10 Best Battery Saving Apps For Android Phones

10 Best Battery Saving Apps For Android Phones


The advent of technology has brought forth countless benefits from the smartphone industry, which has revolutionized the way in which we work and communicate. Despite the many benefits, one challenge that remains with smartphone users is battery drain. The higher the performance of a device, the more energy it will need, which is a fact that cannot be avoided. However, there are ways to curtail the power consumption on your Android device with battery-saving apps. Below is a list of 10 of the best battery-saving apps available for Android phones to help you keep your device charged and running smoothly.

1. Greenify

Greenify is an excellent app for rooting devices that puts apps into hibernation to preserve battery life. The app lives up to its name by “greenifying” apps running in the background and stopping them from utilizing battery life. Greenify also stops apps from functioning until they are required and prompts them to operate whenever they are triggered. By doing this, it makes sure apps don’t run needlessly, and stops battery consumption dramatically. Without requiring continuous security permission, Greenify helps prolong your battery life without interruption.

2. AccuBattery

AccuBattery helps users monitor their battery usage to increase productivity while also reducing energy consumption. It tells you about apps that are draining your battery by monitoring the power draw, informing you of the effect that each app has in one place. AccuBattery comes with a notification system that warns you when your battery level is running low, giving you time to take action. Additionally, the app analyzes and keeps track of how much battery life you use, which means it prolongs the average lifespan of your battery and your Android phone.

3. Servicely

Service interruptions are a significant reason why batteries drain faster than they should. Servicely’s primary purpose is to mute disruptive applications and services to help maintain device battery health. The app operates in the background, monitoring services on your Android device, and stopping unnecessary ones to help lower power consumption. You can customize which applications/services you want to turn off, and when, giving you the ability to tailor battery usage to your needs and lifestyle.

4. Doze Battery Saver

Doze Battery Saver
Doze Battery Saver is an app that helps you extend battery life. It optimizes your battery life by managing your phone’s resources to ensure lower battery consumption. Doze Battery Saver can detect when your device is idle and could improve battery life by enabling battery optimization while unused. It even helps you improve performance by tweaking the settings of your device automatically, which enables extended battery life.

5. Amplify Battery Extender

Amplify Battery Extender
Amplify Battery Extender is another app that targets specific parts of your device to extend battery life. It turns off features such as Wi-Fi, and mobile data when not in use, and limits the update schedules for applications to function less frequently. It also helps in the reduction of CPU cycles, which, in turn, helps reduce battery usage, allowing your battery to last longer. Amplify Battery Extender is an invaluable tool for optimizing battery performance.

6. Power Clean

Power Clean
Power Clean is a multipurpose app that comes with several features, among which include a performance booster, memory cleaner, and a battery saver. The app can detect power-hungry apps running in the background and stop them, saving energy. Power Clean prevents battery draining by stopping apps that are running in the background, cleaning memory, and improving the phone’s performance.

7. Battery Saver by DU Apps Studio

Battery Saver By Du Apps Studio
DU Apps Studio’s Battery Saver is an excellent choice for users who want quick relief from a battery-draining device. The app has four modes: General mode, Long Standby mode, Sleep mode, and Custom mode. Each option comes with different settings that can save your device’s battery. It also provides details about the battery that allows users to track the voltage and temperature.

8. JuiceDefender

JuiceDefender is an all-in-one battery saver app. The app offers four predefined profiles: aggressive, balanced, extreme, and customized. These profiles help manage your device’s power use based on your needs. JuiceDefender prolongs your battery life by controlling background synchronization to help conserve your data plan, and enables customization of your device for the best energy usage.

9. One Touch Battery Saver

One Touch Battery Saver
One Touch Battery Saver is a simple, user-friendly app that does what the name implies. It features a one-touch button that optimizes your device’s settings, which saves battery life immediately. It turns off the features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, and stops apps running in the background to help save energy. This app is perfect for users who don’t want anything too technical or complicated.

10. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)
Battery Doctor is a free app designed to optimize and improve battery life on Android devices. It offers several features designed to help preserve your device’s battery life and increase efficiency. Battery Doctor saves power by disabling processes that run in the background to help prolong battery life. It also helps in the detection of energy-hogging apps and provides options to implement the necessary steps to curtail battery consumption.


In conclusion, these are the top ten battery-saving apps for Android phones. These apps stand out with their unique, impressive features that optimize energy use to prolong the longevity of your device’s battery. To protect your battery life, you don’t necessarily have to stop using your phone, as battery-saving apps can automatically handle power-hungry apps running in the background of your device. These applications enable you to continue using your phone without worrying about draining its power. So feel free to try any of the above apps and prolong the life of your phone battery. See you again in another interesting article.

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