8 Steps To Start A Profitable Business For Beginner

When you start a business, the fear of failure is natural. Because there are many things to consider when starting a business.

Some of them are about how to run a business so that it grows, how to find good employees, how to develop a product that sells well in the market, how to market it to a wider market, and how to find cheap capital.

All this will go on in your mind. Not only when you are trying to start a business, but also when you find it difficult to run your business. Well, not to get confused, you need to know how to start a business both online and offline.

how to start your business

Starting your own business successfully requires a mature strategy and you should always be prepared for any risks you may face. It’s easy to say, but you can’t start a business between them.

1. Know your passion and use it as the basis for starting a business.

Find out what your passion is and turn it into business capital. You can start a business with a happy heart using your passion and hobby as your business capital. Especially if it has become a hobby for a long time. This will give you the confidence to start a business and keep it running better.

2. Know the obstacles and dangers

Before jumping in and starting a business, you need to understand that things don’t always go smoothly. This requires considering the risks and understanding the obstacles. This way you can reduce your risk and not get depressed if your business fails.

3. Map the Market, Not the Product

Many people first create a product, then find a market and start a business. This is actually not bad, but if you want to be successful in starting a business, it is better to map the market first, and then decide on the product.

Mapping deals with things like what sells well in the market, what products people of a certain age like, and the degree of competition for that product category. Knowing your target market can also help you develop the right marketing strategy.

4. In-depth study of markets and products

If you want to have an online and offline business that can generate optimal profits, you need to do a thorough research first. Research is easy to do and you can visit our online forums to see trends in your favorite products. You can also see keywords that are frequently found in Internet search engines.

You can also open an online shopping site like Bukalapak to match the number of sellers and buyers of your product. You can also identify business strategies implemented by competitors in order to find loopholes and gain popularity in the business.

5. Good product design

Design is very important to add value to a product. The design may take the form of product packaging or packaging design. Make it as attractive as possible so that buyers are interested in their purchase. You must also design the online marketing platform that you are using. As a website, Instagram, online store, etc.

If you are in the form of a website, make sure that the created website is not only attractive, but also user-friendly (user friendly). Where possible, customers can transact directly through the website. If you are an Instagram account, you can style your Instagram page by posting a colorful and representative image of your product. On some online retail sites, vendors can also customize their stalls to make it easier for customers to select items.

6. Choose the right platform

People starting an online business need to choose an online platform that suits their target market. Websites and e-commerce sites may be the best option for an online platform if you are targeting customers over 30 years old. In fact, customers in this age group are more concerned about transaction security.

You can receive purchase confirmations and track orders on websites and online shopping sites. We are also insured in case of disputes or misunderstandings during the transaction. E-commerce sites can compensate their customers if the seller is indeed at fault. They also need direct recorded interactions with sellers.

It doesn’t matter if you have multiple platforms, but for ease of marketing and order tracking, we recommend that you choose only two or three platforms. However, no matter which platform you choose and how many platforms you choose, you must ensure that all of these platforms provide your customers with complete product information.

7. Use of social networks for advertising

But if you’re targeting a 20 year old or teen audience, Instagram is the right choice. Typically, this matches the profiles of Instagram users under the age of 30. This target market likes to follow trends. They tend to find and use products that are used a lot. They are also very visual, so Instagram photos will help you make a buying decision.

8. Manage your business finances properly

The eighth secret of starting a business is to manage your finances properly. This requires a distinction between business and personal accounts. This lets you know what money is coming in and what money is going out so you can have better control over your business. Good accounting and financial management of your business will also help you understand future funding sources.

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