Make Money with Online Social Media Advertising Strategy: The Complete Guide

Make Money With Online Social Media Advertising Strategy: The Complete Guide

The Importance of Social Media Advertising

With the increasing number of people using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others, it’s become essential for businesses to use these platforms to advertise their products and services. Social media advertising has become the most effective way of reaching a vast audience at a lower cost than traditional advertising methods.

Social media is a goldmine for businesses looking to reach new leads, foster better relationships with existing customers, and make money. In this article, we will guide you through the online social media advertising strategy that can help you generate more revenue with ease.

Why You Should Use Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is an excellent way to reach your target audience while saving money. Here are some benefits of using social media advertising:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Reach target audience easily
  • Target specific demographics, locations, interests and behaviours
  • Receive higher engagement rate compared to traditional marketing
  • Significantly lower advertising costs

Now that we’ve established the importance of social media advertising, let’s discuss how to create a successful online social media advertising strategy.

Steps for Successful Social Media Advertising

Step 1: Identify Your Target Audience

The first step to creating a successful social media advertising strategy is to identify your target audience. It’s important to define your target audience accurately so that you can create a personalized message that resonates with them. When creating an advertising campaign, consider factors such as age, gender, education level, income range, interests, and location.

You can effectively reach out to your target audience through social media ads that are targeted to specific demographics or interests. You can add specific parameters such as age, location or interests to create a custom audience of your ideal customer.

Step 2: Choose the Right Platform

There are several social media platforms out there, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat. It’s crucial to choose the right platform(s) for your advertising campaign. Consider where your target audience spends most of their time and the platform that’s most suitable for your product or service.

For example, If you’re targeting the youth population, Instagram and Snapchat will be better platforms than LinkedIn or Facebook. On the other hand, if you’re offering professional services, LinkedIn and Twitter will be more suitable than Instagram or Snapchat.

Step 3: Set Campaign Objectives and Goals

Before launching your social media campaign, you need to identify your campaign goals accurately. The objectives you set for your campaign will determine your ad spend, ad creatives, and overall campaign performance. Ideally, your goals should be specific, measurable, and realistic.

Some common campaign goals can include:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate leads and sales
  • Drive website traffic
  • Improve engagement rate
  • Enhance brand loyalty

Step 4: Decide on Your Budget

Decide on how much you’re willing to spend on social media advertising. When setting your ad budget, consider your campaign’s overall objectives, ad format, and ad placement. For instance, Facebook offers different ad formats, including image ads, video ads, carousel ads, collection ads, and more.

The ad type you choose and the placement of the ad will affect your overall ad spend. On average, businesses spend around $0.50–$2 per click and $2–$5 per 1,000 impressions(on Facebook). Facebook offers flexible ad bidding, so you can adjust your bid per click or per 1,000 impressions depending on your available ad spend.

Step 5: Create Engaging Ad Creatives

To capture your audience’s attention, you need to create ad creatives that are visually appealing and engaging. The ads should be concise, informative, and focused on your audience’s needs. Some Best practices to follow include:

  • Use images and videos that are High-quality and attention-grabbing
  • Include a clear call-to-action (CTA) on your ad.
  • Use correct grammar, and keep your message concise and straightforward.
  • Make your ad stand out through humour, facts, or statistics

Step 6: Measure Your Campaign’s Performance

The final step is to measure your social media campaign’s performance. You can use analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Twitter Ads, and others to track your campaign performance.

Track the essential metrics such as the click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per click (CPC), cost per impression (CPM), and other performance indicators. Use insights from your analysis to tweak your advertising strategy, improve your campaigns and achieve better results.


Online social media advertising strategy has become the go-to option for businesses to promote their products and services to their target audience. It’s a cost-effective way to increase brand reach, generate leads, and boost sales. To run a successful social media advertising campaign, follow these steps: identify your target audience, choose the right platform, set campaign objectives and goals, decide on your budget, create engaging ad creatives, and measure your campaign’s performance. With the right approach and execution, social media advertising can take your business to the next level.

Key Takeaway

Social media advertising is an effective way to reach your target audience and promote your brand without breaking the bank. By following the six steps outlined in this article, you can create an online social media advertising strategy that helps you achieve your marketing goals and generate more revenue with ease. Remember to track your campaign performance and adjust your strategy if needed for optimal results.

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