10 Best Android Apps For Anime/Manga Fans

10 Best Android Apps For Anime/Manga Fans
Anime and manga have been gaining popularity over the years with their unique storytelling, intricate characters, and stunning visuals. The prevalent influence of Japanese animation has created a new cultural wave across the globe, with millions of fans eagerly waiting for the next episode or volume to be released. With the rise of Android devices, anime and manga fans can now enjoy their favorite shows and comics on-the-go anytime and anywhere. Here are ten of the best Android apps for anime/manga fans.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a widely popular Android app that is synonymous with Japanese animation. It offers over 1,000 anime titles to choose from, along with manga and drama series. Crunchyroll has both free and premium subscription options, and the app can be downloaded and installed on any Android device. The free version of the app lets you watch all the episodes, but it often comes with ads. The premium version is ad-free, offers high-definition videos, and enables users to watch new episodes immediately after they’re released in Japan.Crunchyroll provides a user-friendly interface, where you can access different series and genres with a simple tap of your finger. You can also reorder the episodes to watch them in the sequence you prefer. The app auto-syncs with your Crunchyroll account on other devices, so you can start watching on your Android phone and finish on your computer later. Crunchyroll is the ultimate app for all anime and manga fans with its all-encompassing library and easy-to-use features.

2. MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList is a popular social networking platform for anime and manga fans that allows you to create and curate your list of favorite shows and comics. You can use the app to track your watching progress, discover new series, create custom lists, and interact with fellow anime enthusiasts. With MyAnimeList, you can also discover upcoming anime releases and read reviews and ratings of different series.MyAnimeList’s Android app interface is sleek and intuitive, and you can sort your lists according to your preference. The app also offers personalized recommendations based on your viewing history and likes. With MyAnimeList, you’ll never lose track of your favorite anime or manga series. You can use the Android app to stay connected with your anime community and discover new shows and comics that match your interests.

3. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is an Australian-based Android app that is ideal for anime fans living in Australia and New Zealand. The app offers a massive library of anime titles and manga series, with some exclusive content that is not available on any other platform. You can watch your favorite shows in HD and even download them for offline viewing.The AnimeLab app has a vibrant and engaging user interface, with unique features like “simulcast” that allows you to watch the latest episodes of your favorite series on the same day they are released in Japan. With AnimeLab, you can also choose between English dubbed and subbed versions. The app is free to download and offers a 14-day free trial of the premium version.

4. Manga Storm

Manga Storm
Manga Storm is an Android app for manga enthusiasts that allows you to read your favorite comics from different sources in one place. Whether you prefer reading your manga online or downloading it for offline reading, Manga Storm has got you covered. The app supports various formats such as PDF, EPUB, and CBR, and it offers many customization options such as color themes, font size, and background color.Manga Storm is free to download, but it comes with ads. However, you can purchase the ad-free version for a small fee to get rid of the ads. The app has a smooth and straightforward interface, and you can easily navigate different categories and sources to find the manga title you’re looking for. With Manga Storm, you’ll never miss a chapter of your favorite manga series.

5. VRV

VRV is a popular streaming platform that offers a vast collection of anime, manga, cartoons, and other geeky content. The Android app has a clean interface and provides high-quality video playback. The platform has both free and paid versions, and the premium version offers ad-free viewing, offline playback, and early access to new episodes.VRV also has a unique feature called “Watch With Friends,” which allows you to watch shows simultaneously with your friends, no matter where they are. The app syncs with your preferences so that you can get customized recommendations based on the shows you watch. VRV’s massive collection of anime series and manga comics makes it one of the best Android apps for anime and manga enthusiasts.

6. Anime & Manga Amino

Anime & Manga Amino
Anime & Manga Amino is an Android app that connects you with fellow anime and manga enthusiasts across the globe. The app has a user-friendly interface that allows you to create your profile, join groups, and participate in discussions. You can also share your fan art, fan fiction, and cosplay photos with your followers.Anime & Manga Amino’s Android app has a reputation system, where users receive points for their contributions to the community. You can use these points to unlock new features and levels. The app also offers quizzes, contests, and events that you can participate in and win prizes. With Anime & Manga Amino, you can connect with like-minded individuals and immerse yourself in the anime community.

7. FunimationNow

FunimationNow is one of the leading anime streaming apps, with a vast selection of dubbed and subbed anime series. The Android app has a simple yet engaging interface, and it allows you to stream videos in HD. You can create your watchlist and download episodes for offline viewing.FunimationNow has both free and premium versions. If you subscribe to the premium version, you can access exclusive content, ad-free viewing, and early access to new shows. The app also offers a “SimulDub” feature where you can watch dubbed versions of new episodes on the same day they’re released in Japan.

8. ComiXology

ComiXology is an Android app that offers a massive collection of comic books, graphic novels, and manga. The app has a sleek interface and a user-friendly experience. You can buy and download comics from different publishers and read them on your Android device.ComiXology has both free and paid versions, and the paid version offers access to exclusive content and sales. The app also has a feature known as “Guided View,” which allows you to read comics panel by panel instead of scrolling. ComiXology supports various formats such as PDF, EPUB, and CBZ.

9. AnimeDLR

AnimeDLR is an Android app that offers a wide selection of anime and manga series to stream and download. The app has a straightforward interface and allows you to choose between different sources and video qualities. You can save your favorite series and episodes to watch them later offline.AnimeDLR is free to download and use, but it comes with ads. However, you can donate to the developer to remove the ads. The app supports various video players, including MX Player, VLC, and ExoPlayer.

10. AniList

AniList is an Android app that allows you to keep track of your favorite anime and manga series. You can use the app to create customized watchlists, rate and review shows, and discover new series. AniList also has a social media aspect that allows you to connect with other anime enthusiasts and join clubs.AniList has a user-friendly interface and offers personalized recommendations based on your viewing history. The app also supports different languages, including English, French, and Spanish. With AniList, you’ll never miss a new episode or manga release.


Anime and manga have taken the world by storm, and Android apps have made it easier than ever to enjoy these series on-the-go. From streaming platforms to social networking apps and digital comic bookstores, the apps mentioned above offer a wide range of features to cater to all tastes. Whether you’re an anime or manga fan, or just looking to explore a new genre, these Android apps have got you covered. See you again in another interesting article!

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