Here Are The 10 Best Apps For Pregnant Women On Android

Here Are The 10 Best Apps For Pregnant Women On Android


Becoming pregnant is a cherished moment for most women. It’s a time filled with mixed emotions, including happiness, anxiety, and nervousness. Pregnant women have to keep an eye on their health and the health of the fetus to ensure a smooth pregnancy and delivery. Thank goodness there are a plethora of helpful apps for pregnant women on Android.These apps are essential for any pregnant woman who wants to stay informed about her pregnancy, monitor her health, and learn about the growth and development of her baby. In this article, we will review the 10 best apps for pregnant women available on Android.

The Best Apps for Pregnancy

The Best Apps For Pregnancy

1. The Bump

The Bump is an excellent app for pregnant women, jam-packed with a wide variety of incredible features that will surely make your journey throughout pregnancy more manageable. This app helps monitor your baby’s growth and development, provides daily tips and articles that can help with pregnancy and parenthood, has a to-do list feature that helps you stay organized, and also offers a pregnancy tracker that keeps track of your due date, weight gain and BMI.The Bump has a personalized setting feature that helps you track your baby’s development with clear and concise descriptions and visuals. In addition, the app has a community forum that connects you with other pregnant women and new mothers to ask and discuss questions or concerns.

2. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

The Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is one of the most comprehensive apps for pregnant women on the market, with a wealth of helpful features. The app tracks your weight, your baby’s development, sleeping habits, nutritional intake and also provides personalized health tips.The Ovia Pregnancy Tracker has a unique “food craving” feature where you can input your cravings and get suggestions for healthier alternatives. This app also includes a social community consisting of other pregnant women and experts in the field that offer support and answer questions.

3. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracking & Baby Development

BabyCenter is undoubtedly one of the most well-known apps for pregnant women. The app provides a plethora of information for expecting mothers with a touch of personalization that you may find helpful.The BabyCenter app has many features, including expert advice personalized to the mother’s needs, a pregnancy tracker, ultrasound visualizer, baby name finder and nursery ideas. The app also comes with an online community forum to share ideas, ask questions and make friends.

4. My Pregnancy & Baby Today

My Pregnancy & Baby Today gives expecting mothers expert guidance and personalized content tailored specifically to them. The app has a lot of useful features such as a detailed pregnancy tracker, educational articles, baby name finder, and an ultrasound development tool.My Pregnancy & Baby Today comes with a “mother’s group” that helps mothers connect through discussion, exchange photos, and provide one another with support. The app can be customized to include the complexity of pregnancy from ovulation to conception, to the day of delivery.

5. What to Expect: Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Development

What to Expect: Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Development provides expecting mothers with a well-designed and user-friendly app interface. The app has a pregnancy tracker, personalized daily videos, and articles tailored to the mother’s needs.The app also includes a baby development section filled with educational materials on the different stages of the baby’s development. The “community” feature enables mothers to create a personalized profile where they can join groups, track activity, and connect with other pregnant women.

6. Hello Vida- Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Hello Vida is a simple but incredibly useful app for expecting mothers. The app includes a pregnancy tracker, personalized daily health tips, and educational articles on pregnancy and childbirth. It also has a nutrition-focused feature that provides mothers with nutritional guides along with logging tools.Hello Vida offers an extensive list of support for mothers including personalized care, a community message board for asking questions, and online appointments with providers.

7. Sprout Pregnancy

The Sprout Pregnancy app is an excellent app for expecting mothers who want to monitor their baby’s development every step of the way. The app provides a pregnancy tracker that helps track appointments, kicks, and contractions.The Sprout Pregnancy app extends into parenthood by providing a growth tracker with personalized articles to help parents navigate the early stages of childhood. The app comes with a 3D visualizer and corresponding weight and size comparisons to keep parents informed throughout the pregnancy.

8. Pregnancy & Baby Tracker by BabyCenter

The Pregnancy & Baby Tracker by BabyCenter is a fantastic app for pregnancy and beyond. The app has a pregnancy tracker, an infant development tracker with customized baby growth charts, and personalized daily tips throughout pregnancy and parenthood.The app provides an educational forum for parents to come together, connect, and share experiences as well. The Pregnancy & Baby Tracker by BabyCenter syncs with Alexa, making it accessible through voice commands.

9. Pregnancy & Baby Tracker by What to Expect

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker by What to Expect is an all-encompassing app that provides a plethora of personalized information for expecting mothers. The app includes a pregnancy tracker, baby development tracker, and educational content tailored to the mother’s needs.This app includes a tool for visualizing the baby in 3D and a visual comparison section featuring health-related topics and other pregnancy-related information. Furthermore, the Pregnancy & Baby Tracker by What to Expect has an online community that offers support to expecting mothers throughout the pregnancy.

10. Glow Nurture: Pregnancy App and Baby Tracker

The Glow Nurture app is an efficient app designed to help new parents navigate the many stages of pregnancy. The app includes a pregnancy tracker, personalized daily tips, and articles from baby experts.Glow Nurture has a “Baby Kick Counter” that tracks the baby’s movements to ensure normalization and health throughout the pregnancy. The app also includes personalization options, including a journal feature for recording thoughts and feelings, a 3D scan feature for imaging the baby, and groups for moms to join and connect with other expecting mothers.


Expecting a baby comes with many challenges and responsibilities, and it can be overwhelming for new parents. Thanks to technology and a variety of helpful pregnancy apps, the journey can become more manageable, informed, and enjoyable. The ten apps mentioned in this article are essential for any pregnant woman looking to monitor her health, be informed about her baby’s development and have a community to rely on. So, it’s time to download one or more of these apps to make sure you have everything you need for a smooth journey throughout pregnancy and beyond. See you again in another interesting article.

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