7 Things To Know About The At&t Points Plus Card

7 Things To Know About The At&t Points Plus Card – The Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium was the largest stadium in the National Football League and the largest in the world when it opened in 2009 in Arlington, Texas. Since then, other NFL venues have opened, including the HKS-designed US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and SoFi. Stadium in Inglewood, California.

Promoted by sports and entertainment fans, the National Football League and global media, HKS AT&T Stadium – with its integration of trend-setting technology, world-class artwork and innovative fan experiences – continues to define the sports and entertainment venue of the future.

7 Things To Know About The At&t Points Plus Card

With football season in full swing, here are seven things to know about the iconic stadium, the largest domed building in the United States:

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With the transparency and open spaces of HKS’ trademark building, AT&T Stadium was designed not only for football, but also to showcase another passion of Cowboys owners Gene and Jerry Jones: high-end artwork. HKS designers worked closely with the Jones family to ensure that the stadium, like the world’s best museums, places art and architecture on an equal footing.

Jerry Jones told HKS Architects that he wanted the stadium to be scalable to host a variety of events, large and small, when it opened 13 years ago. On September 20, 2009, a crowd of 105-121 comfortably watched and experienced the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants and set a regular season attendance record.

The layout and design of AT&T Stadium took into account more than the telecast and those lucky enough to attend the event. The stadium is already visible after 5 minutes in space. The game will be seen and experienced by all air traffic in and out of DFW Airport, the 100,000 vehicles traveling on the main thoroughfares surrounding the venue, and visitors to the Arlington Entertainment District.

Mitsubishi’s 4K video board was the world’s largest when the stadium opened, but it was more than just a record in the Guinness Book of Records. HKS and Jones wanted fans in the stadium to have a better technology experience than viewers at home. Fans at AT&T Stadium saw expanded content in high definition on a significantly larger screen.

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The concave forms of the end zones, which serve as monumental entry areas, welcome fans who experience the building through 120-foot-tall, 180-foot-wide retractable glass doors that provide views and access directly to the stadium’s open end areas. These doors provide transparency for fans who can still maintain an outdoor feeling while sitting in a closed stadium.

Providing flexibility was a key consideration in the stadium’s design, both for its versatility for the North Texas community and for the patron experience. Some of the very diverse events that AT&T has hosted include the National Bowling Championship, national corporate conferences, weddings, the International Football Championship, the World Boxing Championship, WrestleMania, professional rodeos, and movie premieres.

HKS research identified the historic hole in the roof of the Cowboy’s Texas Stadium home as the most recognizable branding element that needed to be celebrated in the new HKS design. When open, the retractable roof pays tribute to the iconic hole in the roof of Texas Stadium, which football fans around the world identified with “America’s Team”.

Stay up to date with the latest research, stories and news from HKS to continue learning about how to shape a healthier, safer and more connected world.

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Cookies on the HKS website We use cookies on our website. By continuing to use this site without changing your settings, you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy. We all know that Google has become a part of our daily lives from the things we search the Internet, the emails we send, or the phone calls we make using Android. Honestly, Google probably knows more about each of us than our own mothers.

Here are seven things you may not realize Google knows about you and how to remove or change them.

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While Google Maps can make traveling in unfamiliar places much easier, its GPS navigation can help you feel safe when traveling through unfamiliar streets in unfamiliar cities. But like the police song “Every Breath You Take,” Google knows your every move and your every step thanks to the maps and location data in your photos.

This may or may not be a problem for you, but know that a smart person can determine exactly where you were standing when you took the selfie.

Google has access to the contents of your emails when you use Gmail, and there’s not much you can do about it (short of deleting your Gmail account). However, you can tell Google not to use your Gmail to target your ads. In short, you can tell Google not to scan your emails to show you personalized ads.

You can see what Google thinks it knows about your hobbies and interests by looking at your Google ad settings, which are just below your age and your favorite shopping sites.

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Google knows your search and browsing history when you’re logged in or using Chrome as your primary browser. The scariest thing is that it’s every website (even random clicks)!

If you can name it, the silver lining is that “only you” and Google have access to it.

Just like Google knows all the sites you visit, they know all the searches you do.

If I sound like a broken record, it’s not intentional, but since YouTube is owned by Alphabet (Google’s parent company), they also have access to and know your YouTube comments, comments on your YouTube community posts, your YouTube poll responses, and even your “Not interested” YouTube feedback.

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According to a Ghostery spokesperson, Google not only collects data about you with its browser, search engine and other services, but also tracks you on other websites. According to analysis by Ghostery and Cliqz, Google is the largest operator of third-party tracking scripts.

If you’re tired of Google tracking you and knowing too much about you, you might want to check out what Google knows about you. You can check your activity by clicking this link which will take you to My Activity settings and information, scroll down to see your activity timeline and adjust the settings as you see fit.

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Your electric or gas bill is not a loan, but not paying it can hurt your credit score. While utility companies typically don’t report a customer’s payment history, if your account goes into default and they turn it over to a collection agency, it will show up as a serious negative on your credit report.

It can be tempting to sign up for new credit cards that offer attractive bonuses or other benefits. Banks can offer tens of thousands of points or airline miles, while retailers offer in-store discounts when applying for a credit card. One application may have little effect, but too many in a short period of time can lower your credit score. So limit the number of credit applications you make, especially if you’re getting ready to buy a home, car or student loan, where a strong credit score can be especially important to getting approved and getting a good interest rate.

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