A Beginners Guide To Stock Trading

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The Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market is a great introductory resource for anyone looking to add stocks to their family finances.

A Beginners Guide To Stock Trading

Find yourself wondering just where to start, or how to get started? Struggling to understand definitions, terms, strategies, and the like? Both the long-term investor and the short-term (-) trader can benefit from Mr. Crater’s compact presentation of fundamentals.

How To Trade In The Stock Market

I love this book. Correct in the title – it’s a guide for beginners. Mr. Kratter is concise and really gets to the point with the essentials so you and I can get started! As a suggestion (I wouldn’t even call it a criticism), I think he could use a few more case studies on what the author recommends. However, this is only being said because I appreciated the examples you included so much I wanted more! interested? You can pick up a copy here.

For starters, the book is relatively short and I love that. This is true of the heading: it is a guide, and therefore more like an outline. I think beginner and more advanced investors or traders will appreciate the succinct approach. It’s certainly thought-provoking and a healthy introspective review of stock market strategy, even if one might disagree with the author’s recommendation. As such, everyone should give it a quick read. He is optimistic and encourages a consistent, educational approach to investing. He recommends “to learn how the stock market actually works” for beginners.

Mr. Kratter’s 20 or so years of trading experience and insight from the “other side” of the professional field is an advantage to readers. It also provides definitions for “terms” which I think is a nice touch to make sure we are all on the same page. In addition, he outlines a few sets of recommendations and differentiates between trading and investing as he navigates the book. For example, I like his approach to finding stocks that are “dividend aristocrats.” Which I thought was a useful example for those looking for dividend stocks to buy.

As I mentioned, his book is short (78 pages), clear, and contains material that users can apply right now. I would also like to note that this book should be viewed as part of a larger library of educational resources that it provides. This is a guide, and as such, it doesn’t go into “deep” options instead to cover the content. Within the book, Mr. Kratter provides links to other books, his website, and YouTube for those who’d like more detail. I think this was a great idea and more books should take this approach (start high and give readers the chance to “dig” as they like).

A Basic Guide To Stock Trading

As noted in the book, Hockey Hall of Fame player Wayne Gretzky is quoted as saying “Skate where the puck is going, not where it was”. This investment app makes sense and provides a good mental picture of investment. Adapt and invest with the future in mind.

The whole book was helpful, but my favorite topics are in its chapters “Make Money With Growth Stocks” and “A Day Trading Strategy That Actually Works”. It resonates with me on two levels:

The chapter on growth stocks is useful for those pursuing a long-term investment strategy. It pairs well with other chapters on active or day trading. Regardless of preference, there is something for both approaches. However, at Mêtis, we believe in long term, diversified, moderate risk investing with more of a negative indexing flavor. This book covers this approach to some extent and also covers what I would define as more of a hobby in stock “trading”. something for everyone!

Mr. Kratter has a step-by-step guide to what he believes will create a potentially attractive opportunity in the stock market. I liked what he classified as “rocket stock” as he feels long-term holdings are viable in the right circumstances. It also correctly emphasizes the importance of having an exit strategy for the positions you hold!

How To Invest In Stocks: A Beginner’s Guide

No matter your investment preference, Mr. Crater’s book is a great place to start. A quick and easy read, I appreciated its upbeat, practical tone and found encouragement from the examples of those who managed to find success in their own time.

In conclusion, I hope this gives you a glimpse into Mr. Krater’s book. His tips can help you grow your Mêtis with your family’s finances and finances, both now and in the long run!

At this time of this post, the cost of the book is about $7.00, which I think is a reasonable price given the advice and usefulness of the content.