4 Ways To Prevent Credit Card Hijacking And Block Them

Hacking credit cards is one of the most serious crimes. As a result, your credit card bill will be overcharged, even if the transaction is not that big.

Credit card crimes can be committed both online and offline. When changing the owner of the card, illegal offline transactions are possible. Well, you need to know how to quickly block your credit card so that the losses you are experiencing do not increase.

4 Ways to Prevent Credit Card Hijacking and Block Them

In addition to knowing how to block your credit card, if you want to prevent credit card theft, you also need to know how to properly prevent it.

1. Be careful when making online transactions with a credit card.

If you wish to use a credit card for online purchases and payments, do not use public networks to enter data required for e-commerce transactions.

In fact, the data you enter may be misappropriated by other parties who are not responsible for this. To do this, use more private networks and carefully inform yourself about all kinds of information related to the online store of your choice. All this is necessary for the security of your credit card information.

2. Activate the bank notification service using your mobile phone.

Enabling the mobile banking notification service allows you to track credit card transactions more transparently.

Thus, whenever a transaction occurs, your bank is immediately notified on your phone. If the notification seems strange to you, you can quickly contact your bank and block your credit card. This must be done so that any losses incurred can be stopped immediately.

3. Immediate blocking in case of loss of credit card

If you lose your credit card, contact your bank as soon as possible to block your credit card. Blocking your credit card instantly protects you from many types of criminals or reckless use of your credit card. Do it ASAP Yes! But stay calm and don’t panic.

How to block a credit card:

In fact, the easiest way to block a credit card is to use an app or app provided by the credit card issuing bank. One of them is provided by BCA, which has a credit card fast blocking system. You can learn how to block BCA credit cards by reading this link.

However, if the credit card issuer did not apply and it was determined that there was a problem with the credit card, you can contact the credit card call center. Currently, almost all credit card banks offer phone-only credit card services.

After contacting the call center, enter your card number and we will immediately contact the customer service center. We recommend that you contact customer support immediately by following the instructions.

4. Destroy credit card account after payment

Each month the customer will receive a credit card bill. If you have already paid the bill, destroy it immediately. Please note that in case of leakage of personal information abroad, the card number and other information may be used by other persons for other purposes.

5. Check invoices and save purchase receipts

Below is a list of steps you can take to help prevent credit card crime. Checking and saving the invoice will let you know as soon as possible if there is a problem. The bank is then informed for an immediate decision.

It is easy to steal other people’s money while living in a comfortable time. Numerous cases of crimes related to credit cards testify to this. You can’t play smart! The main thing is to be attentive and vigilant. Always be careful when using a credit card, OK!

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