Make Money with Etsy: The Complete Guide

Make Money With Etsy: The Complete Guide

Introduction to Etsy and its Benefits

If you’ve been actively seeking ways to make extra money, then you might have heard of Etsy. Etsy is an e-commerce platform that specialises in the sale of handmade products, vintage items, and many other unique products. It’s a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers together, with a focus on small and independent businesses. This article will serve as your complete guide to making money on Etsy, and how to get started with the platform.

One of the best things about Etsy is that it’s an excellent platform for anyone who wants to start selling their handmade products or unique items. The platform allows you to set up your own shop and list your products for sale. You can also set your own prices, and you get to keep 97% of the sale price. This means that you get to keep most of the profit, without having to pay a lot of fees.

How to Get Started on Etsy

The first thing you’ll need to do is set up an account on Etsy. If you don’t already have an account, visit the Etsy website and sign up for one. You’ll then be able to create your own shop and start listing your products. But before you start, here are some things you’ll need to consider:

  • Think about what products you want to sell. Etsy is a marketplace that caters to a wide audience, so it’s essential to find a niche that you’re passionate about.
  • Decide on fair pricing. You’ll need to set a price for your items, but it’s essential to factor in all your costs to determine a fair price.
  • Create a professional shop. Ensure that your shop looks attractive and professional. Use high-quality images and a clear description of your items.
  • Offer excellent customer service. It’s crucial to provide great customer service to help enhance your brand’s reputation and encourage repeat business.

How to Make Money on Etsy

There are many ways to make money on Etsy. Here are some of the most popular methods:

Sell Your Handmade Products

The most popular way to make money on Etsy is by selling your handmade products. If you have a passion for creating art, jewellery, or unique items, then Etsy is the ideal platform to sell your creations. You can sell almost anything on Etsy, from clothing to home decor, and everything in between. The key is to find a niche that you’re passionate about and make products that are in high demand.

Sell Printables

Another popular way to make money on Etsy is by selling printables. Printables are digital downloads that customers can purchase and download on their own. You can create anything from planners to custom artwork, and sell them as digital downloads, meaning no shipping costs, and no physical inventory. Printables are a great way to make money because you only need to create them once, and they sell over and over again.

Sell Vintage Items

If you have a knack for finding unique vintage items, then selling vintage items on Etsy is another great way to make money. Vintage items have become increasingly popular, and there’s a huge market for them on Etsy. Vintage items include timeless clothing, home decor, and even antiques.

Sell Crafting Supplies

If you love crafting but prefer not to make things to sell, then selling crafting supplies is another great way to make money on Etsy. You can sell anything from fabric to beads to patterns, just ensure you have a steady supply of these items.

Sell Custom Orders

Etsy is an excellent platform for accepting custom orders. Custom orders are personalised items that customers can request that are unique to their specific needs. Custom orders require more work than selling pre-made products, but they offer an opportunity to charge more for your services.

Marketing Your Etsy Shop

Marketing is essential when it comes to selling anything online. With thousands of other shops on Etsy, it’s essential to stand out to increase your sales. Some marketing tips to consider include:

Optimise Your Etsy Shop

Ensure that your Etsy shop is optimised for search engines. Use relevant keywords in your shop’s name, item titles, tags, and descriptions. This makes it easier for potential customers to find your items when searching for similar products.

Promote on Social Media

Promoting your Etsy shop on social media is another effective way to increase your sales. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are excellent ways to get your products in front of potential customers.

Offer Discounts and Promotions

Discounts and promotions are a great way to encourage customers to buy from your shop. You can offer discounts during special occasions or provide promo codes for returning customers.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is crucial to gain repeat business and positive reviews. Respond promptly and professionally to any questions or concerns that customers have, and ensure that all orders are shipped on time.


There you have it, your complete guide to making money on Etsy. Etsy is a fantastic platform to sell handmade products, vintage items, and unique items. Be persistent and patient in building your following, and you will quickly see an increase in sales. Remember that a well-designed shop with quality products and great customer service is crucial to success. By following these tips, and keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront of your mind, you can build a successful shop on Etsy and earn extra income.

Key Takeaway

Etsy is a great platform to sell unique products and make money. Be sure to maintain a high level of customer service and persist in promoting your shop to increase both customer base and revenue. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can build a successful shop on Etsy and achieve financial freedom.

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