can accept it, even a little, it affects everything, even crime. If you love your brothers, you cannot kill them. For black people, loving yourself means you can never kill someone who looks like you.

We all live this thing called life, but it’s important to understand that we all live it in our minds. Everything you do, who you are, who you represent and who you are behind closed doors is all in your head. Realizing this is great and means you have more power than you know to influence your story and become who you want to be. You know, that’s the most beautiful thing about life, the choices that God gives us.

Another thing I’ve always thought is that when you live as much as you can with a higher power, it’s best to be open to that power. No matter who you are, this power is yours. If you can do this, you will vibrate at a higher level. These romantic projects vibrate on a different level.

As any mother will tell you, we all have a human need to connect. And love is very important in a child’s life. This is important to know because we have walked the streets of an entire generation that struggled with the lack of love. I’m talking about the crack generation: the kids grew up and then had kids. How do you learn or teach love when hard drugs dominate your life? Maybe you’ve never seen or heard of it. So they all want to teach their own version of what love is to them. And in many cases it can be problematic for society.

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Therefore, we must be a resource for our youth whenever we have the opportunity to show them what love looks like. For black kids, show them how beautiful it is to be black and share knowledge and culture with them. Above all, give it to them with love. When you do this, they are more open to your message. You can’t help them if you can’t talk to them kindly or contact them.

Unity gives us the opportunity to organize love through education, donations and volunteering. We partner with other organizations to expand these efforts. This is related to our radio station PQRadio1.com (Premier Quality Radio). Radio is a platform that allows others to amplify their voices and help generate love, knowledge and society at large. Our guests can share their light with the world through our platform. And you put it there to see which ghosts you want to hunt. Anyone who has to go on the train. No matter what happens, our job is to keep the train moving.

We’ll be doing Wednesday March 23rd, our next open mic night is How Dope You Are – we do these things on the fourth Wednesday of every month. People of all ages are invited to come and rock the mic, not to celebrate gun violence. We are intentionally trying to change the music culture. This is our attraction, this is our mission. And remind people to get ready to vote. Information is power. Your voice is your power. And I’m all about pushing power. I am a popular force

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