10 Easy Business Ideas For Teenagers

Starting a business for young women can be an activity that hones your entrepreneurial instincts. Entrepreneurship for young women is still permitted as long as the business is safe and legal and does not interfere with important school activities.

Before starting a business for young women, you need to know how the regulations work in your area. Can teens who are still in school get a part-time job? Can students work part-time at the school? Also, make sure the young women’s work is safe and legal. You need at least parental permission to work.

Here is a list of simple and unobtrusive business ideas for teenagers.

1. Become a nanny

Becoming a nanny is one of the business ideas that a young woman can get into. Children can be looked after in the afternoon or in the evening when parents are away. If you love playing with young children, this teenage girls business is perfect.

2. Lessons from the teacher

For those who are smart and have above average grades, becoming a tutor is the right choice. You can become a tutor in any specific subject. For example, if you are good at math, you can become a math teacher. The efforts of this young lady also do not take much time. You can limit the learning time of a meeting to 45 minutes.

3. Blogging or Vlogging

If your daughter loves to write or record videos, she can start a blog or vlog as a Young Women activity. Blogging and vlogs are a lot of work these days. Not only teenagers, but also adults. You can write or record a video about anything.

You can use Google AdSense to earn money by blogging or vlogging. You can ask your parents to create a Google AdSense account as a payment method. Another way to make money is through endorsements or sponsorships. NPWP is required if you choose this method. If you are under 17, you can use your parent’s NPWP.

4. Take care of the store

The young woman’s next business idea is to take care of the store. Not all stores accept employees who are still studying, so first make sure that business hours do not overlap with school hours.

Shopping is an easy effort for young women. You can practice while the store is quiet. This method can also be used to hone your communication and negotiation skills with customers.

5. Streaming

If you like games, streaming might be a good part time job. This job for a young woman requires quite sophisticated equipment. For example, a camera, a computer that can be used for games, a smartphone, a flashlight, etc. So it will probably cost you a lot.

But if you already have the material, you can. This time, the business idea for young women is to monetize the amount of video streaming viewers. You can also earn money through referrals.

6. Author’s content

Becoming a content creator can also be a business option for the young women you create. Content creators need lights, cameras, and smartphones. You may need a PC to edit the video, but now you can edit it from your smartphone.

If you decide to become a content creator, make sure that the content you post is interesting and does not violate existing rules. As a content creator, you can earn money through referrals or referrals.

7. Trading service

For some people, shopping for essentials can be very inconvenient. You can offer shopping services to people who don’t have time to go shopping every week or month. These efforts for young women are simple but very creative because they solve problems.

Ability to serve very busy neighbors. This service will be in high demand as long as you price it correctly and properly maintain the trust of your customers.

8. EO or Event Organizer

The next business for young women is to work as event organizers. Here you can play a small role that the PR needs during the event. For example, being a person who delivers food or drinks.

Working at an event is very tiring. However, it can be an exciting experience, especially for the service industry.

9. Join an affiliate program

Many companies offer partnership services to those in need. This is the perfect business idea for teenage girls. If you want to sell, you can register as an affiliate and sell a lot of products to your friends.

Sometimes you have to combine this with creating interesting content. But this time, the offer for young women can provide a high income if you can sell in bulk.

10. Pet sitting

The next thing you can do for a young woman is become a nanny or get a pet. If there are many people in your area who have pets such as dogs and cats, you can provide services to them. The operation to be performed is also very simple. It is necessary to walk the animal and play with it.

This business for young women is suitable for those who love animals. Another thing you can do is take care of your pet when the owner is away. Of course, this effort is very beneficial for people who have pets and don’t have time to go out.

If you want to hone your business skills, it’s a good idea to start a business as a teenager. There are many great entrepreneurs who have been in business since they were teenagers. Like Warren Buffett, who has been selling gum in his hometown since he was 6 years old. There he learned how to negotiate.

Also, IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad was selling lighters in his neighborhood when he was 12 years old. Entrepreneurship is formed from an early age. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur in the future, you can hone your skills by using the business ideas for young women mentioned above. There are many skills that you can hone with the simple steps above. We start by finding solutions to emerging problems, negotiating with our clients, communicating with each other and managing our finances. All of these entrepreneurial skills can be honed from an early age.

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