6 Tips For Choosing The Best Credit Card Before Applying For Credit Card Ownership

In the era of a cashless society, credit cards are an essential requirement for all transactions. People may even have more than one credit card. Because of its importance, a credit card should be the second card to be available in your wallet after your proof of identity (KTP).

Credit cards offer a lot of convenience and less hassle. In the age of digital hegemony, many people love convenience. The promised convenience, comfort and security are also the reasons why people choose credit cards as a means of payment.

Tips for choosing the best credit card before applying for credit card ownership.

Nowadays, many banks are flocking to issue various types of credit cards. Each bank offers different benefits such as free annual fees, low interest rates, and purchase discounts to attract customers.

1. Beware of Credit Card Fees

There are a number of fees you should consider before choosing a credit card, including annual fees, interest, and administration fees. A high interest credit card is generally suitable for those who want to use it as an alternative to cash purchases and pay their monthly credit card bills instantly.

Despite high interest rates, these types of credit cards often offer additional benefits such as free annual fees, discounts, refunds, and bonus points on every transaction.

A credit card with a low interest rate is suitable for those who pay in installments or often pay the minimum amount. This type of credit card certainly charges an annual fee and generally doesn’t offer many discounts or refunds. Low interest rates will be a deciding factor in choosing this credit card if you have a stable and sufficient source of income to pay your monthly bills.

2. Pay attention to credit card discounts, the more discounts, the better.

One of the factors to consider when choosing the right credit card is the discount or rebate offer. For those who love to shop, look for credit cards that offer a lot of discounts. This is usually the result of cooperation between the bank that issued the credit card and various vendors or vendors.

You can see how often you shop, if you really need a discount, and a list of merchants that work with the credit card issuers you’re considering.

3. Consider the history of the credit card issuing bank

Another important factor to consider when choosing a credit card is the history of the bank that issued the credit card. If you have a good credit history and reputation with your bank, you will feel more secure and comfortable as a credit card holder with that bank, and the benefits of using a credit card will be greater.

4. Ensuring the security and usability of credit cards

If you are concerned about the security of transactions, choose a credit card issuer that offers more security and convenience to their customers. This form of security may have your photo or signature printed on your credit card, and its features include reducing the risk of your credit card being misused. Most credit card issuers today also offer insurance for credit card holders.

5. Pay attention to the network coverage of the issuing bank.

A variety of credit cards are suitable for customers who often travel abroad. If you fall into this category, you should choose a credit card that has a wide network and operates all over the world, especially in countries you visit frequently. You can easily use your credit card abroad for a comfortable journey.

6. Consider Other Helper Objects

Many credit card issuers offer rewards to their customers in the form of merchandise, discounts on purchases, points, and more. If you are looking for different rewards that a particular credit card offers, this type of credit card is for you.

Other factors to consider are ATMs around the world, travel insurance, credit card bill payment insurance, and extras such as business lounges in various locations. If you use these services often, you should have no problem choosing a credit card.

Congratulations on choosing the best credit card!

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